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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Once in awhile, you just need to get away from 3D bitches. They can yap away like a goddamn chihuahua, and act like spoiled bratty cunts who pretty much all deserve a spanking. And don’t even get me started on how them bitches can carry diseases. Luckily, there is a wonderful world of 2D bitches that come with the hotness and none of the fishy smell. I am talking about hentai and Western cartoon porn. Now this is my shit.

Hentai has been a big deal ever since anime was invented. I think we can all agree that fapping to the Sailor Cunts and the bitches from One Piece were some of our fondest memories growing up. Pokemon porn was my shit back then. And in addition to hentai, we have the growing webcomic and Western cartoon porn as well. I’m talking about Batman and X-Men bitches getting fucked like it gives them superpowers.

Multporn does its best to give you the best of both worlds, not to mention a whole lot of other shit too. This place is all about the Rule 34, with most of the content being categorized by franchise.

And what a collection it has. You got American cartoons like Adventure Time, Family Guy, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and a whole lot more. You also have hentai for animes like Attack on Titan, Berserk, and Rourouni Kenshin. All with solid art.

Multporn also features a Rule 63 gallery. Rule 63 is basically gender-swapped versions of characters. Ever wanted to fap to female Kirby getting raped by Metaknight? Me neither, but it’s awesome to know that Multporn has it just in case!

At its very core, Multporn is about hentai doujins. There are tons of updates weekly when it comes to the doujins, and you can bet your ass they’re English-translated. Sadly most of them are pixelated, since they come from Japan and shit.

A labyrinth to work through

Multporn has so much different shit, it’s not the easiest to browse. Well, I’m here to make sure your dick doesn’t get lost.

When you first enter Multporn, you’ll see a gallery of the latest updates. The updates include hentai doujins, Western comics, pictures, and games.

Along the top you’ll see the main links. The major ones you want to focus on are Comics, Hentai manga, Pictures, Games, and Video. You’ll see some other shit like Rule 63, GIF, Humor, and more, but I’d say these are smaller categories.

For most of these links, Multporn gives you several ways to browse. If you hover your mouse over the link, you’ll see the options. You can search content by category, characters, authors, or the series its based on.

The Rule 34 bitches here come from comics, cartoons, movies, games, and books. That’s right bitch, you know you want to fap to Harry Potter and the Wizard of Oz. And the comics of Gandalf fucking the shit out of some hobbit wench? Classic.

When you click on something you like, it’ll take you to the content page. Let’s focus on comics for now. Multporn has a decent layout where you navigate via thumbnails on the bottom. This is way better than clicking page by page, since you can go to the different pages instantly without loading a new screen.

As for the Flash games, remember that for modern browsers you’ll need to turn Flash on. Flash is pretty outdated, so your browser is going to want to make sure you actually want to use it.

And don’t worry. There aren’t any major popups or other bullshit to fight through to get to the porn.

Each picture will also have a download link. Sadly I didn’t find any way to bulk download these comics. No way in hell I’m going to bust my ass downloading these things page by page.

At the bottom of the page you’ll get the usual degenerate comments from retard fappers all over the world. “Hell yea” and “Bruh” are two examples of such illuminating reviews.

One last thing to keep in mind is there is a search function at the top right. You can search everything including categories, series, authors, and more. Personally, I find Multporn a lot better to browse.

I know all these bitches from TV!

Every popular character in any media is naked with ass-out for you at Multporn. You have all the major Disney bitches from movies like Aladdin, Lion King, and Mulan. You have Nickelodeon and Disney cartoons like Kimpossible and Danny Phantom.

Of course, there is generous servings of porn for all the anime classics. Dragonball, One Piece, Naruto, Fate, and just about everything else you can think of are all at Multporn.

And every fat degenerate’s favorite My Little Pony? There are tons of little ponies getting raped the fuck out at Multporn. Personally, I can’t say I’m into the equine pussy.

What I Like

Multporn combines wide selection with easy browsing that makes it worth using. There are pop-unders here and there, but generally, the site is really good about ads and you won’t get any ad portal bullshit.

I also like how Multporn categorizes its porn, namely, through the gallery of series. I’m constantly running into shit that inspires me to fap to it, and the pics they use for the thumbnails are awesome.

The image viewer isn’t the best, but it’s still good. I normally prefer list view, but Multporn’s thumbnail navigation is fast and easy to use also. You can read an entire comic while staying on one website, and no bullshit ads.

Multporn also has a great “best” category, which organizes all the porn by rating. Since you’ll normally be browsing by series, it’s hard to grab the cream of the crop as a whole. It’s just great seeing a page full of high quality porn for cartoons and TV shows that you know and love.

There’s also some solid 3D/ CG porn, especially when it comes to the games.

What I Hate

Now to go over some negatives.

First, Multporn’s flash game section has some issues. A lot of the games are low quality, and I ran into some broken links.

It’s not uncommon to see some real garbage here, so I wouldn’t spend too much time in the game section. It’s not very good.

Multporn also doesn’t allow for bulk download of comics. Other hentai sites will allow PDF or Zip file downloads so you can get all that shit onto your computer quickly. Always good to stash porn for a doomsday event.

No such luck at Multporn. You’ll need to download the images one by one, which is simply retarded.

Overall, Multporn suffers from not having a clear focus. It’s great that they have all this porn, but what do they specialize in? What should I be focusing on?

Without this kind of focus, in the end, I feel like it does everything good, but nothing great. It’s only when you look at the latest updates list that you realize Multporn actually focuses a lot on doujin content.

Some touch ups would go a long way

Some minor tweaks to Multporn would really help the overall quality of the place.

First, it needs to go over its game links. There are some broken links for the flash games. Multporn should also look into adding HTML5 games, since flash is now outdated.

Multporn also needs to add some bulk download links. It has an amazing collection but sometimes you want to download the shit for safekeeping you know?

They should also look into building a community. Multporn is basically a content dump site at this point, but I see a lot of potential for more user interactivity.

Right now, most of the users posting are Anonymous, making the comments really shit quality. This is definitely something that can be improved with more community features.

A sweet collection of 2D goodness

Overall, Multporn juggles a ton of different porn pretty damn well. Games, gifs, pictures, and comics all share the space nicely, and it’s not too confusing bouncing around.

Keep in mind that this place focuses a lot on Rule 34. Most of the time, you’ll be browsing based on franchise, not genres or categories.

Don’t underestimate Multporns doujin collection either. This place gets updated doujins all the time. It’s weird because Multporn features other porn a lot more, but doujins is where most of the updates come from.

Bottom line, when it comes to 2D ass and titties Multporn has you more than covered. You will find your favorite characters from your favorite games and shows getting downright nasty.

Lots of user reviews and tags make it easy to sort out the good stuff, and the minimal ads make it painless to browse. Whether you’re playing games or reading comics, you’ll find a smooth and hassle-free experience giving you that satisfying nut.

ThePornDude likes MultPorn's

  • Easy to browse by series like Batman, Pokemon, etc.
  • Minimal ads

ThePornDude hates MultPorn's

  • Broken links on some Flash games
  • No bulk download option for comics