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Updated on 15 January 2022
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For all the lovers of BDSM pornography, I am here to introduce yet another site that offers just that, lots and lots of hardcore porn videos; the hcbdsm.com. Just by looking at the name of the site, you already know what the site has to offer, and if not, I have literally just fucking said what you can expect to see on this site. However, if hcbdsm is worth the visit or not, that is still debatable, and I will let you decide once I am done with this review.

The design is quite nice, and I honestly prefer porn websites that offer good designs as well as good content. The dark layout makes my nightly browsing routine much easier on the eyes, since who has the time to actually browse for porn during the day? If you are one of those people, then you must be way too young to be here, or unemployed…

Anyway, I am not here to judge, since I am very open-minded when it comes to pornographic stuff, and I am sure that you will find the kinky crap you are looking for on hcbdsm.com. However, if you are not into hardcore crap and you prefer the mainstream lovemaking or any other fetish, then you should visit a different site instead. Here you only have BDSM videos, so enjoy.

Everything is neatly listed on HC BDSM, so there is no way that you would get lost or not be able to find something you are looking for. On top, you have the usual menu that can guide you through the whole website and allow you to find whatever you might be searching for. The homepage, will, of course, be filled with lots of random clips, and you are free to check out any of them for free, which is fucking great.

As for the content of the videos, it will obviously vary, since hcbdsm.com has a variety to offer, and from what I have seen they pretty much cover all the important shit. In the beginning, you will have the categories listed on the side, but you will also have them presented on top. I browsed through their tags, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have useful categories that could help you find something specific.

Obviously, all the tags will be dedicated to the BDSM fetish; you have categories such as anal BDSM, CBT, FemDom, Clit torture, torture and so on. There are also a couple of categories that are covering a specific ethnicity, like Chinese or Japanese BDSM. While there are not that many categories, they are enough to help you find the type of BDSM pleasure that you like to watch, which is the only shit that matters.

I checked out their videos, and while I am not really a fan of domination, I enjoyed watching their videos. The first clip showed a horny babe with long black hair who loves to have her cunt whipped hardcore, and you know this because she kept smiling at the camera while she was in pain. The two ladies who made her moan from this were quite fucking hot as well, and I could really appreciate that they were all naked.

Of course, I found clips that showed the usual BDSM session, where the chick would get bounded after she is tortured with some painful pleasures. Eventually, the beauty will also get fucked while tied up, which seems quite natural. We all know that women were designed to endure pain more than us since they are the ones who need to be punished and who mostly love painful shit… and this site just proves my point.

I mean, you pretty much have a little bit of everything here, when talking about hardcore pleasures. You can find chicks who will get their whole body covered with scars from whipping, and you also have chicks who will get needles stabbed in their pussy and nipples. I must say that I really do not understand the pleasure of that, but you know what they say; to each their own.

Excluding the categories, you can also filter the given content by videos, photos or both, and you can choose to view straight gay or shemale pornography. Other than that, you can also choose the length of the videos, since the content here is quite random when it comes to that. You have videos that are over an hour long, as well as those that are only 5 minutes long…

As you might have already guessed since it was fucking obvious, yes, you have a special section for the galleries, and those images are also dedicated to the BDSM lovers. You have many amateurs who love to get tortured and some of those are members who enjoy posting their own naughty shit on the site. This also means that you can become a member and do the same if that is something that sounds interesting to you.

Every member will have their own profile where you can view their photos and some details. You can also exchange messages, and add members as your friends… but obviously, for you to be able to do this you will have to register…duh! Within their porn network they have another site called pornhc.com, so make sure to check that out as well (the site basically looks the same as hcbdsm.com).

Other than what I have already mentioned, they do have some other offers, but none of them are that important. They are mostly links to other similar websites and all that shit, and you can check that out for yourself once you visit the site since I am here to talk only about the content concerning hcbdsm.com.

Honestly, there is not much I want to add… the videos are quite fucking hot if you are into BDSM pleasures, and if you are not, then what the fuck are you even doing here? You have plenty of videos that all feature different hardcore pleasures and most clips were of solid to HD quality, so make sure to check them out and become a member to post your own content.

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