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Updated on 05 February 2024
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u Torrent aka µTorrent! There might be a lot of things that me and my audience could disagree on, but I am pretty fucking sure that µTorrent ain’t it. Everyone has heard about µTorrent before, especially if you are from a region where pirating movies and all that shit is not that illegal. If you know what I mean. Both the µTorrent web and the actual application for your PC are worth the mention, and soon you will learn why.

The µTorrent by itself is a beautifully made extension and an app that you can download. You can install the web extension that allows you to search for torrents, and you can download the app that allows you actually to download the content. That is the gist of it, and if you are interested, just continue reading.

Keep in mind that throughout this review, I will not be sugarcoating shit. If it seems like I am saying too many positives, that is simply because µTorrent is just that fucking good. Trust me. I have been around for quite some time, and I know what the heck I am talking about. So, if you are a pirate like the rest of us cheap folks, welcome to the app of your dreams.

Ready to pirate? I surely am.

This is truly the nemesis of all the hard-working producers and content-creators, including game creators, etc. You have a place that allows all your content to be pirated for free, which is like the devil’s works. Especially since they tried to delete and overcome the power of torrenting, but I guess it was just not possible.

Well, surely, their doings are not the purest, but I could not live up to my name if I was to leave out such a fantastic place. I mean, whether you decide to pirate your content or actually pay for it, is something that does not fucking concern me. I am just here to share the beautiful world of pirating content through µTorrent.

Places like this do not really require long intros. I am sure that most of us know what torrents are meant for. But if there are still some of you who have just ventured into the world of free premium content. Another thing that is probably worth mentioning is the fact that you do not only have dirty porn torrents. I mean, that should have been obvious.

So, whether you’ve come here to find a place where you can pirate videos from some of your favorite premium sites, or maybe download the new upcoming movies, that is all up to you. I prefer to use this site for some of my own dirty adventures, and after a while of using, you’ll get the hang of this place as well. Of course, I am not here just for decorations. I am here to tell you how all the shit on µTorrent functions. If you need any help with this, I am here to help.

So, how does the µTorrent Web extension work?

Of course, the first thing I want to mention is the extension called the µTorrent web extension. Obviously, for you to use any of its privileges, you will have to add the extension to your browser. If you visit the site, you will have the download link right at their homepage. The download process is pretty simple, as expected.

Once you have the extension downloaded, you can start using the privileges that come with it. This is an extension that is supposed to make your torrent search much easier, and it also allows you to stream torrent files and magnet list. When you open the extension, you will get a search bar on top or in the middle of the screen, depending on the version you got.

After typing in anything you want to search for, you will get a lot of different results. Those will be all the results that allow you to download. I think that the results offered pretty much look like Google results, not to mention that a couple of times, I was sent to Google instead. So, I am not sure on what kind of principle they work, but who gives a shit. At least their searches work.

After finding the torrent that you think is good, you can proceed with your download. Personally, I do not think that you even need to add this extension to your browser. You are able to find all kinds of torrents if you just use your good friend Google, trust me. But those who do need some extra help here and there are welcome to try their extension out. I mean, it is not a bad extension, but I guess it is just not for me.

Downloading and using the µTorrent Classic.

If you ask me, the µTorrent program is where it’s at. Of course, download for this shit will also be suggested on the homepage, so don’t fret about it. The process of downloading is pretty fucking simple. We both know that the program works perfectly since they would not be known for their incredible torrenting if their program was garbage.

Once your program is downloaded, you will have a place where you can torrent your crap. The first step is always to actually find a torrent, which you can do online or the previously mentioned extension. After finding the torrent, open it, as it will automatically ask you whether you want to use µTorrent or not. Then you will get that file opened in µTorrent, where you can check the information, as well as see the process of downloading.

If you choose a file with many subfiles, you do not have to download all at once. For example, I was downloading season 7 of Friends, and I wanted to download an episode by episode. You have that option listed in preferences, and you can also manually choose which episode to download. There are many other options included to make the whole torrenting process so much fucking easier.

Now, if you are also one of the good guys, you could seed your torrent after you finish. You might want to educate yourself more on these terms. Seeders are people who have already downloaded the file and thus are sharing it. Meaning, that they are the users who are uploading the data, and making it easier for others to download.

You also have the term ‘leechers’ which are the users who are downloading the files. In short, the more the seeders, the faster the files will be downloaded. There is also the expression ‘peers,’ which is somewhat similar to seeders. Basically, the Peers are the people who have downloaded the files less than 100%. However, you are allowed to connect to them and either download from or upload to them.

Nothing is 100% safe.

I think that you should already know that torrenting is really not that safe. Even if you choose to use µTorrent’s program, you will not be 100% safe. There is no such thing as 100% safe, duh! People who are in the Europe Union should be aware of this already.

Well, then… what the fuck am I supposed to do? Don’t worry, mate, because there is such a thing called a VPN client. This shit will make it as safe as possible for you to pirate whatever the fuck you want as it hides your identity. As for those who are from North Africa, or Eastern Europe, I don’t think you have to worry about this shit as much.

I’d also say that Americans are on the safer side, too, but you can never be sure. I’d advise all my viewers to download the VPN crap, since it is free and it will keep you safe, as much as that is fucking possible. There is no reason for you to go through the potential risk of downloading when there is no need to. Just don’t be a lazy motherfucker, and download VPN… or be lazy, but don’t come crying to me if things go South!


From a nice start to a rocky road… you might be confused as to what the right choice is. But don’t worry, as long as you pirate smart, you are good to go. µTorrent is a free extension as well as a program that makes finding the torrents and downloading so much fucking easier. I explained how to use the program in the simplest ways possible, but I am sure that if you just visit their site, you’ll understand what to do as well. Your choice compadre.

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