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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Do you have an insatiable lust for quality JAV porn? I mean, you should if you’re reading this. I’m sure you saw the title and little description by now. So, listen up you JAV fiend. You probably know the struggles of loving JAV porn. Sites are usually full of ads that make the experience shitty, the video quality can be piss poor, and so many sites hide the good shit behind an expensive membership. You don’t have the cash for that. I don’t have the cash for that. We both just want to jack off to some sexy Japanese babes getting fucked without the bullshit that JAV sites make you deal with. I was set to give up on this search, until I stumbled across the site that I’ll be reviewing for you today.

Jav.guru is a free JAV porn site whose whole selling point is being a JAV site without any bullshit. And, so far, they seem to rise up to that standard, but I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of that later. These guys are slaying it in regards to traffic. They have been on a steady climb for the last year or so, and right now they are just about to hit a staggering 15 million views every month. But here’s the crazy part. This site has only been around since 2016. That’s some awe-inspiring growth.

Clean and Organized Site Design. Uncensored and English Subbed Movies.

The site has a clean and polished white design with blue accents. Bright, yeah, but I feel like the design choice works well for this site. The header up top has a good few options with nice, thick font. You have options for “English Sub JAV, Uncensored, Other, Tags, Blog, and JAV Porn Sites.” That last one is a link back to my site where you can find even more awesome sites like this one. The first two are straightforward. Though it is worth noting that there is a surprisingly large selection in both of those categories. Usually English Sub and Uncensored JAV videos are hard to come by, but you can indulge in hours upon hours of kinky content here.

The “Other” tab has options for Hentai and VR AV, both of which are hosted on sister sites. I won’t get too into the content there since those are technically other sites, but know that you can expect the same level of quality and organization of content that the main site has to offer. The blog is a good place to go if you like to keep up with JAV actresses and updates. There you can read about studio updates, projects, participate in polls, and check out articles about girls of the month or top videos of certain months.

Movies Full of Fetish Content and Content From the Best JAV Sluts in the Industry

The tags sections is put together really well. You can click on tags for “Actress, Tag, Studio, or browse a full tag list.” Each tag has number text to it for the amount of videos by that actress or in that specific category. The great thing about JAV porn is that each movie is usually dedicated to one or two fetishes.

So, if you see something with a tag for, say, “Anal,” then you can be assured that almost every scene will be dedicated to some sexy anal porn. And it’s a bit different than your regular quick fap experience. These movies have high production qualities with plots that would mimic something like a soap opera more than a porn video in most instances. This makes an organized actress and genre tag section all that much more important.

Previews for all of the newest JAV movies run two at a time down the center of the page. There’s also a sidebar on the right hand side that can direct you to a handy FAQ about the website and gives you links to some useful blog posts. There are also ads there and at the bottom, but that’s about as intrusive as they get. You’ll get some pre-roll ads on videos as well, but the ads take a nice backseat on this site that I didn’t expect.

Comprehensive Previews and Quality Video Streaming/Downloads

The previews are fairly comprehensive. You get a full English title, a note on if it is English Subbed/Uncensored, the JAV movie code, a short list of applicable tags, a rating out of 5 stars, and a nice spread from the cover of the movie. If the titles are too long you can hover your cursor over the text and get the full title as well as a few additional tags. Once you find a your favorite JAV actress or see a movie that has your favorite fetish content, just click on the preview to get directed over to the movie page.

This site gives you an array of streaming options. Stream it using whichever player you prefer, or download that shit for free! A free JAV site with free downloads. I’ll be damned. I didn’t think I’d ever see the day. And that’s how you get added to my personal bookmark bar. Below the video you can read a short description about the actress in the movie as well as some information about the movie itself. Down there you’ll also find a small gallery of HD photos from the shoot. And, of course, a list of related videos.

The video streams and downloads were of decent quality. Most of the videos I watched were in the area of 720p, though there weren’t any toggle options. Like I mentioned, you might get a pre-roll or redirect here, but that’s it. The video streams without buffering and the added benefit of being able to download these videos for free is fucking amazing. And these videos are full-length without any cuts or anything like that. You get to experience every second of these videos in their full glory. And the English sub is actually well done. It sound stitled at parts, but you get the majority of what’s going on. Very well done.

Awesome Mobile Experience

The mobile site is dope. The formatting is well done. The video player is the right size, and you can stream or download the movies just as easily as you could on desktop. No wonky menus or missing features. This is a complete mobile site that is easy to use. It’s perfect for taking this awesome site full of sexy JAV content on the go.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about Jav.guru is hands down that you can download these videos for free. No sketchy download sites, no payment plans, and no bullshit. It’s fucking great. I also have to commend whoever designed this site. Everything is put together nicely and organized well. It’s pleasant to browse, and there aren’t any glaring issues or wonky menus to deal with. It feels polished, like a finished product.

The selection they have here is incredible as well. Thousands of full-length movies on here that are all handpicked for quality. This site manages to balance quality and quantity of content that I haven’t seen on most other JAV porn sites before. And they even have a quality mobile site to boot. There really aren’t many weak spots on this site.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

My suggestions for Jav.guru aren’t about fixing anything they are currently doing. All of that shit is on point. I think something could be added though. Maybe throw in an actress/pornstar page at some point. Instead of having those descriptions about the actress on the videos that they are in those could all be compiled on a personal page for each model. I’d say add in a full category page, but I actually prefer the tag system they have going on more. Hell, they even have a “What is JAV?” section and a glossary of terms for all of the people out there who are new to it.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Jav.guru isn’t your normal JAV site. It’s better. They kill it in every aspect that I usually feel JAV sites lack. Download videos for free, stream them in 720p, browse an extensive list of fetish and actress tags, and enjoy a premium feeling mobile site. No more dealing with bullshit JAV sites that aren’t worth going to anymore. Get off to all of the full-length JAV movies that you could possibly desire at Jav.guru.

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  • Stream or Download Full-Length 720p JAV Movies for Free
  • Variety of Fetish Videos and Movies From the Most Popular JAV Actresses
  • Well-Organized Site with Tons of Useful Features
  • Great Mobile Experience