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Updated on 05 February 2024
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JavFinder. The name says it all. If you’re confused, JAV is short for Japanese Adult Video, which is long for Japanese porn. JavFinder helps you find JAV. Simple as hell, right?

JavFinder’s got a convoluted history, which includes a number of name and domain changes. They’ve been around for years, but the current version is only a few months old. Most sites that young don’t approach 10 million visitors a month, so their traffic must have been following for a while.

Where Am I Watching This Japanese Porn?

Something weird happened when I loaded up JavFinder a few minutes ago. I typed in the same URL I always have, JavFinder.ru, and got dropped off at JavFinder.is. The logo on the site actually says JavFast, and there’s a message saying to go to JavFast.TV if the main domain is blocked by your ISP.

It’s like some perverted Asian version of Inception and I’ve lost track of what the “main domain” even is. All I know is that the Japanese beauty getting nailed doggystyle near the top of the screen looks like a goddamn doll, and I’d certainly like to see more.

The thing about potentially being blocked by your ISP is the big giveaway here. JavFinder, or JavFast, or whatever they’re going to call themselves next, are having trouble playing nice with the gatekeepers.

I could speculate about why they’re getting blocked. It could be because Japanese babes squirting girl-cum from their pixelated cunts is far too outrageous and obscene to see, but that’s probably not it.

It’s more likely a piracy thing; it looks like there are DVD rips here. It could also be a spam issue. I haven’t clicked on anything and Adblock has already blocked 8 ads. Google hates that shit.

What’s it matter to you? Whatever they call it, there’s porn here. Be careful, though. Sometimes your parents are just being goddamn Nazis, other times they know what they’re talking about.

Anyway, JavFast sounds like my type of place. I like Porno, I love Japanese perversion, and I’m a sucker for convenience. It’s time to stop worrying about the name and let JavFast (or JavFinder) find me some JAV fast!

Censored and Uncensored JAV in Blog Form

Japanese porn is consistently some of the weirdest smut in the world. I’m a total pervert, though, so I’ve never had a problem with that. My problem with JAV is always the damn censorship. Anything officially released in Japan has all the pussies and weiners blurred out or pixelated.

One of the first things I do on any JAV site is look to see if their material is censored. Well, the section at the top of the screen is called JAV Censored. Guess what it looks like?

This gorgeous pale-skinned whore with perky little tits rides a buff Japanese dude on a bed. They’re both naked, and the image shows almost everything in crisp HD. Where their crotches meet, the resolution is reduced to giant flesh-colored squares like an X-rated version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

The DVD covers in this section are so fucking hot, yet so disappointing. There’s a beautiful office lady taking off her clothes, but her snatch is all blocky when she pulls her panties aside. One dominant Japanese babe chains another girl up, but the restrained recipient of the footjob is all pixels underneath.

As much as I hate those pixels, the samples are getting me excited. I start trying to choose. Do I want the smiling maid, clearly eager to please, or one of these pseudo-public vids I like to watch on JAV sites?

The video names must have been translated a few times, because they’re almost pure nonsense. I had to choose based on pics. I noticed a girl with the kind of doe-eyed innocence that I love to see snatched away, so I was just about to click her video, “A tall idol girl with a stature challenges for the first AV shoot Shake your bowl shaped pulp beauty milk and shake it.” Then I saw the Uncensored JAV section.

Holy Shit! They Have Uncensored JAV, Too!

It’s a weird-ass decision to put the JAV Uncensored section below the edited shit. I’d lead with the gold. JavFinder’s blog-style presentation means you have to scroll halfway through the JAV selection before you realize there are exposed twats here.

The screengrabs here show similar Japanese depravity, only the girl’s cooter ain’t hidden when she spreads her legs. You can see that dick she’s cleaning with her mouth. Weirdly, though, I scrolled down and saw censored dick suction in the uncensored sex section. Your mileage may vary, I guess.

Asian chicks always look eternally young, so it takes me a minute to realize some of these chicks are MILFs. There’s a “Refined Adult” in a see-through kimono serving herbal tea, and a frustrated housewife smiling in her lingerie because she needs cock so bad. Another screengrab shows a “Housewife Home Skeir Veteran Nurse” who looks old, Japanese or not.

There are plenty of young girls, too. I’m not sure JavFinder/JavFast is specializing in any type or age. If she’s in Japanese porno, she’ll be on this site. That’s what the whole site’s about. It’s in the name, after all. I guess that’s why the next section of the page surprised me.

Oh, That’s Why Google’s Mad

The top third of JavFinder’s front page is Censored JAV. The middle third is Uncensored JAV. The last third of the page is dedicated to HD Porns. You can hit the View All button at the top of each heading to view the full selection in that category.

My complaint about the HD Porns on JavFast isn’t about the quality of the porn. The girl with her legs over her head, getting speared by hard cock looks gorgeous and it does appear to be HD quality. The same can be said of the little slut getting packed with more Black cock than she can handle, or the fake-titted mature slut getting anal bliss.

My problem isn’t even that these are clearly pirated movies. I recognize a lot of names, faces and boobs in these screengrabs. They may be watermarked with JavFast, but I watched a lot of the movies on the original sites.

The biggest issue with the HD Porns on JavFinder is that they’re not JAV. Some people might be happy to find a stash of free stolen porn from the big studios, but come on! I came here specifically for Japanese Adult Video. In other words, I’m here to beat off to Asian chicks, not the same blonde bimbos everyone else has.

Streaming and Downloading from JavFinder

If the piracy doesn’t bother you, you’ve got to admire the selection here. The vast majority of this is obscure shit you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s all free. Now all you’ve got to do is remember the lotion while you stream or download.

The biggest tradeoff to using JavFast to get your JAV is that the videos are on sketchy hosts. I had a lot of trouble getting the streaming video player to play nice with my adblocker. Sometimes I’d get an endless loading screen. Watching without downloading comes with a hot blast of spam.

I was able to get through the barriers to download a little easier. JavFinder uses the kind of hosts that make you sit through countdowns or offer up cash. Sites that host insanely high volumes of obviously stolen content often serve up the shadiest, most dangerous spam. You’ve been warned.

There are certainly easier sites to get your JAV, places with better streaming and more convenient tube-style layouts. JavFinder feels sketchy enough that I wouldn’t recommend it to your grandpa or anyone who doesn’t understand basic computer security. That said, I get the feeling those aren’t exactly the site’s target demographic.

JavFinder (or JavFast) is a site for true connoisseurs of Japanese porn who live outside of Japan. The blog-style layout is clunky at best and you’ll have to deal with some general bullshit to get at the collection. The collection is definitely the site’s selling point. JavFinder serves up Japanese porn that you won’t find anywhere else, and plenty of it.

ThePornDude likes JavFinder's

  • Free
  • Uncensored jav
  • Tons of obscure japanese porn
  • Streaming and downloading

ThePornDude hates JavFinder's

  • Bounce around domains
  • Sketchy video hosts
  • Censored jav
  • Spam
  • Piracy?