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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Shhhh! We’re all used to the wild squealing and moaning that comes from the nymphomaniacs getting railed in today’s hardcore pornography, but the name of this next site suggests maybe we should keep quiet. I’m really not sure if that’s possible. VRHush is a virtual reality porno site, so while the action may be restrained to a screen half an inch from your eyeballs that nobody else can see, you’re going to have a hard time staying silent as all these virtual porn starlets ride your cock in blisteringly real 3D.

VRHush.com was registered in 2015, giving it a few years over all the new VR porn sites popping up right now. As more Oculus Quest and PSVR units move into more households, you nerds are getting more and more vocal about how fucking cool is to swing a virtual sword to music. That’s cool and all, especially if you’re a little fucking baby, but we all know you invested hundreds of dollars on this tech because you’re interested in a different type of virtual swordplay. For the retarded, I’m talking about long-shafted weapons as a metaphor for playing with your dick.

Watching Netflix While a Bitch Rides My Dick

The landing page to VRHush promises EXTREME IMMERSION with an image of a dark-haired whore riding some knucklehead holding a VR gadget to his face. They offer ORIGINAL 4K CONTENT with two nasty blondes on top of another dude with his eyes covered by a high-tech sex helmet. The thumbnails for HD STREAMING and the ability to USE ANY DEVICE also feature men getting laid even while tethered to those expensive new toys.

What the fuck are they watching in there? Are these porn studs a bunch of autistic Rain Man wannabes who simply can’t be pulled away from their Netflix even to have a threesome with a couple of beautiful pornstars? Are they caught up in a game of Fallout VR so intense they’re afraid to lose their bottle caps by burying their face between a pair of live, flesh-and-blood titties? Or are they watching porno so fucking hot that it’s even better than the real sex they’re having at that moment?

Based on the samples from the newest VR porno scenes on the site, I’m going to guess it’s that last option. The newest flick, I’m So Glad I Followed You Up Here, features a hot teenage brunette with little natural tits getting banged doggystyle and cowgirl in the most realistic POV you’ve ever seen. The thumbnail alone, with her hairless, puckered butthole winking at the camera as she takes a hard cock to the twat, has me hard as a rock before I can even get my sex box strapped to my face.

A lot of the premium porn sites have stopped letting people stream video previews, but VRHush will not only let you stream the trailers, but download them as well. Since this is VR, those downloads will give you a better taste of the full 4K HD realism than the streaming will, at least until consumer Internet connections get a lot better.

Just based on the free tastes outside, it’s been a really fucking good month for 3D porno here. Last week there was a hardcore Fourth of July celebration at a frat house featuring pussy licking and jizz swallowing, and before that a blonde with enormous knockers was giving killer titjobs, blowjobs, and footjobs. Their Father’s Day special featured a stunning redhead going reverse cowgirl before being hosed down with a facial.

Smashing My Favorite Porn Sluts in 3D

I clicked the Show Promos button near the top of the screen and got a box offering me 40% off for their Independence Day special if I JOIN NOW! The $5.75 per month they mentioned only applies if you spring for a full year of 360 immersive video sex, but even the regular monthly rate breaks down to a cool $12.25 with the discount applied. That’s a hell of a fucking bargain, especially considering your typical 2D premium sex site runs about 30 bucks these days.

I was pretty thrilled just looking at the landing page, but once I was logged in the members’ area had me dripping in my underwear immediately. Beneath their newest, upcoming and top-rated VR fuck flicks is a picture menu of just some of the beautiful, world-class pieces of ass they’ve worked with. You’ve been fantasizing about some of these girls for years, and now get to smash them in virtual fucking reality!

Abella Danger and that beautiful white girl ass of hers have starred in half a dozen VR movies at VRHush so far, and I hope she keeps that streak going. Riley Reid, Ella Knox, and Adriana Chechik have all shot multiple movies with this company as well. Fuck, they’ve even got classic MILF Nina Hartley bringing her decades of sexual expertise to the future with this 3D smut.

The full archive of VR hardcore flicks at VRHush is almost 200 deep now. I know that’s pretty much chicken change these days, as a lot of the big premium sites and networks are offering catalogs with thousands of exclusive dirty movies. This is virtual reality porn, though. The genre is still so new that you’re not going to find a whole mountain of it like you can with other types of filth. A couple hundred ain’t bad, especially for the price.

A Perfectly Good Reason to Masturbate On The Bus

Can I Watch This With You opens with Brooklyn Gray walking in on you looking at porn while she’s looking for her phone. Just watching her walk into the room in those tiny shorts is definitely a worthwhile experience in 3D, so I don’t know why this asshat would waste his time staring at a laptop. She bends over needlessly to look in obviously empty areas, which suggests it’s not actually her phone she’s looking for.

Virtual reality gives you an extra level of intimacy that’s just impossible with the flat stuff. Brooklyn chatting with me in VR about watching porno is just about as sexy as regular porno itself. When she strips down to a sexy red bra and panties a few minutes in, promising to suck my cock like in the movie we are both watching, I think I fell in love.

Early VR fuck flicks had too many awkward angle changes, but the studios are really figuring out the right and wrong ways to do this. Can I Watched This With You mostly plays out in a sitting position as Brooklyn strokes your shaft, polishes it with her mouth, and even sucks on the balls a bit. She’s a loud girl, gurgling as her face bobs on your virtual junk. She climbs on top for a ride about halfway through and later stands over you, fingering herself and begging you to stretch her out some more.

This babe is truly amazing and the scene would be a keeper even if it wasn’t in 3D. The fact that this brings me much closer to actually smashing this ripe young broad than I’d ever get in real life makes this a fucking wet dream come true, and I guarantee I’m not the only one who’s going to feel that way.

VRHush is one of those rare porn sites where I really have to reach to find anything wrong with it. The one complaint I can find is that movies look a hell of a lot better if you download the huge files instead of streaming. This means it’s going to take you a lot more time and setup before you start masturbating, but that’s true with any premium virtual reality porno site.

A membership to VRHush.com should be an easy sell for anyone looking to fill their new VR gadget up with this high-tech new style of pornography. Their weekly updates are hot enough that I’d be comfortable shelling out a regular sex paysite rate for access to the 3D smut. It costs less than half what you’d expect, so sign up before they raise the price. Check out those free previews if you don’t believe me.

ThePornDude likes VRHush's

  • Immersive, exclusive 3D VR porn
  • Weekly updates featuring top porn sluts
  • Nearly 200 flicks in the collection so far
  • Compatible with all major VR devices
  • Really nice price

ThePornDude hates VRHush's

  • Downloading still looks a lot better than streaming