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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I just spent the whole day reviewing Literotica sites, and boy is my right arm really tired. My brain’s a little bit exhausted, too, to be honest. There’s something about having to imagine the scene that takes a little extra effort. It’s much easier to immerse yourself in a porno scene when it’s on video, and the new generation of VR sex sites kicks it up yet another notch by delivering fucking straight to your eyeballs. WankzVR is a leader of the pack among this new wave of futuristic smut; they won the XBIZ award for VR Site of the Year in both 2018 and 2019.

Part of their secret is probably getting in on the ground floor. WankzVR.com was established in 2015, so they’ve got a few years on top of all these newbies trying to get set up with their new virtual reality gear. There’s certainly a learning curve. Just based on the site’s numbers, over 11,000 visitors per day, I have to guess that they have a pretty fucking good handle on this thing.

Strap On Your Sex Helmet and Let’s Go!

If you just bought your Oculus Quest and have been looking around for porno to fill up the extra gigabytes sprung for, you’ve probably noticed that most of the new VR porn sites don’t have much content on the menu. They’re just too new. WankzVR knows the other guys have skimpy pickings, so they put their video number at the top of the landing page. As I’m writing this, they’ve got over 350 movies. Pretty soon, maybe even by the time you read this, you’ll be able to dive into a different virtual hardcore scene every day of the year. You’ll probably want to purchase an external hard drive, because the files are fucking huge.

It makes sense that a studio that can afford video recording devices that shoot in 180 degrees can also afford to hire the sexiest, most talented sluts in the business. The newest flick, Hard up for Cash, features Kyler Quinn going to town on a big cock in missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggy style. She’s got a pretty sweet mouth for sucking as well. Other recent starlets include Sky Pierce, Gina Valentina, and Gia Derza.

A preview image at the bottom of the screen lets me know there’s going to be some new virtual reality masturbatory fuel going live on the site in just 20 minutes. This one’s called Champagne Room Three: The Dream Team, and it casts you in the role of the male stud in a hot and hardcore threesome scene.

I like that there is a countdown telling you exactly when the next WankzVR movies coming out. They claim to offer new VR scenes twice a week, but honestly, I think it’s more than that. The updates come quick, just like you will as soon as you strap on that 21st-century sex helmet. There’s often only a day or two between new virtual facials, 3D 69s, and the most realistic titty fucking you’ve ever experienced in a porn movie.

One Ticket for the Pornstar Ride, Please

Most of premium adult sites are asking 30 USD a month these days. It stands to reason that they would charge more if the Latina ass-to-mouth films were shot in three dimensions instead of the old, flat way like they’re a bunch of goddamn elderly folks who get confused by technology. I think they’re just trying to get people hooked on virtual reality smut, because the standard price for WankzVR is only 20 bucks a month. That includes unlimited streaming and downloading.

You want to save even more money? I realized when I was looking at the Sign-up page that I left my wallet at a back-alley peep show. I hit the Back button on my browser and WankzVR offered me 50% off the membership price. Ten bucks for hundreds of VR sex movies from the award-winning, best VR sex site? That’s a fucking no-brainer. How much did you spend on that futuristic virtual reality gear in the first place? You can totally afford this.

Step Into the Champagne Room

I had to barter with a crack whore to get my wallet back, but fortunately she and I have a pretty good working relationship. She didn’t want to lose my business by fucking me over for a couple nickel sacks. By the time I got signed up and logged in, Champagne Room 3 was ready to view.

WankzVR is compatible with all the major VR devices. Download and streaming links are provided for PlayStation VR, Oculus, Vive, Gear and smart phones. There’s also a built-in web player, but I’m not sure exactly what the point is. This porn was meant to be seen and lived in 3D, so you’re selling yourself short if you watch all the creampies, foot licking and gaping on your laptop screen.

The streaming versions are decent if you’re in a pinch, but consumer Internet just isn’t fast enough yet to deliver the kind of flawless HD picture you get with the downloads. I know it sucks having to plan your wank sessions in advance, but that will definitely change as the tech gets better.

Champagne Room 3 opens in a, you guessed it, champagne room. There’s a girl sitting and another on the pole, neither one wearing much. They start talking to you, saying they’ve never seen you but you deserve the VIP treatment. If you’re watching the smartphone version with your Google Daydream, make sure to use a good pair of headphones to get the full binaural audio treatment. Their breathy, sexy voices sound like they’re coming from right in front of and beside you, and they’re sure to give you some ASMR tingles as they sit in your cock.

“What do you think we should do with him?” one sexy bitch asks.

“Maybe we should tease him,” the other replies. They start making out and sucking on each other’s boobs with you right beneath them. It’s a cruel enough taunt, but a few minutes later you’re getting asses rubbed on your crotch through your pants.

The movie is 74 minutes long, and it really kicks off around the 15-minute mark. They offer you the “real VIP treatment,” which begins with a double blowjob while they talk about how you should stretch out their pussies. I couldn’t agree more. You see, one of the unlisted features built into the strap of your Oculus is a mind-reader/credit-card-skimmer.

I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but if you manage not to pop for the whole ride, you’ll experience VR ass licking, deep throats and face sitting. Your virtual counterpart will cum on the girls’ stomachs, tits and faces while you blow yours into an old gym sock.

All Your Porno Fantasies Made Almost Real

With the smaller VR sites, you always worry they won’t have that specific thing that gets you off the hardest. You’ve got no worries with WankzVR. Not only is the stash big, it’s wide-ranging.

The Categories list covers all your porno standards. They don’t have Fetish or BDSM areas (yet), but everything else is here. They’ve got Asians and couples, Creampies and Ass Creampies, Cumshots and Squirting. Do you like Babysitters or College girls? Maybe MILFs are more your speed, or maybe a little bit of everything in a Group Sex scene. I’ll tell you one thing: you’ve never experienced any of these things until you’ve experienced it in VR. (Or in real life, but you’d have to leave your mom’s basement for that.)

WankzVR.com would be an easy choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their new, high-tech, expensive VR toy even if they charged a typical paysite rate for access to all the 3D lesbian fucking and virtual piledrivers. This is high-quality spank material, and it’s very easy to see how they won those awards. The fact that it’s so fucking cheap to get in and shake your dick around makes it even more appealing, and they even throw in access to 31 exclusive bonus sites. Seriously, what the fuck are you waiting for?

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  • Hundreds of vr pornos
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  • Award-winning studio
  • Top porn starlets
  • Diverse depravity
  • Awesome price
  • 31 Bonus sites

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  • Planning wank sessions in advance