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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Naughty America VR

Naughty America VR

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Man, I had a really great day at the office. Usually, the boss rides my ass all day, but today there was ass play of an entirely different sort. Specifically, I had anal sex with three beautiful pornstars. The whole thing ended with an absolutely ridiculous cumshot that had me grunting like an angry caveman as I shot geysers. Then I took my VR helmet off. The other bus passengers were all staring, clearly impressed by my high-tech toy.

The 3D porn film I watched, Anal Office, was one of the more recent flicks from NaughtyAmericaVR. They were one of the first big virtual reality sex sites to hit the Internet. They had skin in this game since 2015, so while the other guys are still scrambling to get in on this shit, NaughtyAmericaVR has had time to perfect their craft and build a collection. Strap on your sex goggles and let’s take a look.

Bang Hot Pornstars in Three-Fucking-D!

The Landing page does show off some enticing smut. There’s an image at the top of the screen from Fidelio III: A New Year’s Eve VR Sexcapade. It’s got seven topless porn stars lined up, clearly ready for some Eyes Wide Shut perversion. That sounds like my kind of party.

Another recent scene features Bunny Colby in her lingerie, riding cock and practicing her sucking skills. I was hoping to see a moving preview, but the Play button faked me out. It led me to a preview screen with another Play button that also faked me out. This one just led to a sign-up screen.

The fake–outs are a bunch of bullshit, but they do offer one real preview at the bottom of the screen. It’s offered in a few formats, as their material is compatible with all the major VR devices. Files are big, but that’s just part of masturbating in virtual reality. Streaming works if you’re willing to settle for much lower quality. When the pixels are right up against your eyeballs, you really do need the highest resolution you can get.

It is a damn fine preview. This one stars Nina Elle, Mia Malkova, and you. You’ll feel like you’re poolside, getting your cock ridden by one of the most beautiful sluts in the world while another babe sucks on her nipples, all the while you’re actually at Starbucks, sandwiched between a girl with blonde dreadlocks writing poetry and a surly real estate agent.

How Much for that Doggy in the Bedroom?

I really wanted to test this Ebony footjob VR ride with Ana Foxxx, but they tricked me with those double fake Play buttons again. Dammit! I guess I have no choice but to consider their terms.

The “VIP Pass”, a.k.a. the standard membership, is about 30 USD a month. That’s the going rate for any porn site these days. There is a two-dollar trial with limited access, or you can get a year at a lower rate. Naughty America is big on the upsell, and they don’t miss an opportunity here. You can also get a more expensive yearly membership that includes access to seven bonus sites.

You’ll notice when you’re on the sign-up page that you are no longer at NaughtyAmericaVR. The membership is actually for Naughty America, a premium site that also includes a whole section of VR content. The one-stop shopping sweetens the deal a little bit.

Every online shop on the whole Internet takes credit cards and maybe PayPal, unless they’re selling sex movies. Porn sites will take anything, a sure sign they’re going to survive the coming apocalypse by bartering teen cowgirl MP4s for food, fuel, and women. NaughtyAmerica also accepts bitcoin from the cyber-criminal demographic, and checks from the elderly, withered, and dying. Thank God for pacemakers and Viagra. They’ll also take those old gift cards off your hands. Who needs coffee when there’s VR porno to be had?

VR Porn on Top of Traditional Porn

Once you’re logged in, you get dropped off on NaughtyAmerica’s members screen. They’re putting out a movie a day, so there’s always new shit to shake your wiener at. Today they added a classroom-themed fuck film. I never wanted to stick my face in a teacher’s ass, but then again, I never had a teacher who looked like Luna Star. Yesterday they added one from Watch Your Wife featuring Whitney Wright taking it doggystyle.

And the day before that, it was that Bunny Colby movie where she rides your cock in virtual reality. That’s the shit I was looking for! I was a little worried that with their all-access membership plan, the futuristic 3D movies would be released irregularly. It looks like they’re putting out a couple VR flicks every week, which is exactly the kind of schedule you look for in a premium site.

I know that when I’m browsing VR sex movies, I don’t want to see the 2D stuff mixed in. It screws up the whole ritual. You can jump to the VR channels in the Channels dropdown up top. NaughtyAmerica VR is actually a couple dozen “channels” of material. It’s the same as how other big sites divide their releases among a bunch of subsites in a network. It doesn’t necessarily equate to more movies, but it does break them up into neat little categories.

Channels on NaughtyAmericaVR include PSE: The Porn Star Experience, Big Tits, Big Ass and After School. Hot Chicks with Accents does what it says on the tin, plus dirty fucking and cock sucking. There’s Ass for Days, FUCK MY ASS, t&a and Huge Fake Tits!

I stood in line behind enough dumb motherfuckers to know that some of you just get confused when you’re looking at a menu. Go to the Categories page and select VR Porn. That’ll line up all of NaughtyAmericaVR’s glorious virtual hookups. With nearly 400 offerings, it’s easily one of the biggest collections today.

Naked Bitches Dancing on your Hands

NaughtyAmericaVR offers some interesting AR holograms to download and play with. They’re actually kind of hard to jerk off to, which is probably why they’re just giving them out for free. You don’t have to sign up or log in to get them.

I downloaded one with Stephanie West on a stripper pole for my Android phone. Once I got it installed, I aimed it at my coffee table and suddenly Stephanie was gyrating against the pole, telling me how much she enjoyed working it for me. I could walk around her and hold my phone closer to get a better look at that tight body, but I had to keep staring at her through my phone. It’s a neat thing to show your friends, but a challenge to get you off.

Pretend You Got Laid in College

I spent some time in a Spring Break flick with Gianna Dior, Brooklyn Gray, and Liv Wild. If felt a lot like I was really spending time with the three girls, just minding my own business in their dorm room as they complained about the end of vacation. They were dressed like typical conservative college babes: bathing suits, sheer tops, and sexy knee socks. One chick was wearing shorts at the start of the scene, but they were gone a minute later.

College was a bore, wasn’t it? But that’s the whole reason you can now afford to blow a few bills on a Cyclops visor that lets you pretend to get blown by three stunning coeds when you should be doing homework. See, kids? This is why you should never ever study.

If I wasn’t sold on NaughtyAmericaVR before, I was 15 minutes later. By then, all three young nymphos are fully naked, taking turns riding me in such a loving and cooperative way that these girls could almost be sisters. The picture is crisp and real as fuck, and the binaural audio makes it sound like these bitches are talking dirty right in my ear.

NaughtyAmericaVR clearly knows their shit. The virtual reality smut is polished and professional, with some of the most beautiful and talented young women I’ve seen on the tiny/enormous screen. Porn sites always suggest you’re getting more than you really are, but the subscription model here really is like getting two different sites for the going rate of one: a VR paysite and a traditional porn membership. This is a pretty good deal.

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  • Two VR releases per week
  • Almost 400 virtual reality pornos
  • Naughtyamerica access: non-VR releases every day
  • 3D holograms

ThePornDude hates Naughty America VR's

  • Fake-out previews