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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Well, I am The Porn Dude, but I also cover anything you might need to watch porn. This includes downloading sites and services, as well as software that you might want to check out if you like porn as much as I do. This even stretches as far as what browsers I think are the best for porn viewing, and Chrome is pretty top notch. If you’re a regular user of the Internet you’ll probably already be familiar with the various Internet browsers available. You know that Internet Explorer is for old people, Safari is for sort of old people who have Macs, Firefox is for hackers and Chrome is for the cool ones. Chrome is a browser that is made by Google, and is well worth a look due to all of its features.

First of all, I like this browser because it is fast. I notice it especially when compared with some of the older browsers. I also like it because it has a modern design with a clean interface that allows you to focus on what websites you want to look at, not extras and pop ups or whatever. Even the browser tabs are a bit more sexy than with other browsers because they are rounded. Google has also gone out of it’s way to make this one of the most secure browsers. If a website seems unsafe they will warn you before you get too far to protect you from anything weird. If you watch enough porn, you will probably come across some of the farther reaches of the internet where thing can get sketchy and Chrome has your back.

The main feature worth talking about for porn fans is the Incognito feature. You really don’t want your wife to find all of your historical pornsites do you? This feature allows you to browse and none of the history is stored! They say it was made to make present buying more discreet, but we all know it was invented for porn, as are most technological innovations.

Chrome is also a very fast browser to use and doesn’t eat up loads of memory like Internet Explorer. Best of all, it’s free! It’s one of the best ways to browse porn or do just about anything on the internet. Once you try it you’ll probably agree with me. If you sign into it using your Google account it will remember all of your bookmarks too, so if you’ve got your own personal computer, that’s probably the way to go.

ThePornDude likes Chrome's

  • Neat, fast and free browser
  • Incognito mode for private browsing
  • Sign in to save bookmarks
  • Free

ThePornDude hates Chrome's

  • Caching issues