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Updated on 15 January 2022
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You ever watch some super kinky porn and go “Fuck, I wish that were me.” POV tries to put you in the scene as much as possible, but that shit always falls short for me. I don’t know. I get laid enough as is. I don’t really need a fish eye view of some dude sloppily thrusting into some slut’s pussy. But I get it. Some of you sad fucks out there need some help. But don’t settle for POV. Dish out a little dosh and make the experience 10 times better with the glorious technology that is VR. All you cucks do is sit in front of your computer fapping anyway. Might as well invest in the experience.

If you haven’t tried VR, then there’s never been a better time to give it a shot. There are a ton of different headsets that support a wide range of budgets. Hell, you can get a smartphone one that is made of fucking cardboard if you’re really living in squalor. And, yeah, VR games are cool and all, but we’re all in it for the porn right? There’s simply nothing else in life like watching some hot babe like Kendra James get fucked in 1080p VR. If you really want to be a degenerate about it, you can grab one of those pulsating fuck toys that sync with the action, but that’s a topic for another review.

And where better to get started than with some free HD VR porn over at Vrporn.com. Somebody did a good job snagging that domain way back in 2010 when this site launched. The gurus over there could see the tide turning, and it worked out well for them. So well, in fact, that they bring in a solid 9 million site views on a monthly basis. I’m telling you fucks, VR is the future of porn. Get in now and be part of porn history!

Optional Membership Nets You Longer and Higher Quality Videos

I said this site was free. That’s half true. Some of the content here is free. There are a mix of short 5 min videos and longer 30 plus minute videos that you can watch for free. And there’s a decent selection of those. You can definitely browse that shit for days without having to pay a dime, but scattered throughout are videos that require a premium subscription to watch. These videos are usually of higher quality and are a bit longer. If you pay for the year, it’s only around 8 bucks a month. But going month by month will run you a staggering 19.99, so I’m not sure if that’s worth it.

But let’s get to the site itself. It’s got a similar layout to most other porn tube sites out there. Though I definitely dig the dark theme they’re using, especially considering most people who use the site will have a screen strapped to their face when they’re browsing it. You’ll see a header up top with options for “Categories, Pornstars, Studios, and Blog.” Your usual array of options, but at least its not cluttered with links that will take you offsite.

Plenty of Fetish Categories, Hot Pornstars, and Quality Studios to Choose From

The homepage has sections for hot, new releases, hot premium videos, and hot computer graphics (SFM). It’s a pretty decent way to browse, but if you want to narrow your porn down by genre or fetish, then I’d recommend you check out their extensive list of categories. This site has more options than a slutty head cheerleader. 4k, bukkake, orgy, deep throat, solo, stockings, voyeur. As long as you’re not looking for diabolical shit like scat, gore, and rape, then this site probably has exactly what you’re looking for.

At least, that’s what you would think by the long list they’ve got. But just like a trap at a straight bar, looks can be deceiving. A couple of categories were completely empty. No content at all. That’s some bullshit. Most of them had content, but come on. Don’t advertise content that you don’t fucking have.

The pornstars’ page is handy for finding that one whore that does it for you every time. We all have one. Every star has a small preview image that could be better. You usually don’t get a decent shot of them in action, but that’s not a huge deal. Each profile page is simple. You get a link to the pornstar’s site if they have one and every video that they have starred in on the site. And the studio page is pretty much identical to the pornstar page.

There’s also a sidebar by the title that’s easy to miss. It’s a sneaky dropdown menu that has more options for things like games, for women tag, gay & trans sections, and more. I won’t go through each one here, but I was curious about games. Well, their definition of “Game” is looser than a freshly fisted asshole. The videos are just short previews or demos of other people playing the game.

Large Previews, Mostly HD Videos, Free Downloads, and Fast Streaming

But enough beating around the bush. You fucks want to know about the VR experience and the quality of these videos. Alright, let’s cover a couple of bases first. This site supports every popular VR site on the market. From the shitty cardboard models all the way up to HTC Vibes. The video previews are damn good. You get a title that usually gives you the name of the pornstar in the video, an HD preview that flips between a couple of shots, the studio that produced it, and how long the video is. Adding ratings and views would be a nice addition, but at least they’ve got the important shit down.

The video player is a giant. It takes up most of the screen if you’re viewing this without a headset for some reason. And, of course, the videos will take up the entire screen of your headset as well. If you make a free account, you can download any of these videos in whatever format your goggles require. And those downloads are in better quality than the streaming. Streaming lets you toggle between standard and HD, but no indicators are there for what the fuck that means. The quality of HD varies between videos. Some look like 1080p HD videos while others look grainy and pixelated even on HD settings.

Great Mobile Site Easily Supports Mobile VR Headsets

The mobile site is great. I mean, it would be a fucking crime if it wasn’t. It’s a VR site. The mobile site is one of the main sources of traffic for these guys. All of the motion controls work on mobile. Videos automatically full screen, so you don’t have to take your headset on and off too much. And the entire site is easy to use on mobile devices of all kinds. No issues at all.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

One thing I loved about this site, aside from the amazing HD VR videos, was that I didn’t have to deal with any ads. None at all! No pre-rolls, redirects, or banners. I guess the memberships make them enough cash as is. Whatever the reasons are, I dig it. It makes for a very pleasant user experience. Plus, ads are a pain in the ass to deal with in VR.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

As for suggestions, this site doesn’t need to do much at all. Make sure those categories are all filled, maybe include a rating system, and tagging exactly what quality the videos are in would be a huge plus. Other than that, this site is killing it.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

You usually don’t get a site that does free and VR well. Sites that try are usually littered with ads, have horrendous video quality, don’t support all headsets, or just plain suck. It’s impressive to see an actually decent VR site that ditches the ads, produces HD videos for free, and allows you to download those videos. It’s like hooking up some dime piece who doesn’t have any hidden baggage and fucks better than anyone else. It’s what every dude dreams of. And this site is just like that dream slut. Get over to Vrporn.com to see what the fuck I’m talking about.

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