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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Have you ever thought to yourself “man, I wouldn’t mind seeing a sexy senorita, right now!” Of course, you all have. And your instinct, like mine, is probably to head over to one of the several hundred porn sites which I’ve reviewed and then drop drawers and get to pulling.

However, in its ever ongoing quest to bring you new forms of erotic entertainment, the porn industry has partnered with software design wizards to create clever shows of foxy females which literally dance on your desktop. Or I guess, I should say digitally but literally on (or rather, inside) your computer screen.

They dance, they strip, they kick, and get buck it wild. All of them are short in UHD 4K and can be rendered in 720p, 1080p or 4K. Using the best lighting and post-production techniques to provide you with an unparalleled with you’ve probably never seen anywhere else.

Interested in seeing some for yourself? Well, to give you a taste of what you are in for, all users get a complimentary, free download!

But just like a can of Pringles, once you pop off to one digital dancing dame, you just can’t stop. There are fortunately thousands of iStripper shows all of which are reasonably priced and certainly worth the money and the internet really agrees. After all, there have been 22 million downloads as of the publication of this article.

You need to have a modern computer system to run these porn programs through the requirements aren’t terribly strict. If you use a Windows machine you’ll need an XP SP3 or anything more recent. If Apple is your jam, then as long as you use an OS X 10.7 or anything newer, you’ll be good to go.

Each file ranges between being thirty to about a thousand megabytes and are guaranteed to be completely, 100% safe and come without any adware, spyware, or viruses.

And yeah, the downloading and activating a show is super simple. Once you click download, click on the icon and you’ll get prompts to install the program. If you want to uninstall a movie, access it through the start menu. You’ll find it in your programs or download folder, right click on the iStripper icon and then Uninstall.

Of course, the only reason you would want to uninstall a movie is to free up space on your hard drive for fresh fap material.

The Models Are Marvelous

When I first checked it out, I was amazed by the number of models who are featured on this site. I mean, I knew that these porn programs were a thing, but I was blown away by the hundreds of load blowing babes which you can see dance on your computer screen.

In fact, there are over six hundred models (so far) of every aesthetic, ethnicity, and age. To make finding your preferred type, you can search for models by hair color, race, age group as well as site rating and professional status. By that, I mean that there are two main categories: single pornstars and duo dancers.

Furthermore, you can filter your search at the same time with another tool which sorts results by release date, name in alphabetical order, show count as well as rating and age. Of course, like any good modern site, there is an onsite search engine in case you already have a model in mind that you want to see.

And yeah I checked for some of my personal favorites and was able to find some of my personal favorites like Skin Diamond, Mia Malkova, and Sunny Leon. Even if you don’t find your favorite porn actress, this site is a great way to discover new ones.

I’ve seen a ton of porn, and I was tickled pink – or rather, starting fiddling my pink – at the site of finding some girls that I’ve never heard of before. For example, I’d recommend checking out the Ukrainian beauty Oxana Chic, the Spanish sensation Ginebra Bellucci, and a fine example of French femininity Anissa Kate.

Those are my sexy suggestions. What are yours?

Anyway, with each profile you get a rundown on each girl’s stats including the number of iStripper experiences she’s been in, her bust, waist, and hip measurements, boob size, and other vital info along with a synopsis of her background and career.

Furthermore, each link to a movie comes with a short description detailing when the iStripper movie was released, how long it is, what level of nudity you’re going to see, and if the download comes with any bonus photos or video.

The Forum Is Kinda Neat

While it’s not huge, there is a pretty sweet forum section which has some nice features to it. I recommend that once you set up your account, check out the new user’s section. There you’ll get a great rundown on all of the other features on the websites along with what are essentially FAQs in case you run into a problem.

Of course, the main meat of the forum – which is great to beat your meat to – is the “Everything About iStriper” section. There you’ll find everything from a dick ton of discussions about general porn to fulfilled requests to see certain sexual acts or poses. To give you an idea of how detailed that the requests and submissions are, there threads titled “one boob” which features females with their only a single juicy tit hanging out, VR porno previews, and even classy sex threads like “Sexy legs….”.

To make you fun even better, there is a number system which rates, or rather ranks how explicit, a post is. And boy is it thorough! For your own edification and to pique your interest here’s a rundown of what the level system is and my assessment of each…

Rank 0 – Safe for All Audience to see ThePornDude Summary: Overall pretty, but you might find some fun discussion on a few of these threads

Rank 1 – No Nudity ThePornDude Summary: Sexy stuff, but there is no bare flesh

Rank 2 – Topless Nudity ThePornDude Summary: Exactly what you think you’re going to see – tasty looking titties of all sizes, shapes, and varieties

Rank 3 – Nude ThePornDude Summary: you’ll see at least some of the goods below the waist, be it legs, ass, or vag

Rank 4 – Full Nudity ThePornDude Summary: Everything all over the body is exposed for your viewing pleasure, both above and below the waist

Rank 5 – XXX ThePornDude Summary: The best rank (of course!) which shows insertion, penetration, orgasm, with women who are either unclothed and clothed

Furthermore, to keep up with the most recent and popular posts, check out the “Last posts” and “Featured” section. Want to contact the newest members? Then click the link to the “Members” section. And if you want to show your support for a particular model, go to the “Fansign Hall” and give some feedback.

Overall, the forum while simple is fucking fantastic and I don’t think that 6,600 members can’t be wrong – so check it out today.

If You Like It Enough, Share The Wealth

Or rather, collect some of that wealth for yourself.

When I say that, I’m referring to iStripper’s affiliate program. You may have through t that those types of business deals you were only able to leverage with companies like cam sites or premium porn platforms. But yes, you can get some extra money by promoting digital nookie.

Why should you promote iStripper?

Well, assuming that you like the software, it is one of the better desktop stripper shows available on the web. In fact, unlike many competitors, this program comes without any form of adware to distract users. Further, there isn’t any malware either which a depressing number of PPI programs can have.

Anyway, if you haven’t already noticed by checking the software out for yourself, it’s pretty damn addicting. And that’s not just my subjective opinion either. According to iStripper’s reporting, the standard retention rate for an iStripper user is five months.

To make things even easier, there are a series of tools to make marketing iStripper super easy. Then again, with a product this easily sellable (yeah, it’s a made-up word, what of it?) all you need is some basic knowledge of SEO and web design, and you should be good to go.

Anyway, if you promote this product which sells itself, you can collect a serious number of coins. Get a referral from another affiliate, and you get 10% of the gross. Grab a new customer, and you get 50% of the sale! Further, you get up to $1 per fresh install depending on the country that you live in.

I know that sounds too great to be true, but as someone who is the smut peddling version of Donald Trump, I tell it like it is. And I am telling you that partnering with iStripper is something that you definitely should consider if you like celebrating nudity and collecting cash at the same time.

As one of the affiliates – who is a man who is named after my own heart – John P. Horny Gamer has said…

“iStripper Affiliates provides an excellent product that converts well and integrates seamlessly into my websites. Whenever I needed any custom promotional content or creatives, Celine was there to deliver.

If that isn’t enough incentive, as of writing this review, there is a $100 sign on bonus, too.

Should You Download This Desktop Entertainment?

With tons of interactive options to choose from for every video, bonus features, and partial and full-screen options, these unique stripper shows are worth looking (and wanking) at. The number of girls is truly staggering.

The cost for downloads can be a bit pricey, but there are new coupons offered all of the time if you hunt around for them a bit sometimes. Not every download has as many bonuses as I’d prefer, but when you consider that a lot of the downloads are about an hour long, I can’t complain too much.

ThePornDude likes iStripper's

  • A totally unique concept – real interactive video of porn stars on your desktop
  • There are thousands of videos of hundreds of girls from all over the world
  • Every video is guaranteed not to load you up with ads or malware
  • This site has some nice bonus features like its forums

ThePornDude hates iStripper's

  • The downloads can be a bit pricey, and you might have to look to find discounts
  • Not every video comes with as many bonus materials as I’d like
  • Other then that, there’s not much else to bitch about…