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Updated on 15 January 2022
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The online world is filled with some good-quality basic porn and that can get boring really fast. But when that happens, I love to browse for JAVs instead, which is actually how I came across JAVmost.com. We all know that Japanese people come up with some of the weirdest, and most arousing porn videos ever, which is why if you ever get tired of the same-old bullshit, you should give them a chance; believe me it will be worth it.

I am pretty sure that there are still some of you out there who do not know what ‘JAV’ stands for, right? In that case, you are probably too young to even be on the internet or you are just a lonely woman searching for some company in the wrong section. Well, in any case, ‘JAV’ stands for Japanese Adult Videos, and the rest should be self-explanatory unless you really are an idiot. You already know that I am here to talk about JAV Most, so let’s cut the crap and get straight to the point. First of all, you need to keep in mind that this review is coming from an honest person who is in love with all the Asian beauties, so I might not be as rough on their videos as I love to be in the bedroom (I know you sluts love it rough).

The site itself does not look that basic at all, but that is not always a good thing. The menu, that every site should have, is actually placed on the left side; but honestly, after a bit of browsing, I realized that that menu is quite useless. I mean, you do have a ‘category’ option there, but it only offers two categories, unless you click to view them all.

There is quite a shit-ton of categories that you can explore; from the basic shit such as big tits, schoolgirl, swimsuits, to more bizarre crap like dead drunk, hypnosis, evil… etc. I mean, I ran into some pretty weird shit while browsing, like the category ‘sweat’… why the fuck is that even a tag? I guess that is the beauty of Japanese porn videos since I am both confused and aroused.

One thing I need to say is that if you are uncertain of your sexuality, then I suggest you stay away from the ‘tranny’ category on this site. The shemale chicks here are so fucking hot, that I ended up watching a couple of their clips. However, unlike you I know I am as straight as an arrow, but that does not mean I would mind if a beautiful Japanese ladyboy wanted to suck me off; remember, they have a dick, so they know exactly what makes us feel good.

There are plenty of hot Japanese videos on this site, and I guarantee that you will be satisfied. The best thing about the videos here is the fact that they are mostly movies that last about an hour, and they all offer different types of stories to suit all our dirty fantasies. I tell you, the Japanese are on a whole different fucking level!

However, the videos could have been posted in much better quality, since I did run into some movies that were low-quality, a bunch of them in medium-quality and a lot that were solid to HD quality. I love my porn to be clear as day, but I am pretty sure that you fuckers would not mind.

If you have something specific in mind, other than listing the categories and using the search box on top, there are no other ways to find your preferred clip. Not to mention that when you list the videos, their tags make no fucking sense. They are mostly just random numbers and words that we do not fucking understand, but you will get some other useful info about the clip, such as the name of the actress, genre or the maker.

For some reason, they found it necessary to tell us who the fucking director of the video is, like anyone gives a shit about that. I mean, sure you directors do a good job, but I can guarantee you that nobody cares about your name. While we are talking about useless shit, let’s not forget to mention that there is also a page solely dedicated to pornstars featured on this site.

I can’t even explain how idiotic it is to even have this page or tie yourself down to just one of these gorgeous Japanese chicks. I mean, you know that God created women just so men could control and fuck them, otherwise they would have been much stronger, right? Personally, I prefer to have a bunch of chicks hot for me, just like I do in real life; they are all just thirsty for a real cock.

The pornstar page is not even completely finished. They do list all of the pornstars (I didn’t really check), but some of them do not even have an image, or any details while they are featured in some of the videos. If they bothered to make this useless shitty page, they could have at least finished their fucking job.

Frankly, that is as much as I can say about this wonderful place. You will get to watch a fuck-load of JAVs and that is all that should matter. Of course, there is a little something for the fucking virgins who have never seen a real pussy or the lonely women who need a real dick in their life, but there is also plenty for real men to enjoy; which is why I would suggest you visit JAVmost, if you love to see Japanese hotties get kinky in different scenarios.

ThePornDude likes JAVMost's

  • Japanese sluts are the hottest
  • Variety of basic and bizarre categories
  • Actual Japanese porn movies
  • This heaven is fucking free

ThePornDude hates JAVMost's

  • You have to disable AD-block
  • Some low-quality clips
  • Tags make no fucking sense
  • Not many search options