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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Video Download Helper

Video Download Helper

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Well, am sure each of us has found themselves in a situation where you actually want to download and save a certain file which could actually be a porn video from a tube site with no download options, YouTube among many others. And I bet that at that moment if you don’t know a few capable hacks such as download, then you might end up dissatisfied or even cursing the damn site for what it’s worth. Anyways, thank god for technology, right?

I know having a software that detects downloadable files in all your surfing endeavors giving you an option to is simply fantastic. And the ease at which it operates couldn’t be more incredibly simple, all you have to do is click on an item, and they get it packing into your device. It’s simply super cool, don’t you think? Personally, I think it gets way cooler than that, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it in my review below.

An easy to use free download extension

While it’s actually fucking true that most or almost all softwares are available for a price, the folks have actually managed to somehow keep theirs free of charge. And I can tell you from experience that there is nothing more reassuring than knowing that you can actually download any bullshit your eyes find worthy including your favorite porn videos across the various fap destinations on the internet.

If you are already wondering how the fuck it comes together, this is it; once you install DownloadHelper it automatically detects worthy download files, and its icon gets animated right on your menu to allows you to download files easily by simply clicking on them. Take for example; a YouTube page’s video that you can download directly. What can I say? It’s a good thing that it’s actually compatible with Google videos, iFilm, DreamHost among others. With the real drill being that when on a page containing links to images or movies, you can basically download them all concurrently depending on your preference.

A uniquely efficient design

I doubt a design such as downloadHelper’s is something you have been around quite often. And as I always care to explain simplicity could be outmost sophistication or in this case, efficiency. I mean you don’t need any manual because everything is fucking clear as the goddamned daylight with all the necessary guidance and buttons to usher you to whatever it is that your lame ass would like to check out. On the downside, there are no graphics, and a few pages seem to be pretty incomplete. And while we cannot complain as such being the freeloaders we all are, we can only hope that they are able to fix this shit. But if you are loaded ASF and can’t wait any longer, perhaps you can donate towards shit like that and hopefully more!

Download and installation

For starters, this is a walk in the park with a delightful prospect that you will be opening yourself to a world of infinite possibilities. There are viable versions for both browsers; Firefox, and Chrome. Meaning that whichever you choose will have your ass covered anyways. The extensions are listed right on the site with vivid details, and all you have to do is follow through to get started. After all, there isn’t a greater freedom when it comes to porn videos downloads than this one!

How effective is it when it comes to porn videos’ download?

I guess it’s never enough just to say something like; these folks fucking got your back, right? Well, if it helps to know that this software is supported by over 500 porn sites across the entire internet and am not crazy thinking that there must be each an every motherfucker’s cup of tea among them! This means that collectors are somehow reassured of constant free porn thanks to a workable download deal. I can only hope you guys don’t kill the buzz by bagging yourself with every goddamned video. It’s got to be your favorite, or otherwise, I wouldn’t make sense of it.

Now if you are wondering how different this is from the torrents thingy. There is no search bullshit. Instead, this software provides a button as a download option on whatever whenever you are browsing porn or anything else. And all you’ve got to do is highlight and click to have it moved to your device.

What about the porn Giants?

I guess there are porn sites and then there are dominant porn hosting platforms such as PornHub and among others NSFW pros such as Reddit. And you can bet your ass on the fact that all of them are in this boat too, meaning that you will not be missing on the latest in the porn world whether it’s your favorite game’s porn parodies, porn animations or simply whatever is trending at any goddamned time without any financial implications whatsoever.

Get whatever you want anytime ASAP!

Jeez! I don’t know why the heck some dumbass sites are very complicated because, with download helper, every goddamned thing is super easy and fast! Like whenever you are in one of those dark places exploring your sickest fantasies, fetishes and kinks and you happen to spot this fantastic porn video featuring; some hot chica with thick long logs, a bubbly ass cake, solid heavy titties, pretty face, adorable curves and a pretty face spreading her coochie wide enough to drip some of her glistening yummy sauce to an extent that it not only has the bastard on set drilling like his fucked up existence depends on it but also gives you one heck of a boner 😂 and has you frantically trying to strike out a couple of them liquid babies.

Not to worry because all you have to do to keep that fap worthy video stashed up somewhere is actually super easy and fast. This includes; clicking on the respective page on which the goddamned video is playing on to get a drop-down menu a couple of options including the preferred video resolutions available for download. And all you need to do is click on the little download icon next to the video, and it will be saved to your computer at any given time. Tip; you could always customize the settings to fucking taste instead of having to do it all the time.

Boss up on your fucking options

I must admit that I find this site particularly fascinating because clearly, it has been able almost to attain utmost perfection in its functionality. And is not even comparable with some unworthy premium stalling sites and it’s fucking, yet it’s available for fucking free! Am sure those of you suckers who happen to be control freaks, like I can’t tell you who will love the prospect of being able to sort out and manage their choice of porn sites as long as the software supports them. Incredible, right? It’s almost like being your own porn boss, and it’s unlike any other feeling.

Positive Features

Unlimited free downloads; there is no limit to just how much porn you can download at any given time, period, or whatever with the main drill being that they don’t fucking charge for it.

Easy to install and use; installing the damn thing is super easy with only a few clicks and trust me you don’t need any dumbass manual to get the party started.

Vast pool of porn sites to choose from; the site supports over 500 porn sites including the most popular ones like PornHub meaning that finding whatever you are looking to find may as well be a sure deal.

Negative Features

Incomplete pages; for one I hate incomplete shit, like if you can’t get it done, then don’t fucking do it at all. Perhaps explaining my agitation to a couple of their incomplete pages.

Chrome version doesn’t support YouTube downloads; I believe that sites like YouTube have the realest sauce even if there is no actual porn in there. Which means that it’s actually undependable for YouTube fanatics, too much for being handy if I may add.


It’s a great site, and I bet millions of suckers out there appreciate all the work put into it. But am sure everyone would love it even more if these folks got their shit together; updated the incomplete pages and got the YouTube downloads rolling on chrome somehow.


I guess no one need tell you more about being a fantastic and at best handy site to get you your porn videos from your desired sites at any goddamned time for fucking free! Isn’t it just great to leave stalling for download options to some lame dumbasses knowing that you’ve got a tool that has got you covered either way? Well, the choice is all yours assholes!

ThePornDude likes Video Download Helper's

  • Unlimited free downloads
  • Easy to install and use
  • Vast pool of porn sites to choose from

ThePornDude hates Video Download Helper's

  • Incomplete pages
  • Chrome version doesn’t support YouTube download