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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I’ve always been a fan of increasing the immersion while looking at porn. I used to steal my sisters’ panties to sniff while jerking it to taboo porn, and I usually watch my voyeur/exhibitionist smut while sipping a grande mocha bullshit at Starbucks. I’ve been pretty excited about the rise of VR fuck flicks because they promise to bring you just one step closer to the real thing. Today I’m going to see if the offerings at VirtualRealPorn make me feel like I’m boning pornstars. is one of the OG premium sites in the virtual reality porn game. The domain went live in 2013, which was before normal humans could even buy a first-generation Oculus Rift. Longevity doesn’t mean everything; my grandpa’s been around a long time, and the mean old bastard doesn’t know anything besides drink and grope, drink and grope. Hopefully, the site’s aged a little better than gramps, but I guess there’s only one way to find out.

Fuck Into the Future with Teledildonics

The previews sliding across the top of the screen, trying to get me to sign up, sure look good. Avi Love is naked with her legs spread, showing off her hairy bush and tight body. Various VR units flash by her stunning visage, letting you know VirtualRealPorn is compatible with Google Daydream, HTC Vive, Oculus, Gear and all the rest. Unless you bought some off-brand garbage from some cretin’s truck at the flea market, you’re golden.

The blurb says they have 430+ VR porn scenes and eight exclusive interactive videos. It’s a solid collection size, better than you’ll find on most VR sites. They claim to be the ONLY website that has interactive videos, and the capital letters let you know they’re very serious. (The interactive vids don’t work with every device. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to play.) The site is also putting out two new releases every week, which is about right for a paysite.

VirtualRealPorn’s preview page is big on teledildonics. I remember hearing the word years ago, but the technology just wasn’t worth a fuck until very recently. Even most VR sites don’t mention it, but VirtualRealPorn is really aiming to cement their status as a sex website from the future.

Teledildonics, for those of you still living in the dark ages of the 21st century, is the science of Internet-aided sex. Basically, your sex helmet pumps the sounds into your years and the sights into your corneas, and you can strap a separate teledildonics device to your junk to handle the stroking, licking, and sucking.

It sounds a lot better than the machine I built out of a weed whacker and old beer cans, only with fewer sharp edges, but I bet it’s pricey. I just blew a pretty penny on this VR doohickey, so I better see how VirtualRealPorn can help me out when it comes to subscription rates.

Cheaper Than a Trip to The Clinic to Check Out That Rash

VirtualRealPorn’s standard monthly rate is about 16 USD, which is pretty fucking good for a paysite. Almost every other premium sex website is asking 30 USD per month these days. You can also get a five-video trial for a few bucks. With VR you need to download scenes to get the full effect, so this is a much better system then letting you stream for a day or two.

They also offer cheaper streaming-only rates, but you probably shouldn’t waste your time. If you’re on a regular home connection or trying to do all your masturbation through your phone, you just won’t have the speed for a truly crisp picture. Every pixel counts when it’s a gorgeous slut spreading her pussy lips in your face. We’ll probably be ready for streaming in a couple of years, but by then they’ll probably jack up the price.

They accept unused gift cards, bitcoin, and PayPal, but they’re only giving out free VR units to new credit card subscribers. It’s just a Google Cardboard, so it’s a couple of generations outdated, but it’s free and a decent intro to 3D stag films. Trust me, you want to take a test drive first. The ponytailed dweeb at game stop gave me a really hard time about buying back my very sticky PSVR.

Hot Girls Ride Your Dick in 3D Fuck Flicks

The default view on almost any sex movie website is Newest First. Hell, I think that’s the default view for everything, everywhere. VirtualRealPorn does the same thing, but they’re a lot less modest about it. Instead of simply labeling it as the new stuff, it’s all labeled as The Best Porn. Come on, now! Every site says the same thing. You want to win me over, show me something nice.

They make a strong case from the very start of the page. The newest clip is that Avi Love scene with the preview out front, promising to let you fuck her wet cunt in cowgirl position. The clip before that was a threesome taboo scene called Relax for Mommy. A couple of dark-haired beauties go to town on each other while you watch before letting you hit it up the ass and spray a cumshot on that bubble butt.

Remember I said you needed to download for the full experience? These files are huge, so plan ahead. I’m downloading the movies I mentioned above, and one with Marley Brinx called Arrested and Fucked. That should give me just enough time to crush and rail a couple of Viagra and take a few monster bong hits before the clips are ready to be projected onto my eyeballs.

Jerking Off Into the Future

Marley is actually pulling her panties up at the beginning of Arrested and Fucked. It sounds like a bad way to start a porno, but it works in VR. You can’t help looking that perfect body up and down and wanting more. A few minutes later, you’re handcuffed on your back while she pulls your pants off in a Halloween role-playing scenario. If the cops around here looked like her and worked with their tits hanging out, I’d probably try to get arrested more often.

This video is shot in 180 degrees, as were all the other movies I watched. The clips are marked with a VR180 icon, suggesting there are some on the site that are in 360. It’s unimportant, because you’re not going to want to turn around and look behind you while a girl is sucking your cock. Likewise, every clip is marked with a Binaural Sound icon, because they damn well better be.

When you’re planning your masturbation sessions, make sure to take a good look at the Best Viewed icon. This will let you know the easiest way to sit, lay, or stand while watching the smut you’re going to download. Arrested and Fucked is best-viewed sitting, perfect for the office!

All the Nasty Scenarios You’ve Never Lived Out

I was disappointed not to see a Categories page linked in the header, because that’s usually an easy way to get a bigger picture of the full menu. You can actually find the genres in the Advanced Search, where you will also find sort options for date, length, and popularity.

Since they have over 400 movies, it’s no big surprise that the genre dropdown runs on an on. The length of the list is really another argument for putting them on their own separate page. VirtualRealPorn has everything from Anal to High Heels to Squirting and Stepdaughter. They’ve got a surprising number of videos filed under Actual Couple, as well as BDSM, Fetish, and Pissing for the real deviates out there. You can only select one genre at a time, which kind of sucks but I’m sure you’ll find something that gets your dick hard. has one of the biggest selections of VR porn, starring some of the hottest talent in the business. It’s updated twice a week and it’s cheaper than most premium sites, which makes it a hell of a value. It’s hard to find anything wrong with this one. If you’re looking for something to fill up your new high-tech pornography hat with, this will give you a killer bang for your buck.

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  • Over 400 VR pornos
  • Two updates per week
  • Great price for a premium site
  • Futuristic teledildonics capability
  • Free google cardboard

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  • No genres/tags pages