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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Asian porn from the Americas and Europe is great, but just like eating Chinese food, it’s not as good as the real, authentic thing. Fortunately for us, there are tons of English-reader friendly Jav porn sites out there hosting content from hundreds of east Asian smut studios.

So, if you’re into Asian chicks, or just good looking women in general, check out the worlds biggest Jav Tube: Jav Doe.

Categories Typical And Strange

Every good porn site which hosts video from multiple sites should have a category section, and this one does. Like most other aggregators and tubes all of the typical stuff is here like Facial, Anal, Transexual, but Jav Doe has some weirdly specific categories.

In fact, there are categories for almost every permutation on the way a porn video starts and ends. For example, there are sections like Pussy Finger, Fussy Licking, Cum on Ass, Cum on Face, and Cum on Vagina. On top of that, there are super strange (and titillating) fetishes like Breast Milk, Car Sex, Virgin, Cosplay, and Widow.

There’s even a Western section, but more on that later.

Moving on, there are some types of porn which you can only find from the east like Shotacon. If you’re not familiar with that, shotacon is usually animated porn featuring very young looking people getting their cherry popped. Of course, the shotacon on Jav Doe is like, and only legal women are featured, but they do look dang youthful.

And like damn near every other Asian smut site, there is a Censored and School Uniform category as well. Oh, yeah, and there is a Tentacle category, but only features 21 videos. Sorry, squid smut enthusiasts.

The Titles Are Actually Pretty Good

I’ve noticed that a lot of Asian and tube sites have some pretty terrible titles for their videos. Seriously, some of them seem like they were semi-randomly generated by a poorly programmed AI or put through subpar translation software. Jav Doe, though, actually has pretty good titles – at least by the standards set by other Asian porn sites.

For example, one video by Bang Bros is titled “Cory Chase Neighboring boys with tongues and members indulge a mature lady with big tits.” Then again some of the Japanese videos are a bit wonky. Take, for instance, a video by Caribbean.com which is called “Appearance of her voluptuousness and tongue and lick muzzles. If you watch the video, the title has a strangely accurate description if you focus on the adjectives and ignore how weird it reads.

And The Popular Stuff Is…

…what you would expect for a Jav site – at least for the most part. Asian sites are known for having either in depth porn scenarios and some smut which could be considered to be on the weird side On the other hand, Western porn is usually shorter, has simpler premises, and tends to “skip to the good stuff” and switch from position to position a lot faster than what you find out east.

However, Jav Doe has a mix of both styles and is, to my shock, kind of tame. I mean, I don’t expect every east Asian smut site to be bursting with scenes of people dressed as anime characters and tentacle porn, but I’m used to seeing at least a bit of it on almost every Asian porn site that I review.

Instead, Jav Doe’s popularity are, for lack of a better term, “regular” porn. That doesn’t mean that it’s boring at all. Indeed, there are tons of videos with all kinds of sexy Asian women showing off their bodies, diddling their piddle zone, and getting fucked by some dude.

There is one trend on most pages that, shall I say, jumped out at me and that is the fact that most of the liked vids feature women with titanic tits. So, if you’ve got a fetish for huge honkers, as I think most of you probably do, this section is worth checking out first.

Besides searching through the popular video pages, you can see what else is considered to be cool by other users is by checking out the popular trends section. By skipping down to the bottom of any page you can see a list of trending search terms which link you to a series of video categories. In addition to the typical niches like Massage, Facial, Anal, and Bukkake, there are a series of actresses which blow up in popularity like Akiho Yoshizawa and Kirara Asuke, and even studios like 1Pondo and Tokyo Hot.

There Are Tons Of Studios

Speaking of studios there are videos from almost 400 of them! Some only have a single upload, while most have at least a few dozens to several hundred. There are some like 10Musume have over a thousand uploads.

This studio does do that weird thing that other Japanese studios do where they plaster the thumbnail with Jav Doe’s logo and censor the performer(s) eyes, but if you check them out, they are completely censorship free. And to make things even better the video length has a combination of the long format (i.e. between one to three hours) vids typical of eastern porn, while also posting shorter vids (about 15 to 30 minutes) people who watch western smut are used to.

Be warned though, the quality of videos varies by studio, and while most of them are good, you shouldn’t judge a studio by its weirdly translated name. For instance, while you might not be able to tell from their name and thumbnail the stuff posted by ROCKET, Zukkon/Bakkon, and Hmjm are actually pretty good. And to make things better, at the top of every studio page, you’ll see a list of tags explaining the kind of stuff that you’ll see.

So, contrary to what you might think, Rainbow (HERO) isn’t a gay studio. Rather, it’s all solo female, hetero pairings, and incest scenarios featuring acts like creampies, squirting, nice asses, and big tits.

So, one the one hand, this can be really frustrating when you try to find worthwhile studios. On the other hand, it can be kind of a fun game to click on a random studio link to discover what’s on the other side. After all, worst case scenario you find a ‘meh’ cluster of videos. Otherwise, you’ll find fantastic porn, or at least interesting, smut.

And no, from what I’ve seen you aren’t going to find any scat or gross-out porn, so you can play this game without engaging in fearful fapping.

Surprisingly, There Are Even Western Studios

Unlike most other Jav sites, Jav Doe has a shocking number of Western studios’ videos uploaded. And I don’t mean the crappy, flash-in-the-pan sites which have third-rate performers. Rather, Jav Doe gives you hundreds of videos of some of the best western smut sites including, Bang Bros, Fake Taxi, Blacked, Naughty America, Nubiles Porn, Reality Kings, Nuru Massage.

And no, the videos featured don’t only feature Asian women – there are a plethora of different women of all ethnicities and colors.

For this reason, I’d say that Jav Doe could be your perfect one-stop porn destination…or at least, almost perfect.

But *Argh*! There Are Ads

I’m used to seeing ads on all kinds of porn websites, but even the most ad revenue-hungry tubes, aggregates, and other types of “free” smut sites have a manageable number of adverts. But the number on Jav Doe is absolutely ridiculous.

Whenever you open up a video page, you’ll have to click through at least two or three ads plastered on the video itself. Of course, there’s about a 50/50 chance that you’ll be redirected offsite via a new tab to some stupid spam page. After that, new redirect links will pop up on the videos as it’s playing…repeatedly. It wouldn’t bother me if it only happened a few times or interrupted the experience, but in order to adjust the volume, pause the movie, or expand to full screen, you’ll have to click through invisible ad links first.

On top of that, typically there are even more ads embedded in the video at different points. And, almost as if the site designers were trying to piss the audience off, those adverts are placed at the best parts of the video.

Fortunately, ad blocking software skips over the embedded adverts and going full screen, prevents new spam links from popping up. I’m not sure why this is, but it does make enjoying the site easier.

There Is No Social Element

When checking out any video, there are the typical, albeit minimal, features like information on the upload date, links to the cast, related genre, channel, and related video section. You can share and download videos, but unfortunately, there is no rating system or comments section. Worse, there isn’t a forum section or any other way to interact with other users.

Get An Exclusive Offer

Before I wrap up completely, I should ask: are you interested in getting high definition videos from this site featuring the hottest Japanese models? Well, Jav Doe HD membership is available. You can get the same content only completely ad-free and in HD on an even better version of the site.

There are over 2,000 videos from 17 of the best Asian porn sites, with new content being uploaded all of the time. In addition to this, there are over 120,000 erotic pictures and hundreds of model profiles to check out.

In total, there are 3.7 terabytes of content to check out!

And to be accommodating to users from all over the world, the site is available in Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Filipino, and a half a dozen other East Asian languages.

Of course, this improved version of the site does cost money and quite a bit. For example, a month’s worth of access costs $49.99! However, if you commit to a longer subscription period you do save a little bit of money. For instance, three months costs $119.97 total which breaks down to $39.99 every thirty days. And a year’s membership costs $239.88 as a lump sum which breaks down to $19.99 a month.

In my opinion that’s pretty damn steep compared to other studios and other tubes, however, the number of high-quality content is pretty good. Plus, you are getting more content than you normally would one most other sites, including some tubes. So, if you’ve got the scratch to scratch your Asian porn itch, this is a good site to shell out some cash for.

If you’re not sure about committing to Jav Do HD there is a nice 3-day trial for only a buck. You can submit payment via credit card or debit card, and payment can be processed through JVBill, CCBill, Web Billings, Vend-o, and Segpayeu. So, no need to worry about hackers stealing your info or co-workers finding out about fap fantasies.

Should You Wank To This Site?

This tube – which is really an aggregator – has more porn than most other sites in the Jav category, that’s a plus.

The variety of videos is pretty impressive, even by Asian standards. There’s everything from wanky-worthy, to weird, and just plain wondrous, so that’s a plus.

At least some of the titles are well-written, some of them are decent, and only a few are indecipherable, so that’s a plus.

And as another nice bonus, there are tons of free porn vids from some of the best Western websites, too.

On the downside, there is a frustrating number of ads on every fucking video, and some might think that the HD version of the site costs too much.

ThePornDude likes JavDoe's

  • There are tens of thousands of videos to choose from in every category imaginable
  • Kinksters take note: you might find stuff even you’ve never heard of
  • In addition to authentic East Asian smut, there is American Porn, too
  • Most, or at least some, of the video titles, are actually pretty decent

ThePornDude hates JavDoe's

  • Jav Doe HD is pretty pricey even with the 17 sites you get access to
  • There are far too many ads placed on every damn video
  • Some, of the video titles are confusing as hell