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Updated on 05 February 2024
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While Hentaicloud.com most certainly does not come off as a unique hentai website, I would have to say that it gets the job done either way. Matter of fact, the hentai that you’ll run into in here isn’t something you’ll see on most hentai websites. For starters, tons of these pages are straight up only re-posting the same old hentai movies over and over. Like, sure, it’s nice to pay attention to the classics and all that…but people get bored after a while, and we need to see something a bit different.

The types of content you’ll find

First off, I have to tell you that you’ll find hentai videos on this website for the most part, but there are also tons of juicy hot pictures up in here as well. When it comes to “real life” porn with real people and all that, you’ll see that for the most part, videos are superior to pictures. I mean, why stare at a static image when you could be looking at a video? Even our caveman ancestors draw girls with big titties and fat asses on the walls of their caves and then probably masturbated to them, but they never could watch a porn video, right? Maybe they could watch some people fuck in from of them if they hide in a bush or something like that…but that probably didn’t happen a lot. However, that’s as close as you could get to seeing a porn video back then.

I mean, you surely get my point. When we’re talking about real life porn, videos are almost always better. However, if we’re talking about Hentai, pictures are often better than the videos. The Hentai movies themselves can have tons of problems. The animators are often underpaid, so the pictures aren’t really as good as they’re supposed to be, the movies have bad frame rates, or you may also find the voice acting to be annoying. Pictures do not have these problems, obviously.

Of course, there’s also the “comics” section that seems to be pretty neat as well. You’ll find all sorts of stuff in here, but we’ll talk about that in detail a bit later. It should also be mentioned that Hentaicloud.com also has a section that’s all about Hentai games. Personally, I don’t enjoy those, but if you feel like it, you should check the section out. Some of those games are most likely capable of draining your balls completely.

The videos

We all know that hentai tends to get a little bit freaky at time, which is quite understandable since some fantasies that people have cannot be shown in real-life porn with real models and all that. For example, if you want to fuck a succubus or something of the sort, you might find a video of a girl dressed up as a cock-sucking demon, wearing small fake wings and devil horns. This doesn’t quite do it for you, though. I mean, why should it? The succubus is far from being real, and the costume is probably cheap as fuck either way, so yeah. It’s going to be hard to masturbate to shit like that. However, in Hentai, pretty much any kind of fantasy can come to life. For example, you’ll find catgirls, very popular creatures in Japanese pornographic animation all over this website, and the succubi I mentioned beforehand are present in loads of these videos as well.

However, for the most part, you’ll find that these movies tend to be pretty vanilla. I mean, still, even though there are some freaky ones out there, the majority of the movies are pretty much standard, at least for the Japanese audience. Surely, you’ll find tons of fetishes here that aren’t actually that attractive to the majority of westerners as they are to Japanese folks. However, if you just give them a shot, it’s very likely that you’ll get hooked without a doubt. For example, a whole lot of movies on this page have breast sucking involved. I’ve seen a bunch of dudes sucking on some big titties, but there are also plenty of lesbian tit sucking videos as well.

The info

Not that anyone asked, but Hentaicloud.com gives us some basic info on every single video that gets posted. Not that anyone would really care that much, but hey, it’s something. I appreciate what they’re doing for us. First off, every video comes with a title, and the title usually includes the original name of the hentai. You’ve probably seen a bunch of websites going for names like “big tit hentai babe gets fucked” but there’s literally none of that on this page which is great. You’re usually given the name of the hentai right there, which is great if you plan on watching the rest of the series someplace else, just in case Hentaicloud.com doesn’t have the entire series uploaded to it. Then, the page lets you know how many people saw a certain video before you, and there’s an “episode indicator” right underneath the thumbnail in the bottom left corner. That’s neat, right?


You’ll find that hentai websites usually include some sort of categorization system on their page, but this isn’t the case with Hentaicloud.com, which is pretty lame. I mean. There’s no such thing as a “categories” tab, you know, but you’ll find that the videos still have some sort of categories/tags thing going for them. It’s better than nothing, right? Just click on any one of these videos, and you’ll see a few words popping up underneath, and these words are always related to the video. For example, if you see a mature woman fucking a younger man, then you’ll most likely see the “MILF” tag right there, and if you see a guy’s girlfriend getting fucked by an old man behind his back, then “netotare” and “old bastard” (both are very popular in Japan) tags are to be found right underneath the player.

The player

We all love a website that loads up our videos quickly, and Hentaicloud.com is not going to disappoint you. While the player does not have a lot of quirky little buttons that you can fool around with, it’s still pretty god damn neat. As I said, this page, in its entirety gets the job done, and this obviously includes the player. First things first, not only does the player load the videos quickly…but it also gives you the full-screen option, and that’s about it. It doesn’t sound like much, I am very aware of that, but hey, it’s just enough. Some websites will give you the option to fool around with the quality of the video and all that, but Hentaicloud.com doesn’t care that much. Furthermore, there’s no such thing as a day mode or a night mode on this website. The only thing you get to look at is the wonderful dark blue background, and that’s literally it. Is this a bad thing? Well, no. Personally, I think the day/night options and the “Turn off the lights” option that you get to see on all sorts of websites (not just the pornographic ones) is pretty much pointless as well. I think it would be stupid to add it here…people are here for the porn, not for some boring gadgets.


For the most part, people won’t care much about the looks of a pornographic website because they’re there only to watch the porn and to have fun…not to spend their time looking around the website and appreciating its beauty. Everyone’s here for the girls, and that’s just how it is. Fine, some people are here for the boys as well…but you’ll find that most people don’t really care about the looks of the website. Or do they, though? Did you ever find yourself feeling “compelled” to leave a certain page right after loading it up? It’s so stupid how some pages can fuck up their design tremendously by using a stupid color scheme that makes the page look cheap. Or, rather, the pages don’t give you a “standard” layout where you can see all the thumbnails neatly arranged, but they try to pull off some artsy shit, and they fuck everything up. Well…luckily this isn’t the case with Hentaicloud.com, as this page has a minimalist design that I like quite a bit. Every little thing in its right place!

I almost forgot to talk about the comics…and we also need a conclusion

I told you that the comics are a bit off on this page, but it’s no big deal. When you’re browsing a hentai website, you probably expect to see nothing but doujin if there’s a “comics” section, but there’s ton and tons of western art in the “comics” section of Hentaicloud.com! That being said, this website is going to be quite friendly to western newcomers as it’s pretty easy to find literally whatever. You can use the search bar, and something will pop up if you know what you’re after. The page is available in multiple languages, and there are no ads. Also, everything is free.

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  • No categorization system