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Updated on 15 January 2022
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So, you’ve got your porn stash up and running, you’ve downloaded all your favorite pornos, and now you’re trying to play them. However, you’re running into some issues. You’ve got some pornos which are in a weird file format and you can’t even play the damn video. Now that sucks, but let me tell you what, it would seem that I have just the solution for you today! We’re talking about VideoLan.org and their program VLC which can play pretty much any video format and it comes with a few extra features as well which is going to make your life a lot easier as far as video watching is concerned. Feel free to extend this little program over to your movie watching experience as well if you wish to.

No secrets, no bullshit, just a great project here

So what’s all the fuss about VideoLan.org? What’s the big secret? Well, there is NO secret whatsoever. This program is what it is and it’s got pretty much everything that you need it to have and it operates pretty much perfectly. I can go into the whole history of the project and all that, but who the fuck wants to listen to a history lesson when you’d instead rather just get to watching all that porn that you’re looking to catch up with. So I won’t fuck around with all the details, but I’ll go over everything in a very short paragraph just so that you can understand the scope in which you’re operating when you’re using VLC.

Basically, VideoLan.org was a project by some students and they decided that all these media players were pure bullshit so they decided to make their own. How fucking badass do you have to be to just make your own program that is better than any other program in the entire fucking world? I’ve gotta tell you something guys, I know that I feel like an entrepreneur and all independent because of this thing that I’ve got going on, but these dudes are the real deal. I swear for a bunch of nerdy students they really stuck it to all those corporations which were making their own media players by knocking them out of the water with VLC.

Open source and anyone can use it however they want to

The thing is, VLC was made as an open source project, and if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, you don’t need to. The only thing that you should know is that they’ve made the code completely open and you can do whatever you want with it. Of course, they’ve made it so that everyone can chime in and soon enough they were running one of the best video and audio players in the fucking world. A program that can run just about any video format and you’d never have to worry about these things ever again. All you have to do is download VLC once, and you’re set for life, my dude. And that’s a Porn Dude guarantee you’ve got here I can tell you that much.

Completely and absolutely free to download and use

Here’s the thing though, you’re probably expecting and abnormal price for this program since it sounds so fucking magical and like it can do whatever the hell you want. And while those two latter premises stand ground, the former one doesn’t. VLC… is free. Holy fucking shit did you hear what I just said? This program is completely free and you can download it right now from VideoLan.org. It doesn’t make sense, but it actually does make sense when you think about it. I’ve already told you hat it’s an open source project, so you don’t have to worry about it costing any money, ever. This piece of fine programming is available to the public, no matter where you’re are, for absolutely free. It’s a must-have for any computer.

Let’s talk a little bit about VLC for a moment since you’ve probably got a ton of questions by now. What the hell do I even mean when I say that it can play different video formats? I’ll tell you this much, there are some formats out there such as .mkv and others which your conventional player just won’t even open. If you use VLC however, you’ll be able to watch the video without any issues. The reason that people put these videos up in these formats is so that the copyright hawks don’t come down on them and take down their content whenever they’re put up just by searching through the files using the typical video extensions. Instead, they go in incognito with codecs that nobody even knows about, and that’s how they get past the defenses of these motherfuckers who want to keep free premium porn away from us.

And it’s not just the porn that we’re talking about here. We’re literally talking about your life being changed in every conceivable way as far as video watching is concerned. Heck, you can even play audio files on this bad boy as well without any problems. I mean I don’t know why you’d use this fine piece of tech to play audio files when it was basically made to run video files, but you can still do it. Perhaps you’ve downloaded a porno track with your favorite porn music? I don’t fucking know. Maybe you own a gay club and want to play some sexy music in the back while everyone is fucking. It’s on you though, so whatever you use VLC for, you better make sure that you’re not wasting all of this amazing power away.

Extra features like cranking up the volume of all your videos

Alright, so let’s talk a little bit about some extra features that you have. For once, VLC supports .srt files which are used for captions. If you’ve got a porno that you can’t seem to understand (for example, maybe the pornstar is choking on too much cock while she’s talking) then you’ve got these captions to help you out. You just drag the .srt file into the player and you’re good to go. Other than that you can also use it like any other player and go full screen, play, pause, rewind, forward, and so on. And one other nifty feature is that you can raise the volume an extra 25% than any other video player which means that if the video file has quiet audio, you can correct it with VLC’s tools.

No ads, they don’t track you, and it’s completely free

VideoLan.org really is heaven sent for all dudes who like to use a lot of their time to watch amazing porn but can’t seem to have the equipment to run certain files. I just don’t know a site that offers better service than VideoLan.org and it offers it for absolutely free. Now that’s something that you should definitely commend no matter what. Even if you don’t need this program you can appreciate the fact that they’re giving it away for free. We live in an age where you have to pay for pretty much everything online, and now you’ve got VideoLan.org and VLC just going out here and telling you to download their stuff for absolutely free? That’s amazing if you ask me, I don’t know about you.

The player is easy to use and you can basically run VLC on a potato of a computer. It’s intentionally designed to be easy to use and simple to understand. Of course, it has some advanced options as well, but you don’t even have to fuck around with those at all. One more thing that stands out from VLC is the fact that they don’t track your information, they don’t collect your data, and it’s completely spyware and malware free.

Unlike some other players which are more than glad to send your private information to companies so that they can advertise more of the kind of stuff that you like watching as ads. Oh, that’s right VLC is AD FREE as well. You don’t even have to worry about that. All in all, VideoLan.org is a site that you should definitely check out and VLC is a program that you should most definitely download for free today and play your favorite pornos on it as well.

ThePornDude likes VLC Media Player's

  • It can play pretty much any video codec
  • Free to download and use without ads
  • No spyware and doesn’t track your information

ThePornDude hates VLC Media Player's

  • Missing features like checking for subtitles online
  • Can’t use it directly online, need to download