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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Virtual Taboo

Virtual Taboo

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VR is changing the world. There are all kinds of cool shit going on with it. You can play games, create virtual worlds, produce art, and so much more. But that all pales in comparison to the incredible porn that you can watch with the right hardware. It will blow your fucking mind. If you haven’t tried VR yet, then at least do yourself the favor of grabbing a cheap ass cardboard set for your phone.

You’ll be dishing out the dosh for an expensive set once you see how hot this shit can be. There’s nothing quite like Natasha 10 leaning over and spreading her cheeks right there in front of you. Though this shit is dangerous. Give you fucks some haptic feedback and a synced sex toy and you might never leave your fucking room again. Not that you had much of a chance of scoring some actual pussy anyway. is a VR porn site that boasts 5k videos, frequent uploads, and quality fetish porn. They started up back in 2015 when the VR craze was just starting up and have amassed a decent following over the years. Nearly 1.5 million VR porn addicts flock to the site every month for the next hot video. But, as with all awesome experiences, this content comes at a cost. If you pay up for the year you’re looking at around 8-9 bucks a month. And, if you really love this site, you can slap down 250 bucks for lifetime access to this treasure trove of taboo porn.

Free Previews Let you Get a Sneak Peek at Some of the Premium Videos

You can check out 2ish minute previews for any of the videos that they have on the site. So, at least you can get an idea of what the videos will look like before you throw down your fat wad of cash. I can’t stand when premium sites don’t let you get a peek under the hood. It’d be like hiring a prostitute without knowing what kind of kinky shit she will do. But, beyond that, you’ll need to sign up and start paying to experience the sexy content that they have to offer.

Premium sites sure love their blindingly bright white site themes. You’re definitely not going to be able to hide this shit easily if you’re watching it alone and in the dark, like I imagine you fucks do. Actually, it might work like a flashbang. Some unsuspecting cuck will walk in and get blinded by the light, giving you ample time to hike your pants up and act like you weren’t just wanking it to Sophia Traxler pretend to sleep while some dude fucks the ever living shit out of her.

Those videos always crack me the fuck up. Come on, how am I supposed to believe this chick doesn’t feel an 8-inch cock get rammed into her dry. Anyway, the homepage has large HD previews running down the center of the site for their newest VR experiences. The header up top lets you jump from the homepage to “Best Scenes, Pornstars, Tags, and How to Watch.” There’s also an option for “VR Videos,” but that’s literally just the homepage with nothing changed.

Over 150 Hot Pornstars and Plenty of Kinky Tags

If you’re new to the whole VR scene, then get on over to the how to watch section. Otherwise, it’s time to find the right video to jerk off to. The homepage lets you sort by newest or top rated. That’s it. Feels oddly bare for a premium site if you ask me. Can’t sort by likes, ratings, views, or anything else. The best scenes page is basically sorting by top rated, but you get to add in which year of videos you want to browse through. Weird.

There are 151 pornstars currently on the site that you can browse through. You can only sort by popularity or alphabetically here. No filtering by video counts, fetishes, ethnicity, or any of that good shit. At least each model has a pretty hot preview image that’s usually of them in some revealing lingerie or them flashing their tits. And there will be a handy video count beneath their name. That way you’re not getting cock teased by bitches that only have a single video on the site. You don’t get any bio info on the actual model page. Simply a list of every video they have been in.

There are a decent list of tags, though for a site called “VirtualTaboo” I expected more crazy shit. Yeah, there’s some non-con, incest, and voyeur, but that’s about as extreme as it gets. Most of the videos on here are what you’d expect from your regular porn site. That’s not to say they aren’t hot as fuck. I can watch lesbian, solo, and creampie porn for hours on end, but it’s not what I expected from the site. They don’t even have BDSM or Bondage tags anywhere. That’s like taboo step one right there.

Video Streaming Quality Fall Short of 4k 60FPS Promise

But let’s talk videos. The previews are pretty good. They tell you just about everything you need to know except for the video time. You can see what quality it can be downloaded or streamed in (usually 4/5k). You get binaural audio, “60” FPS, 180-degree viewing, genre tags, comments, and a like button. Oh, and you’ll also get a handy description of what kind of naughty shit goes down in the video.

All of that awesome shit being said, I was disappointed by the actual video quality. The photo galleries were all in stunning HD, but the videos left me confused. It doesn’t feel like any 4k 60fps video experience I’ve had, and, trust me, I’ve seen a lot of them. The videos were jumpy and felt far under 30/40 fps let alone 60. And the video quality wasn’t very crisp. It looked very washed out and around 720p for me.

Download Quality is Fucking Amazing with Full 5k 60FPS Videos

But I only had those issues with streams. Downloads were much, much better. No weird buffering. The lighting could still be better for some of these videos, but the quality came through much better when I downloaded the good shit to my phone or desktop. And you can expect this site to work just the same on mobile as it does desktop. It’s a fucking VR site. Of course, it rocks. It’s not worth going hard into the details on it, but just know that the videos are still downloadable and stream about as well as they do on desktop.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

I’m always down for some new, sexy VR experiences. And this site has a lot of good shit going for it. They upload new content twice a week, so you always have new kinky VR porn to fap to. They support most, if not all, current VR headsets on the market right now. The download quality is pretty high-tier. The price is relatively reasonable for what you get. And the site is simple and easy to use. It’s not cluttered with stupid pages for “Deals” or full of annoying banner ads. It’s a solid VR porn site.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

But it, unfortunately, fails in a lot of areas that a premium site should have covered. There aren’t enough filter options. The site feels bare bones and lacks any cool, unique site features that would keep me coming back. The biggest mark against them is the streaming quality. I’ve seen better video streams on free sites. It definitely doesn’t come across as 4k or anywhere close to 60fps. That shit needs to be fixed. Imagine how many potential subscribers turn away when they see a shitty video preview without knowing how amazing the downloads are.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, if you love VR porn, and, I mean, how could you not? Then you should check out They may not have the best streaming quality and they may fall short when it comes to the whole “taboo” aspect of the site, but they make up for it with amazingly sexy porn that you can download. Watching Josephine Jackson strip for you in 5k is a life-changing experience. If you can afford the cost and don’t plan to only watch by streaming content, then I recommend you at least go in for a month. It doesn’t cost that much and you’ll be busting nuts to some incredible porn in no time at all.

ThePornDude likes Virtual Taboo's

  • 5k UHD Video Downloads
  • 60FPS Videos
  • Support For All Current VR Headsets
  • New Videos Twice a Week

ThePornDude hates Virtual Taboo's

  • Poor Streaming Quality
  • Not a Lot of Navigation Options
  • You Have to Pay for it