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Updated on 05 February 2024
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A decade ago, if you wanted to fuck a pornstar you either had to get really rich first or just get incredibly lucky. If you wanted to bang a video game character, a chick from a comic book or a cartoon, or Buffy the goddamn Vampire Slayer, you were pretty much out of luck. You might get somewhere with a pricey hooker and a heroic dose of psychedelic drugs, but banging a chick from Naruto could only be a fantasy, and nothing more. These days, VRCosplayX is trying to bring you one step closer to living out those wet dreams you never outgrew.

VRCosplayX.com was born in 2016, making it a couple of years older than most of the VR sex sites popping up right now as the tech gets more popular. They’re actually part of the BaDoinkVR network, which is a good sign. If you read my review of those high-tech perverts, you know I’ve been pretty impressed by what they’re offering so far. I’m hoping to see the same high production standards and beautiful women in this next-level nerd smut.

Your Past Crush Parodied in Future Porn

I’m a sucker for parody porn in general, as long as it’s done well. The best examples hover in this area between cheesiness and total sexiness, usually with some comic relief as the princesses, ninja whores and superheroines get their brains fucked out. The previews I’m seeing out front at VRCosplayX look like they’re right on the money.

I’ve never quite understood the copyright stuff when it comes to parodies. Some sites play it safe, changing the characters just enough to be recognizable as the imaginary bitches you’ve been beating off to for years, but with enough difference to avoid the attention of lawyers who work for media companies much bigger than any porn studio. VRCosplayX doesn’t fuck around with that bullshit, inserting your favorite characters into pornos with the same names, just bigger and more exposed titties.

The site updates every week, and the newest virtual reality sex movie is a parody of Lollipop Chainsaw. The week before that it was a sexy spoof of Apex Legends, where the characters are all trying to fuck each other instead of murder each other. Before that, it was an X-rated version of The Road to El Dorado. That was a kid’s movie back in 2000, which means the original audience is all grown up and ready to beat off to Gia Milana in the main role.

The cosplay outfits on the site span the decades of nerd entertainment. There are Scooby Doo threesomes, Betty and Veronica locker room sex, and Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series getting her tits fucked. That last one is played by Asian goddess Jade Kush, so you already know it’s going to be good shit. Slave Leia doesn’t have some new made-up name to skirt copyright laws, she’s just Slave Leia in a Star Wars VR XXX parody. All of the videos cast you as the lead role, and I’m ready to try it out.

Trading Money for 3D Sex Movies

When I clicked the Join page, I got a 10-minute countdown to sign up for a month for just 10 USD. That’s more than 70% off their usual price of 35 USD. The usual 35 is slightly more than you’d expect to pay for a typical premium site, but this is VR. The slight increase makes perfect sense because the broads are slightly more real. When the timer ran out, they still offered a 44% discount, so VR cosplay is still cheaper than most paysites at this point in time.

You can get an even better deal if you sign up for a whole year, and there’s a one-day trial for a buck. The only problem with the trial is that it only allows one download. You can stream as much as you want for that day, but VR definitely looks best if you take the time to download the full resolution video.

Right now, they’re also offering a Google Cardboard to new users. A few of the VR sites are giving these out right now, and I’m pretty sure it’s just until they run out. Google discontinued the product and has recently given up on their newer Daydream VR device. Either is still a decent entry point if you want to find out whether you like having cosplay fuck movies injected into your eyeballs.

Since this is part of the BaDoinkVR network, every week you get one free VR video from another one of their sites. This week it’s one from KinkVR called Unbearable Pain with Nikki Darling. Nikki gets tied up, hung from the ceiling, and fucked with a stick. The hard stuff may not be your thing if you came here to see The Little Mermaid get boned in her fish twat, but next week it’ll probably be something from one of their other sites.

Your Favorite Pornstars in Your Favorite VR Parodies

As of this writing, VRCosplayX has more than 130 movies in its collection. That’s just an okay number for most premium sites, but this isn’t most premium sites. In fact, there is no bigger collection of VR cosplay sex movies on the net. You might find some parodies mixed in with the rest of the stash on some of the other sites, but this is the only place you can get a full buffet of science-fiction, fantasy, and comic book sluts.

Valentina Nappi has been one of my favorite porn stars for a while now, and she’s in a couple of flicks on VRCosplayX. A couple of years ago, she played Black Widow in an Avengers parody and honestly looks even sexier than Scarlett Johansson. I’m all about the new shit though, so I checked out Valentina in the more recent Naruto: Hinata a XXX Parody.

The 5K Oculus version of this 35-minute scene is nearly 9 gigs, so plan your wank ahead. The video opens with Valentina in white contacts leaning over you in bed, telling you how bad she missed you. When she leans in close and whispers, the binaural audio will make you feel like you’re there and tickle your ears with some of that ASMR goodness.

Kissing scenes are always surprisingly intimate in VR, though you run the risk of feeling like your face is being eaten if the girl gets too close to the camera. It’s a common issue and I’m sure the porn companies are aware of it, because it seems to happen less as the sites age and the producers get better. When Valentina leaned in, I could almost feel her lips on mine, not on the back of my sinuses.

It’s a 180-degree scene, which seems pretty standard this point. I think they’ve realized we don’t really need 360 since we don’t turn away from the action. Valentina is stroking her cunt near your face about five minutes in, and unless you signed up to get over your fear of vaginal spiders, you’ll feel no desire to look at the black empty spaces to your left or right.

The scene plays out mostly on your back, but switches to an upright view later for the doggystyle. One thing VR Cosplay X could use is a set of icons that tell you which position(s) the scenes look best in. I’ve seen the feature on other VR sites, and it’s so useful that I’m pretty sure we’ll see it on all VR sites eventually. Sometimes you just want to beat off while lazing around on your back, but that’s not going to work if the actor is standing over the bitch, shaking a dick in her face.

VRCosplayX.com really delivered. It’s the biggest and best VR cosplay premium site out there in large part because it’s the only one, but it can definitely hold its own against any competition that might pop up. These are damn fine 3D virtual reality sex movies, with great production values and some of your favorite pornstars. The parodies are spot on and well done, so you really will feel like you’re banging Harry Potter chicks, Yu-Gi-Oh whores, and Disney bitches. I’m sure the kind of horny nerds who buy VR sex helmets are going to eat this shit up.

ThePornDude likes VRCosplayX's

  • Over 130 virtual reality cosplay pornos
  • Parodies of your favorite characters
  • Updated weekly
  • High production values and top-shelf talent
  • Bonus VR movies from network
  • Deep discount on membership

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  • No position icons on the video pages