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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Porn is as old as mankind (yeah, I put it that way just to piss off the feminists) and over time people have experimented with different mediums to display it. Of course, with the emergence of the world wide web, this form of unabashed erotic entertainment has exploded all over the net.

The first to really get the hang of this medium were companies in the United States and Japan. But after that, a series of studios have cropped up, particularly during the aughts in Russia, Hungary, Britain, and most notably in the emerging gargantuan generator of erotic art China.

Well, some of them are great, others are shit, and only a handful are kinda meh.

Which is 91 Porn? Well, keep on reading to find out.

Holly Hell, This Site Is Intense!

The first thing you’ll think (or say out loud) is “Christ, this site makes your eyeballs want to explode!” The site has a black background with colorful texts, menu, and accents. Then there are all of the flashing Chinese ads bursting with attention-getting animations.

Not that this visual overload is a bad thing, In fact, this site’s design reminds me of some obscure anime I saw a while back. And since I don’t read Mandarin so, I find that the number of adverts ads a weird aesthetic quality. Just don’t get a seizure after staring for too long.

That said, with a dozen full-length ads not only on the homepage but also on every fucking page of the main site.

I guess, this free-to-use site really wants to get that commercial coin!

Click ‘Watch’ And See Thousands Of Pages Of Wank Videos

Like any good free smut site, there is plenty of porn to pound the pud to. And just like a standard tube, with an account you not only watch but also add videos to favorites, comment on them, and give ratings. Further, with some vids you can switch from standard definition to watching the whole thing in HD.

Unlike other tube sites, at least Western ones, the English versions of the titles are absolutely fucking hilarious. Sure some of them make sense, like one video I found of two guys double teaming a chick at the same time called “Another happy threesome.”

Then again, there is are vids like one promo clip featuring a solo turned fisting scene and marketing a BDSM site called “God mare the 293th episode.” While it was kind hot (but short) I wouldn’t say that it, the girl, or the studio was God’s gift to man.

To give you another example of both a comedic and confusing titles like a POV doggy style amateur fuck video labeled “Fat girl paper resistant to fuck juicy. Jingyue.” What does all of that mean? Ya got me.

Unfortunately, this site isn’t all tits and chuckles.

Just like the homepage, there are ads all over the damn place. Besides being listed at the top of the page, there are ads embedded to the beginning, static ad text plastered at the bottom of the vid, plus there may be another ad scrolling at the bottom.

And just for good measure, their commercial text may be written in either Mandarin and English!

Yeah, this is what I mean when I say that 91 Porn really want to get that coin.

On top of that, the average video length leaves something to be desired. Typically, the vids tend to be super short, being on avg 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, although there are a few which reach into the seven minutes plus range. For you thirty second “wonders” this might be fine, but for the rest of us who can fuck and fap in the fifteen minutes to five-hour range, you might find yourself clicking back and forth between different videos which might interrupt your fap flow.

One of the things that really sucks is the lack of category section, though. Plus, there isn’t a whole lot of filter options either so when it comes to finding the perfect fap footage, you’re going to have to scroll through a dick ton of thumbnails.

The Forum Is Pretty And Pretty Flippin’ Huge But…

It’s all in Chinese!

I tried using software to translate is but wasn’t able to decipher much of anything. Still, being the trooper that I am, I gave it another go and tried to figure out what you’ll see for those of you who read Mandarin better than me.

For one, just like the main site, is super colorful and is pretty to look at – especially if you’re on acid. At least, that’s my guess, not saying that I would know from experience. 😉

Anyway, there are several threads which – as far as I can make out given the fact that there are tens to hundreds of thousands of posts in different sections – are pretty active. I have no fucking clue what they are talking about since, again I don’t read Mandarin. But given how much discussion is happening, they must be worth looking at.

Webcam Models Will Make You Say Wowzers!

This link takes you off-site to Cams.com which I’ve talked about before, but it is still worth going over real quick. For one, the 91 Porn takes you to all of the best Asian cam models – I’ll let you guess why.

The chicks are all hot and you can refine your oriental results by age, show types, body type, hair color, sexual specialty, and kink. At any time, no matter your time zone, you are going to find hundreds of fine Asian honeys who fit into all of the criteria listed above.

Besides that, you can, of course, interact with the models by chatting with them in a public show, tip them with credits, and get personal and intimate during a private experience. Just be careful how much time you spend while spending credits in a private show – these girls are mesmerizing, and Cams.com isn’t exactly the cheapest cam site.

The Local Sex Ads Actually Connect You Globally

This part of the 91 Porn experience, called Local Sex, is actually a link to a separate site Adult Friend Finder. However, interestingly and amusingly the link is set to take you to a page of results full of Asian women. And rather than only be able to chat up with women in your local area, you get access to women from around the world which is great no matter whether you are living out in the boonies, in a major metropolitan area, or are looking to find some nice Sally on the side next time you travel.

Besides that, AFF has multiple search options, dating and hookup parameters, a forum, and even a live sex link. So, if you get bored spanking it to recorded smut on 91 Porn, Adult Friend Finder is a great place to get a taste of the real thing and in real time.

There’s Even More Mammary Magnificence Available Through The Movie Link

Technically a subsite of 91 Porn, this section has a bevy of beautiful full-length movies which apparently are available for download in either an MP4 or HTML5 format. And like other Asian porn, these movies focus on both story and sexy scenes.

The way that these videos are categorized include some strange yet sensual descriptors like….

• Latest Rack – which I guess refers to new releases…clever double entendre, too • Chinese Subtitles – subtitled films, obviously • Big Boob – yep, out of about half a dozen categories, this is a whole one • AV Girls – while I’m not sure, I think this refers to a Chinese porn studio • MILF Housewife – you know what this means and can probably guess what you’re going to see • O L Uniform – Like seeing girls dolled up and decked out in school uniform, then click here • Great Set – like good exposition and scene ambiance in your erotic entertainment – then check these movies out

Unfortunately, even if you have basic translation software, you’re going to have a hard time navigating this site. My advice is to get your Chinese friend to help you out while you search for porn and you guys are that close…and don’t mind being close. Better yet, get a Mandarin reading girlfriend to help you figure out what says what and which vids you guys want to watch and take “inspiration” from.

Sign Up And Start Uploading

The sign-up requirements are, as they should be, simple to follow through with. You need a…

• username – with so many other users, be sure to be creative • email address – be sure that it isn’t your work email…unless you live on the wild side • password – make sure that it isn’t something simple, otherwise, you might get hacked by North Koreans • go through all of the bullshit to verify that you aren’t a robot

Then you should get an email to confirm your account, and you are good to go. Then you can interact with videos and post your own porns. As well as…

…Become A VIP

With this membership you can watch more videos (yeah, there actually is a limit for normal users) watch nearly everything in high def, choose your own streaming server, download vids. Plus, you’ll never have to put up with any more ads.

To clarify, as a guest user you can watch just ten vids a day. As a level 1 VIP that goes up to 20, at level 2 with 5,000 points, you can see 30.

If you upgrade to Level 3, you can watch 60 but have to pay $5 a year. Sure that’s not terrible, breaking down to $3.75 a month, but it seems kinda ridiculous since this is supposed to be a tube site, technically.

Level 4 cost $60 a year and gets you 100 vids a day, Level 5 costs $75 and doubles that number of fap clips you can see, and the highest, Level 6, will run you $95 a year and allows you to see 400 vids in 24 hours.

The weird thing is that you can’t use a proxy server or VPN to access the site which, considering that this a Chinese site (read: land of the last commie government) so that figures.

Confused By The Language Barrier?

I’m sure most of you are. I mean, I don’t read Mandarin, even when my buddy Google Translate is helping, and I imagine most of you reading this don’t either. Well, 91 Porn is available in traditional Mandarin, simplified Mandarin, and English…at least supposedly.

On the one hand, I don’t mind the fact that all of the watermarked and banner ads didn’t translate, but so little of the site was actually converted into English. The video titles and video interactive options information – for example, the write comment link, upload date, runtime – does translate on the main site. However, the movie tab translation sucks ass. Same thing the forum page, too.

Should You CTRL+D This Porn Platform?

Well, rating this site has been a bit tricky. After all, there is so much to praise and piss on.

First, say what you will about the visually loud ad banners – and I certainly will – with a black background and colorful text makes this site visually arresting.

That said, the number of adverts are out of control. After all, you login and are blasted with adverts which you have to scroll through to get to the goods. Click on a video and press play, and you first have to watch an embedded advert. Then as you’re watching a video, you’ve got to deal with one or several static or scrolling commercial text.

To paraphrase a well-known and respected politician: the number of ads is too damn high!

I mean, I get how they are offering fap footage for free, but there is a not so fine line between a healthy amount of commercialism and just being a spam site, and 91 Porn has certainly crossed that.

On the other hand, you do get a lot of free porn and, with a membership, you can spread your own all around. The length isn’t terribly long being about a half to a couple of minutes long, though there are a still quite a few which are seven to a dozen minutes long.

There are several bonus features like a full-on movie subsite, a complete forum, links to a live cam site and sex ads posted by horny Asian singles. Despite apparently having an English site option, the rate at which text is translated is pretty piss poor.

If you’re looking for a quick pound and pop operation, 91 Porn is a pretty good place to go especially if you like amateur footage, and into Asian women, or both.

While it’s got a room for improvement and has some good features, I give 91 Porn four out of five hands and recommend that you give it a wank and a half or two.

ThePornDude likes 91Porn's

  • From an aesthetic standpoint, the site is visually arresting
  • There are thousands of amateur videos and hundreds of free full-length movies
  • Between the VIP program and social forum, there are plenty of other things to do besides spanking it
  • The variation when it comes to content is pretty good

ThePornDude hates 91Porn's

  • Ads, ads, ads everywhere (!) it’s too damn much
  • Most people will be put off by the fact that most vids are super short
  • The translation of the site into English is hit or miss
  • Some site links take you offsite