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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Lots of places to get your porn and a lot of different kinds of porn in all of those places, one particular type is the animated variety. I know not all you assholes out there are fans of that Japanese based sex cartoon kind of porn full of the weirdest most depraved shit. But dammit porn is porn and that’s why I’m here. We’re talking about Hentai today ladies and gents and some freaky hentai too, the name of the site is Hentaifreak and my word-play puns are bad.

The Darker The Better

The default look of this place is decent, like you’ll catch me saying often I like a website for porn to focus more on being dark than blinding the people trying to jerk it with a bunch of whites and other bright colors. For some reason, you just don’t want bright lights on you when you’ve got your dick in your hand and you’re going to town on yourself. Call it some weird turn off that you can’t really explain the source of. But they at least get that right here, right off the bat it’s a bunch of black and a darker screen makes for a better time choking your chicken.

The second thing they do right, that pretty much by this point now most sites are all smart enough to know how to do is to have a wide selection of porn available before they get their URL set up and people start coming to visit. More videos, more variety more of a chance some guy’s dick is gonna get hard and he’ll think of the website when it gets hard again. Ain’t nothing that soothes a spicy boner like a comfy familiar place to return back to.

They Try To Treat Us Right

I really fucking like their terminology and attitude. They know what they’re about here, when it comes to how they know what people visiting their site are gonna like. Right at the top left above the long list of different genres of hentai you’ll see exactly what I mean when the message at the top says “pick your drug”. If you’re anything like me, and hey maybe you’re not and you’re just a fair-weather porn consumer, that’s all well and good but by now for most of us we can treat it kind of like a mild addiction.

I don’t know about you but I could definitely quit anytime I want to, I just don’t really want to. It’s not exactly opiods but the people running HentaiFreak know exactly what people like you and me treat the content of their site as. Drugs come in all shapes and sizes and it just so happens in the 21st century there are digital drugs that do the trick better than any pill you can pop.

The Japanese Are ..Different

If you’re new to hentai though, don’t get confused by all the new terminology you see here, but the fact that they’ve actually got a bunch of words you might not recognize just means they know what they’re doing so points for that. Shit like “Netorare”, “Shota”, “Tsundere”, “Yaoi”, and “Yuri” are all hentai genres that cater to different tastes but the fact you can find them here means HentaiFreak and the people that run it know what’s going to please their potential audience.

Sink That Fucking Boat

Now a big flaw with this site, and really with all hentai sites is the fact that the majority of all the porn videos you can find are sailing the most hated vessel in all the seven seas of porn. The censorship. This is really a problem with Japan and Asian countries in general so you can’t put one hundred percent of the blame on HentaiFreak alone but as someone who loves fuckin hentai as I love all porn at some point in my life it’s really fucking great if I came across a site that focused on all that uncensored goodness that we were raised on. Yeah at the end of the day it’s just drawn pussy and tits and dick but still, regardless of how colorful the pictures and how detailed all the glorious sex might be, a lot of it is freaking pixelated all to hell and you wonder why you even pressed play on the damn window to begin with.

Every God Damn Click

I have to dock major fucking points here, there is nothing fucking worse when you’re in the middle of some quality self-love time and you come across a site that you think will get the job done but its’ full of mother fucking ads. And this site is heavy fucking guilty for having a whole lot of them. Actually probably one of the worst sites I’ve seen for ads, and this is coming from a guy who’s got adblock doing its job 24/7. You get an ad pretty much on every single click on this website. I have no idea why, because maybe banner ads on the top or along the sides aren’t doing the trick but that’s how they have it set. Every single time you click on something or even if you click on nothing at all it’ll open up a new window advertising some stupid thing that’ll give your computer a virus if you do anything other than immediately hit the x button.

I don’t’ know about any of you but it’s those kinds of spammy ads on a porn site that really makes it scream “low quality” to anybody whose visiting it and that was never more true than when I showed up for a good crank.I won’t say to write off the website entirely because of it I guess, because once you get a video playing and you’ve got 20 minutes or so of content and time ahead of you to jerk it, you’re not really clicking anything anymore at that point so you won’t notice it. But there are a lot of other hentai sites out there that manage to do the same thing without a bunch of pop up ads in your face all the time.

You gotta wonder how long this place is even gonna last when they’ve got competition that is fucking one-upping them like that. Not even really too much of a fucking thing to ask really but I guess someone didn’t get the memo. Anyways, that’s one of the points where this site takes a dramatic dip in quality, you’ve been warned.

There’s Effort

They try to do a good job with categorizing everything though, and they’ve got no shortage of buttons to press in case you might at some random moment decide to quit the fuck out of what you were watching in favor of something different. Take a look at all the genres on the sidebar and all the options along the top. They’ve got no sweet shortage of places to send you if you don’t want to stick around here. And hey maybe that’s what all those fucking ads are for in the first place, to get you to want to leave. Doubt it but hey this is the world of porn we’re talking about here, stranger fucking things have already happened.

Holy Slow

Bad connection speed, I would have gone right into the fact that one of the things they do good here is the fact that just by hovering your mouse over the video square of any potential animated porn flick, it starts to play a little loop taking right from the video for you to check out first. It helps you kind of decided if this is the kind of shit that will wet your whistle but the thing is the connection to this site really isn’t all that great. So hovering over those squares pretty much just turns the square fucking black and that’s it. Would have been great functionality otherwise but so much for that.

The connection problems tie right into the videos as they play too. I ‘m not saying it’s going to be the case for everybody, cause obviously, your internet speed is going to be different from mine, but even the video suffers from it. The video can’t even load faster than it plays, fucking reminds me of the old days of youtube where you would just pray that the gray loading bar would stay out in front of that red one so you weren’t interrupted. It sucked then for youtube and it sucks now for HentaiFreak. At least for me.


All in all, I’d give this site just about a pass. There are just too many other hentai sites out there that do everything HentaiFreak does and more. And better I might add because the things they do right still aren’t optimized 100 percent and that really burns my ass because other people are out there doing it right. Take some fucking notes and learn how a hentai porn site should be. I won’t judge you for wanting to visit this site or not, just be wary when you do. There are better ways to get rid of a boner.

ThePornDude likes HentaiFreak's

  • All the different animated pussies, assholes, and dicks ramming into each other all over the place
  • The decent filter options to find your way through this colorful mess
  • The uncensored section they have, at least there’s that.
  • The dark theme so nice on my eyes

ThePornDude hates HentaiFreak's

  • The fact that more of them are censored
  • The slow speed connection
  • Some functionality suffers because of slow speed
  • Pop up Ads on almost literally every single click