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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Hypno Porn

Hypno Porn

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What kind of crap do they serve at hypnoporn.net? I mean, I look at porn sites as a hobby and I have never come across shit like this. Well, that’s actually me lying. You don’t expect me not to have seen such a site, do you? That’d be disrespectful. I have, but most of them feature hentai content. The love some people have for cartoon porn from Japan is not something to turn your nose up at. Those little devils know how to draw hot cartoons fucking. I give them that. Hentai porn requires an open mind especially if it’s your first time visiting ‘that’ side of the internet. I guess it’s because some of the content is borderline illegal.

Well, the kind of content found on Hypno Porn also has a grey area when it comes to legality. Don’t get me wrong, you will find content covering role-play on this site, but you will also see shit that’s not exactly legal. The domain name gives a big clue of what kind of depravity you should expect here, but like the generous motherfucker I am, I’ll go ahead and tell you all you need to know about hypnoporn.net without expecting shit from you.

Get your daily dose of hypnotizing porn

Allow me to educate you on the art of hypnotizing porn which is generally what this site is all about. And no, I’m not talking about porn that will leave you hypnotized. The type of shit you find here is the kind where hypnotized whores get their brains fucked the hell out. Fuck it, these bitches can take so much mistreatment without allowing it to show on their faces it’s all fucking scary. That’s why I call it art and Hypno Porn attempts to bring it to you in an easy to digest manner. I know y’all novices can’t wait to learn more about this kind of porn so let me talk about it.

First, what is this shit about hypnotizing porn being illegal all about? Well, the chick is practically ‘unconscious’ when they are being fucked and some may see it as forced porn or rape. But on the other hand, we all know hypnosis is a load of bull and if you don’t know it by now, you are beyond redemption. For the rest of us who like using our brains, we know the shit is fake so don’t rush to contact your lawyer just yet. There is nothing illegal about hypnotizing porn as far as I’m concerned. So, take a seat, close the door and enjoy the show.

All the features you need are available

This genre of porn may be a bit unusual for many, but there is certainly nothing unusual about Hypno Porn. It actually looks like your typical porn tube in terms of outlook and organization. Well, it doesn’t come anywhere near some of the biggest tubes in terms of features which is pretty understandable, but it does go as far as what you’d expect a normal porn tube to provide. Are the features enough to prompt you to give the site a try? We are about to find out. There is the customary search feature at the top right, a numbered browsing menu at the bottom while the main navigation bar gives you access to some of the categories on offer. I personally think you have everything you need to get the porn you came here for.

A varied list of categories

The first thing you note on the navigation bar is most of the tabs are actually external links which kind of leaves less room for other important tabs. Anyway, don’t let that dampen your spirits as this genre isn’t exactly overflowing with millions of videos and for obvious reasons. As far as I can tell, hypnoporn.net takes care of those hardcore fans who know what this kind of porn is about and know how to get the best experience out of the solid collection. Some of the tabs like Primal Fetish and Girls Gone Hypnotized will give you a hint about the content’s general theme. They are categories in a way and they set the mood for the kind of content you will be jacking it to throughout your stay.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive categories list, scroll down the homepage and in the middle on the right where names like hypnolust, hypnopimp, Asian hypnosis, and primal fetish among other unusual categories feature. They are not that many to be honest but considering we are dealing with a single niche, they are more than enough as far as I’m concerned. The whole collection here focuses on bringing you hypnotized chicks being fucked and I think the categories are enough to help you browse the content. Some of you may not agree with me but what were you expecting? A full page of categories?

Video count is so low there’s even room for models

Well, there are not too many vids to be honest, which is probably why some of the tabs in the navigation bar don’t make sense. At least initially. Like you will notice, there is a Category called Ludella Hahns and upon closer inspection, I realized it’s actually one of the chicks who feature heavily in some of the videos. The number of videos is so small they had to fit in a whole tab for one fucking model. Wow, un-fucking-believable! But hey, if it’s any consolation the small number of vids means you will enjoy a certain level of exclusivity. To be honest, though, the numbers will not impress anyone.

Everything is fucking free

If you prefer to look at the glass as half full, you will have a wonderful time jerking off to the free videos. That’s right fellas, every video you see on hypnoporn.net is free which is kind of unusual for a site with such a relatively small number of videos. You’d expect it to be behind a paywall. You will be able to stream the videos without a worry in the world. Damn, these fucks don’t even require you to register for anything. You just need an internet connection and you are ready to strangle your green veined snake. How good is that?

The good news don’t end there. Apart from streaming, you will also be able to download the scenes for absolutely free. How many sites allow you to watch and download their collection without needing something from you in return? I know you can count them with one hand. The only shortcoming is you can’t use an ad blocker here and if the site detects an ad blocker, you can kiss your opportunity to watch and download free smut goodbye.

Easy to get around, but the ads are a bum

Moving from one part of the site to the other is a breeze thanks to hypnoporn.net’s simple approach to design. I give them that much. Everything is well laid out and there are no unnecessary complications. However, the amount of ads in here are a fucking stinker. No wonder these fucks don’t want you to use an ad blocker. This is how they make their money after all! Needless to say, the ads will almost ruin your experience although they are a small price to pay when the site allows you to download all their videos. Also, clicking on some of the videos take you to totally different videos for some strange reason which is a bug the site should look forward to rectifying.

Positive Features

Free videos of hypnotized chicks; if you have a fetish for hypnotized chicks being fucked, there is a solid collection of free videos that are available for both streaming and download for absolutely free. Easy to use; the site has a simple design that doesn’t cram too much info that makes it unnecessarily cumbersome to browse. You will move around with ease.

Negative Features

The number of videos could be higher; to be honest, the site could do with a bigger collection as the numbers don’t make for impressive reading.

Only a few categories; the site stacks videos covering a pretty controversial niche, but the small number of categories limit your ability to explore.


I’d love to see more videos added to the site from wherever they get them. Several hundred videos hardly give you reasons to jump around in excitement.


The controversial nature of the hypnoporn.net’s collection make it a rare site for users to test their tastes against a really interesting niche. The site is free and videos are available for streaming and download and anyone with a fetish for hypnotizing porn can look forward to quality entertainment. Give the site a try and you might see something you’ve never seen.

ThePornDude likes Hypno Porn's

  • Free videos of hypnotized chicks
  • Easy to use
  • Free streaming and download

ThePornDude hates Hypno Porn's

  • Number of videos could be higher
  • Only a few categories