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Updated on 05 February 2024
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If you’re looking for proper good pornographic wallpapers, then Ftopx.com is the page for you. While the page mostly has nothing but HD erotic pictures on it that vary in nature, there are also tons of hardcore movies on it as well. Well, not tons, more like 20-30 or so, but that’s enough to keep you entertained for months. The pictures alone may keep you entertained for an entire year, or even more. It depends on the person, really. For the most part, this page’s very fun, that’s for sure.

The types of content you’ll find

So, as I’ve said, the majority of the website’s content are just straight up HD pictures of skinny girls feeling themselves up. Of course, you will also find pictures where people are having sex and all that, but for the most part, you’ll only find pictures of girls showing their bodies off, and that’s about it. Maybe you get to see two or three girls in a single picture, striking poses, being cute and all that, but that’s about it. So yeah, if you came for hardcore stuff, you better move to the “videos” section, as this is the only section that actually has good hardcore content. All of the videos here have been divided into multiple categories, so keep that in mind as well. However, these aren’t those “regular” categories you expect to see on a porn website. We’ll talk about that a bit later.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the videos you get to find on this website. For the most part, they’re posted in great quality, and they’re most straight videos. However, there’s some lesbian porn on the website as well, and it’s worth checking out. There’s some group sex up in here as well, so make sure to check that out as well. It’s usually threesomes on Ftopx.com, though.

The videos

So, even though this is a website that’s primarily all about pictures, I assume that you’re impatient about the details on the videos here. I’ll give them to you straight away. You’re very impatient. I can totally feel it. First off, you should know that this website doesn’t have a whole lot of videos. I mean, I’ve already told you at least two times by now that this is a website that’s primarily all about pictures. The videos on the page aren’t too long for the most part, but at least their quality is great. You won’t find a movie on Ftopx.com that lasts longer than ten minutes, which is fine if you’re asking me. It’s not that I take less than ten minutes to cum if I’m using my hand, rather, it’s because the 2-10 minutes of action you get to see are filled with amazing action.

I mean, right underneath the player you get your download link…but naturally, these movies aren’t free to download. Rather, they redirect you to the source website. However, this leads us to the conclusion that these videos were put here in order to intrigue you. They are appetizers, and that’s it. “These two minutes were amazing…what if I got 15?” That’s what they want you to think! Obviously, there’s nothing bad about what they’re doing, but yeah, if you don’t want to waste money, you’ll have to settle with these short movies. I’ll repeat myself once more: These short movies are worth your time either way.

You’ll find some useful info underneath the player, too. You get to see the name of the actresses in the movie, and you get to see a brief description of the movie. It’s not much, but it’s nice to see people caring about their website. At least the names of the actresses are down there for you to see…too bad you rarely get to see their last names for some reason. Oh well, never mind. It’s something. If you’re looking for the source video, you’ll find it right underneath the player…but you’ll have to pay for it. It sucks, but that’s all you get mate.

The player itself

The most important part of any porn website that has videos on it is the player you use to stream the videos. First things first, I have to say that this player actually loads these movies rather quickly, which is great. However, you don’t get any fancy options or anything of the sort on the player. For example, many pages on the internet have the “turn off the lights” option added, and I’d say that this kind of thing is pretty much not necessary. If you want to pay as much attention as possible to the movie, then just hit the full-screen option. Do we have that in here? Yeah, we do. The “full screen” button can be seen in the bottom right corner of the player right next to the volume control button. There are no other buttons on the player but those two. There’s the play/pause button of course, but yeah, that’s it.

Personally, I don’t think we even need more buttons on a player. For example, many websites go out of their way and add additional looks to their player for some reason. These aren’t always pornographic websites…but I’m listing examples here. You get a basic skin, and a dark/night skin as well. Some other skins pop up in there, but that’s it for the most part.

The ads

Lately, I’ve been quite lucky with my websites. I haven’t seen many ads, and you know shit like that keeps me happy. You know why, right? I hate those. Ads are annoying as fuck, and we could do without them, that’s for sure. However, my lucky streak finally stops as I run into the combo breaker that is Ftopx.com, a website absolutely filled with ads. There are many types of ads on this page that I gotta talk about. For starters, let’s talk about the least annoying type of ads you’ll see in here: The static ads.

Their name explains it all: They sit idly in the corner, and they usually play short looping videos. If a website has ads like these, I usually ignore them because they’re really not an issue. Sometimes they even make the page prettier. So-called “underground” pages that don’t get a whole lot of traffic usually use these ads to pay their bills, but you even find huge pages such as PornHub utilizing these ads. Why? Because they’re not annoying and they don’t make people run away from the website. All in all, this is a non-issue.

Then, we have the ads that pop whenever you click on literally anything on the website. Nothing will pop up if you click on a blank spot, but as long as you can interact with it – It’s going to spawn an ad 90% of the time as soon as you click on it. You might even find yourself clicking on a certain button a few times before it actually does what it’s supposed to do, and it’ll only function the third or the fourth time. However, before that happens, you have to suffer through the horrible sighting that is at least 3-4 pop-up ads.

Finally, there’s the annoying desktop strippers ad that pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen every two minutes. Again, this one is easily avoided…but it annoys me so much I can’t even contain my hatred. Don’t get me wrong, this page is great if we’re only talking about its content, but the ads are a huge minus in my eyes. They could really get rid of them…or could they? In an ideal scenario, they’d be no more, but who am I to tell them what they should do or not? Maybe Ftopx.com can’t even get rid of those ads! However, if you upload 100 wallpapers to the website, you can get rid of all the ads!

The wallpapers

You’ll find that the videos on this website don’t get their own separate categories, even though they should. I mean, there are 20 videos on this page or so, but they can still be categorized. This one’s straight…this one has lesbians…this one has group sex. It would be pretty simple. However, they didn’t do shit with their videos, and they focused on their wallpapers. The wallpapers have been categorized into 12 categories. Some are dedicated to girls and bikes, some are dedicated to girls who wear lingerie, and some are dedicated to Asian chicks. Some are even dedicated to celeb fakes. After signing up, you are given the option of uploading wallpapers to the website. You can also look a certain wallpaper up with the search bar in the upper right corner.

The conclusion

This page would be so great if it weren’t for the ads. However, it’s quite easy to get rid of them…if you happen to have a stash of 100 pornographic wallpapers on your hard drive. Don’t have those? Tough luck mate, you’re going to suffer like the rest of us mortals. I swear to God, I feel like Ftopx.com is the limbo. Heaven’s so close, but you can’t just reach it!

ThePornDude likes Ftopx's

  • Tons of content
  • HD videos
  • Pictures are categorized

ThePornDude hates Ftopx's

  • Way too many ads