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Updated on 15 January 2022
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We’ve had the pornography superhighway of the Internet at our fingertips for so long that it’s easy to take the whole thing for granted. Do you ever stop and think about how easy we have it? The cavemen had to stare at goat buttholes and rub their junk with sticks, and here you are humping a silicone vagina while watching teen movies on a free tube. In the future, masturbation will be done in a special isolation chamber with multiple powered suction orifices and holographic hookers. In the meantime, sites like SexLikeReal offer virtual reality smut for the high-tech perverts out there.

It seems like everybody and their mom are strapping on their sex helmets and playing with themselves in VR these days. The studios and the paysites are itching to get in on this action, but has actually been around since 2015. A few years is practically a century when it comes to tech, so let’s what they learned by getting in on the game early.

VR porno? They’ve Got an App for That

Let me guess. You’ve been researching virtual reality fuck helmets for months, saving up your pennies so you can get the most badass VR unit you could afford, right? Your hands were shaking as you unboxed it and went through the painstaking setup process, all the while thinking of the glorious 3D breasts that would be shaking in your face just as soon as the damn thing was finished calibrating. You finally got it fired up and headed to the app store, where you typed the six letters you’d been waiting and working so hard for: VR Porn.

And then, of course, you found the folks who made your expensive new toy had left the fun stuff out of their store. Sure, you can swing lightsabers to a beat, but you came to beat your own saber. Where’s the sex?

Everybody knows you’re jacking off in virtual reality, but nobody is quite ready to admit it yet, at least not in public. Until then, SexLikeReal has an app you can download on their website. They tout it as an iTunes-style app for sex movies, and it’s compatible with all the major apps: Oculus, Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Daydream and even Cardboard.

Jacking Your Dick Off in The Matrix

I usually describe the free video tubes as having a “wall of porn” as their main page. The main screen of the SexLikeReal VR app looks like a literal wall of porn stretched out in front of you. There’s a blackmailed sister showing off her tits and a Girl Scout tasting something sweeter than a cookie. There’s a Czech girl fingering her twat and a MILF getting ready for fisting. For the extra kinky, there’s a BDSM broad tied up with a dildo and a virtual pee movie.

A column of categories on the left side of the wall offers options like Facials, Double Penetration, and Feet/Legs. It takes me a moment to realize there’s a next page button. The subgenres go on and on, encompassing everything from Japanese to Massage to Chubby/Curvy. There’s Big Tits, Rimming, and Insertions. What are you into? Squirting? Stepfamily? How about Virtual Girlfriends or even Hentai/Tunes? This may be the widest range of VR depravity I’ve seen yet.

The range of styles is impressive enough, but a column on the other side lets me know why they have such a range. SexLikeReal has VR content from dozens of sites like but BaDoinkVR, VRBangers and VRcosplayX. They weren’t kidding about this being an iTunes of porn.

Spank It to Previews, Buy Clips, or Spring for a Membership?

The app has plenty of kickass features, like icons that tell you what position the camera angles are shot from. One thing I really love is that there are plenty of free previews. Everything I tried to look at offered me a good, long look at the action on display. I got to watch PAWGs bounce on my cock and teen sluts licking it clean. The CG hentai dick-riders just aren’t for me, so I’m glad I got a preview before I pulled the trigger. Also, I’m kind of wondering where the trigger even is and what they’re aiming at.

The pricing scheme is a little confusing on SexLikeReal. There are prices listed for all the videos, mostly ranging from about 3 to 12 USD each. Some of them also have diamond icons that say Premium, which implies you can get them as some kind of membership. Instead of flapping my arms and my dick around like a rapist duck, I took off my porn goggles and checked out the website.

The SLR Premium membership is about 25 USD per month, more if you want a nonrecurring payment. As anywhere else, you can get an even lower rate if you shell out for a full year of virtual reality fuck flicks. Don’t worry, this ain’t like the gym membership you stopped using months ago. You’ll never get bored of spanking your monkey in a 360-degree 3D sorority house.

A membership on a typical porn site tends to be all-inclusive. They’ll often try to get you with some upsells on the side, but you usually have access to all the main courses on the menu, whether they are lesbian experimentation films or first-time teenage blowjobs. SLR Premium seems to include about half the content on the site, at least based on the Featured page.

A recent striptease and masturbation flick in 180 6K, featuring a tight young brunette and titled OMFG, is still going to cost six bucks to watch in your space glasses, membership or not. The same goes for the Apex parody, and the new Ebony anal from VRBangers, and an incredible looking taboo VR scene called Relaxed for Mommy.

On the other hand, the Premium membership includes over 3,000 movies. They released 133 new virtual reality sex scenes last month, which may be the fastest growth I’ve seen on one of these sites.

Download Smut Straight to your Eyeballs

The app page says you’ll never need to download any of the videos on the site because everything is available to stream. That may be technically true, but unless you’re working at the server farm, you’re not going to have a fast enough connection. My picture was noticeably lo-res and jerky when I was streaming a sample of some broad trying to jerk me off earlier. As with any VR site, you really do want to download your movies to get the full effect.

SexLikeReal is actually doing themselves a disservice by telling customers they don’t need to download. I streamed the sample for Preggo Teen Juggs – Ep 4: Titjob Practice and then jerked off to a downloaded clip of the same thing. The latter was a little more effort and time to set up and get going, but it was much easier to believe those glistening, massive melons were really in my face when the picture cleared up.

The material they’re putting out as part of the SLR Premium subscription is on par with the other major VR sex sites. It’s actually sort of hard to believe they put out 133 of these last month, unless there fudging the numbers somehow. Even among the very newest stuff, this is such a range and wealth of perversion.

SexLikeReal may be the biggest VR porn store on the Internet right now. They’ve got a ton of material from dozens of different studios, plus their own Premium virtual reality membership. Their app makes the whole thing easy as hell to browse, buy, and get your rocks off to. I have yet to see a better interface from any company when it comes to browsing 3D smut libraries.

Like so many good things, SexLikeReal’s biggest fault is its price. Their pricing scheme is a little bit convoluted. Non-members can buy premium movies, but Premium members also have to buy nonpremium movies. I guess when you’ve got one of the best selections in town, you get to be kind of a dick when it comes to pricing. will cost you more than other VR sites, but you do get one hell of a selection and a premium app experience.

ThePornDude likes SexLikeReal's

  • Tons of VR porn from dozens of studios
  • Advanced app compatible with all major devices
  • Thousands of virtual reality sex movies
  • Multiple updates per day
  • Membership or vr porn clips a la carte
  • Plenty of free samples

ThePornDude hates SexLikeReal's

  • Weird pricing scheme — premium doesn’t include everything