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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Where can you see housewives having their tits fucked, office girls getting tied up and tickled, and teenagers shopping without a clue that a creeper is following them around sticking a camera up their skirts? Besides a day with The Porn Dude, you can also find it all in the world of Japanese Adult Video, which you’ll find in abundance at ThisAV. has been around for about 10 years. That’s a ripe old age for a JAV site, which tends to sprout up like weeds and live short, spammy lives. This one gets about 14 million visits a month, which is actually way down from how they were doing not too long ago. Let’s find out if that’s some kind of fluke or if ThisAV just fucked up somehow.

Welcome to Spam Town: Population, You

As a dude who visits a lot of skeezy websites, I’m a strong advocate of using a plugin to keep spam to a minimum. You wouldn’t drive around town smashing truck stop hookers without using protection, would you? Don’t answer that. I know how you perverts are, but you get the point.

ThisAV has some big, animated spam images at the very top of the screen that cut their way through my blocker. A couple of them show a CG Tinkerbell grinding her naked cunt against a penis much taller than she is. Whoever told you size doesn’t matter is a fucking liar, pencil dick. Sandwiched between the two humping fairies is on Asian Fuck Buddy Request from a topless slut supposedly 13 minutes for me.

The spam is an ugly gash on what is not a terribly attractive looking site anyway. It looks like they haven’t updated the logo since the domain was registered 10 years ago, and it sits on a clunky header too wide for the rest of the page. There are username and password fields, but I hope I don’t have to log into this thing just to shake my cock at it.

The good news is that the rest of the screen is covered in that JAV you were looking for. It’s a grid style layout like any sex tube, but the girls are all Asian and the thumbnails show that unique sort of kinkiness you expect from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Businessman Fucking the Neighbor’s Wife in a Sauce

Japanese porno makes the setups from the rest of the world’s smut seem ultra-vanilla in comparison. Instead of some stud banging his neighbor’s wife, there is a crazy man who does something with a squid after seven days of cohabitation. Men wear wrestling masks as they make women squirt. Buses aren’t just for public transportation, they’re also the best place for getting molested or doing the molesting. The pseudo-incest dance of most taboo flicks is gone here; in JAV, that’s really the small sister getting her twat finger, that really is the perverted daughter masturbating, and that mother and son are not related only by marriage.

I love Japanese Adult Video titles. If you saw a video of a couple getting it on while covered in some kind of foam on another video tube, it would probably have a name like Asian Whore Fucked in Whip Cream. On ThisAV, it’s called Sophisticated Adult Healing Will Be Wrapped in a Tight Female Shadow. I get that it’s a translation issue with keyword stuffing rolled in, but I was done jerking off by the time I finished reading the title of Get the Information That the Yankee Daughter Who Was Alive in the Old Time Became a Beautiful Married Woman And Is Doing Sexual Services in a Healthy Massage Shop.

It sounds almost like some Disney shit, but the thumbnail doesn’t look all that wholesome or candy-colored. It’s funny, because I requested the same exact services I see in the preview from my local masseuse and she called the police. The jokes on her, because I’m about to live vicariously through this free JAV tube.

Fucking Christ on a cracker! ThisAV shot their spam cannon right in my face, an icy blast of pop-ups that my spam blocker just wasn’t even ready for. One even claims to be from OFFICIAL WINDOWS SUPPORT, and there’s a robot voice telling me that my IP has been hijacked and I have to call the X-Men and send some bitcoin or some stupid bullshit. It’s only going to catch retards, but that’s pretty annoying. I’m going to have to close a few flashing tabs before I can continue.

Pixelated Cocks and Cunts Streaming on Demand

There are more Asian Fuck Buddy Request ads on the video page, and at first, I thought the video wasn’t even going to play. I finally found an X that let me close the bullshit covering up the player. I clicked Play and hoped for the best. By that I mean my boner is out and I’m all lubed up and ready so if I don’t see some porn, I’m going to be pissed.

Maybe I was primed for a crappy experience by all the advertising they’d been throwing in my face, but I was pleasantly surprised when the 3+ hour video started streaming without much buffering. There is an HD icon, but I’m not sure what the actual resolution is. It’s nonadjustable and looks about DVD quality, as I’m sure this is a DVD rip.

Japanese porn takes a long time to get to it. I was watching for about half an hour before the girl tried to pull his wiener out of his tighty whitey’s. At least, I think it was his wiener, but it could have been a hot dog. As typical with JAV, all the genitals are covered up by goddamn Tetris blocks.

I’m sure there is sexy dialogue in that half-hour leading up to the sexy masseuse mounting this limp-wristed pansy boy, but I don’t speak Japanese so I don’t know what the fuck is going on. This dude is very weakly resisting as this chick grinds her nyloned mound against his pixelly shaft.

Fortunately, there isn’t too much buffering if I jump ahead to the good stuff. An hour in and she’s still got the stockings on, but he’s holding her leg up in the air so he can smash her through a whole he ripped in them.

Virgin Girls in a Magic Mirror of Rape

I’m confused but I’m horny, so I look for a Download button to save the action. No luck on that front, but they do include an Embed link in case you want to post it on your weaboo blog that nobody reads.

Some labels like Magic Mirror, Virgin Girl and Miyuki Arisaka scroll by, but I’m not sure if they’re actually related to this video. The only Category listed is Japanese Porn, so I make my way to the Categories page to see what other kinds of depravity is on the agenda.

I expected everything on the site to be filed away in Japanese Porn, but ThisAV has a couple of dozen different categories. Most of them are your typical sex movie genres, like Amateur, Anal, Group Sex and even some Gay Porn movies. There’s BBW, Lesbian, and Masturbation, as well as plenty of MILF, Blowjobs, and Squirting.

I’m a little surprised not to see Japanese classics like Bukkake or Tentacle Rape, but the regular Rape section is pretty huge. The Japanese are just big on unwilling participants when it comes to pornography. That helps explain why their Voyeur section is so big, too. There’s a pretty rich Animated section, but you’re probably better off going to a hentai site if you want that stuff.

The Category range is pretty narrow and I couldn’t find a Tags page. The organization is subpar, and you’re not even going to have much luck with the search bar if you’re spanking it to the site through your browser’s translation feature. It’s a damn shame, because it clearly is a pretty fucking big collection of JAV.

ThisAV’s strong points are definitely the massive size of this archive of free Japanese filth and the fact that it streams very easily. I’ve seen a lot of other JAV sites that force you to fuck with various third-party file hosts, often making you download them instead of just watching like a regular tube. Who the hell has time for that? There’s a lot to beat off to, but the organization sucks. This site is only worth your time if you’re not picky about your JAV and don’t mind getting hosed down with spam.

ThePornDude likes ThisAV's

  • Massive free collection of Japanese adult video
  • Decent range of material

ThePornDude hates ThisAV's

  • Fuck-loads of malicious spam
  • Poor organization