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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Sometimes regular porn just doesn’t cut it, sometimes you need something a little more specific in order to get you going, sometimes you need something that’s so out of this world, it’s fictional – sometimes you need Hentai. Hentai’s been here for the better part of two decades now, its upbringing was pretty fast and impactful thanks to the sharp rise of anime shows in the late 90s which made people more receptive to Japanese animation. By the early 2000s a handful of years later, a lot of people who frequently watched internet porn started delving into Hentai, and by the 2010s the porn genre itself became a mainstay with hundreds of websites having set up some sort of database of Hentai content which was viewed by a sizeable amount of web traffic by the middle of the decade.

It’s no secret that this genre of pornography is not something that regular porn consumers can get into – for starters, you’d have to at least have some kind of appreciation for Japanese animation in order to be able to enjoy Hentai, at least in the slightest sense. Japanese animation doesn’t follow the same art style as Western animation, so if you’re not into anime then you probably won’t able to be into its XXX rendition. But here’s something you should know about Hentai: It’s definitely got a lot going for it, especially because it’s fictional – drawn content can be anything it wants, and it can depict things which are not only illegal, but also impossible thanks to its fictional, make-believe nature. Hentai itself depicts a lot of themes which could easily be labeled as ‘taboo’, and that’s just one of the many reasons why it’s popular, with thousands of websites on the internet containing it for your viewing pleasures such as MioHentai here.

A Surprising Number of the Videos Here Are Just Simple Animations

After a brief inspection of this site’s content, I noticed that a lot of its videos were simply short animations containing a couple of repeated loops to give the illusion of different scenes. Almost all Hentai-centric websites I’ve come across in the past have contained full episodes of a variety of original works and titles, but MioHentai here seems to have an abundance of mediocre-quality animations which are merely repetitive loops and in addition are poorly drawn. Even though there are plenty of full Hentai movies on here that you can enjoy, there seem to be a lot more of these simple, low-quality animations, and this really leaves a bad first impression for MioHentai because the video selection seems to consist of ten poorly drawn simple animations for every one original Hentai show.

There’s Also Plenty of 3D Stuff

In addition to the staggering amount of XXX Hentai animations with questionable quality, there’s also a hell of a lot of 3D stuff here, which seems to have become a staple of a lot of Hentai websites. Drawn XXX anime is one thing, but when it’s in 3D you know it’s about to get wild and creative – most if not all of these 3D XXX anime renditions are made by longtime Hentai fans who create everything they’ve always wanted to see in a traditional Hentai movie. Since they’re free to animate literally whatever they want and are as perverted as the devil himself, you know that they’ll animate damn near everything in one of their 3D ‘works of art’, this includes incest, underage stuff, monsters and other things which are so damn extreme it’d be impressive if you’d be able to find them in a traditional Hentai movie. Personally, I’ve never been too keen on the whole ‘3D XXX’ aesthetic, but if animated pixels and polygons turn you on then you can bet all the sperm cells in your balls that you’ll find plenty of that stuff here on MioHentai.

Yes, There Is Uncensored Hentai Here

Don’t take this for granted – there are plenty of Hentai sites out there that lack this, and some of them are pretty in solid in quality too, which is a real shame because there are scores of fans who just can’t stand the blurred, overly-pixilated genitals in these drawn fuck flicks. Rest assured that there are more than enough full-length titles here that are wholly uncensored for your viewing pleasures – those blurred out genitals won’t bother you here if you can’t stand them, and it’s not just the dubbed shows that are uncensored; there are plenty of Japanese-language drawn fuck flicks on here with uncensored genitals too, so if by any chance you’re annoyed by censorship and dubbed voicing them you’ll definitely be able to avoid it with a good number of the flicks here.

As Well as Hentai with English Subs

As was mentioned before, there are a whole lot of full XXX works and title here that have Japanese audio and are correctly subbed in English. A lot of Hentai fans and anime fans, in general, tend to stay away from dubbed renditions of shows because of a few reasons, with quality dialogue being the main factor. Rest assured that you can fap to plenty of full works and titles here whilst following the plot correctly by keeping up with the English subs instead of having to listen to the same voice actors they always recast when dubbing these animated fuck flicks – and yes, there are plenty of these English dubs here too.

For Whatever Reason, the ‘Ecchi Pics’ Section Redirects You to Facebook

One peculiar thing about this site which really confused me to no end is the fact it has a standalone section titled ‘Ecchi Pics’ which for some bizarre reason redirects you to a Facebook group when clicking on it. Ecchi itself is softcore Hentai, so it makes sense that it would be a Facebook group since no actual porn is allowed there, but the fact that the pictures on that group aren’t uploaded to this site is just baffling – MioHentai could’ve easily had its own Ecchi image section (and in addition a general image section with all kinds of stuff on it), but instead they’ve decided to branch out onto Social Media and redirect you to a Facebook-based Ecchi group, where your mom and all your work colleagues can see you following and liking it.

There Are About 40 Tags, And They Do a Solid Job

As far as content organization goes here on MioHentai, there are about 40 different tags which all collectively do a solid job at separating and organizing all the aspects of themes and genres here on this website; These few dozen tags cover literally every theme and genre which has ever appeared in Hentai, such as ‘Tentacles’, ‘Teacher’, ‘Rape’, ‘Uncensored’, ‘Subbed’, ‘Gangbang’, ‘Bondage’, ‘Big Boobs’, and so on. I’m sure you’ll be able to find what you need here without having to hopelessly scour the site for your kind of stuff to no end.

Some Video Game & Anime XXX Parodies Here and There

(LoL, overwatch, warcraft, One Piece, Naruto – but no official section for XXX parodies)

Last but not least, Hentai is a genre of pornography that’s well known for parodying literally every anime and video game in existence, so naturally, there’s a lot of that stuff here on MioHentai. All you Hentai-loving video game nerds out there can fap away without a care in the world to the many great XXX video game parodies here which depict games like Overwatch, LoL and WoW in a fully uncensored XXX rendition.

In addition, there are more than enough XXX anime parodies here that can undoubtedly get the job done here for anyone of you anime fans out there who’ve ever experienced any kind of sexual awakening during your preteen years while watching shows like Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Dragon Ball on the TV back when they were the hottest thing in the world.

ThePornDude likes MioHentai's

  • Contains plenty of videos which aren’t official Hentai works and titles
  • Video player is fast and contains plenty of quality options
  • No annoying ads
  • Visual design is sleek and minimal
  • A decent amount of tags which cover pretty much everything
  • Contains most classic Hentai titles
  • Contains uncensored videos

ThePornDude hates MioHentai's

  • The ‘Ecchi Pics’ Section Redirects You to a Facebook Group
  • The interface options are messy
  • Way too many non-official Hentai movies are mixed up with original works and titles
  • Doesn’t have the best mobile optimization (dimensions are off)
  • Video game/Anime XXX Parodies Don’t Contain Their Own Category