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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I remember exactly where I was when I first heard about The Fappening. I was a senior in college. I had just gotten out of class and my phone lit up with a news alert, informing me that nearly 500 naked photos and videos of some of the hottest celebrities in the world had been leaked to the public thanks to an iCloud hack. All I did was smile to myself and walk to my apartment, excited to plunder the spoils.

So many celebrities had their iCloud nudes leaked, and it was beautiful. These weren’t the usual list of B-grade celebrities that you can easily find on any celebrity porn site either. These were the real deal, A-listers, some of whom I had been jacking off to pics and thoughts of since I was a teenager. 13-year-old me would have been freaking the fuck out. Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, Aubrey Plaza, and Halle Berry were all on the list of original leaks.

Some of the celebrities included in the original Fappening leaks decided to try to get out in front of it, admitting straightaway that the pics were of them. Others denied their identity altogether. Whether or not the celebs who have denied the supposed nudes of them were just doing so for press reasons is still a mystery. It could go either way. The photos could actually not be of them, or they could just be denying it.

Many of these images do not include faces, so it’s really kind of a crapshoot. Some rather voracious creepers, however, have put together theories based on birthmarks and moles as to which ones are real and which ones are fake, but that’s all a little too Memento for my taste. I would rather just think that the pics are of who they claim to be … it’s much easier to just get off that way.

There have technically been three Fappenings altogether. An unholy trilogy of celebrity holes and tits. After the initial leak in August of 2014, a second occurred on September 20th of the same year. And then a third not even a week after the sequel, on September 26th, 2014. What become of the people behind the Fappening? Well, numerous people were arrested, so this was not a lone wolf deal, there were multiple hackers behind it from all over the country. They don’t appear to have necessarily worked together, though, at least not knowingly. But they all played roles in the execution of the Fappening trilogy, unwittingly abetting one another.

Public reaction to the Fappening has been largely negative. Well, I should say that it has been painted as negative by, of course, many of the celebrities who had their photos hacked by it, especially Jennifer Lawrence, who was very unhappy about the whole ordeal. She has called it a “sex crime” and has publicly discussed how violated she feels by it. Fair enough, Jen, it is a complete violation of your privacy and a gross violation. But I am still gonna fap to your pics, though, because they’re just too sexy not to!

Since the end of the Fappening, plenty of websites have popped up dedicated to housing all the images and videos that came out of it. One of those is in the form of a WordPress blog,, and it seems to be the most popular one still up and running today.

Extremely Simple Site Design

From the moment you arrive at The Fappening Blog, it should look, well, a lot like a blog. In fact, it looks much more like a typical run-of-the-mill blog than it does a porn site. But trust me, there is plenty of porn to be found here … you just might have to do a little bit of digging to get to it (more on that later). At the top of the site’s page, you’ll find some very plain text that reads #thefappening. Below that, in smaller text, straightforwardly enough, the subtitle: “Nude Leaked Photos!” The site is very sparse and simple. Just a white background, plain text, and a list of blog posts to scroll and click through. Nothing fancy.

Below the title section at the top of the page, you’ll find a small site menu with just a few options to click on: Home, Forum, Live Sex, List, and Contacts. The forum will bring you to the blog’s very own message board, where you can interact with other Fappening creepers, post leak requests, celeb (or non-celeb) pics, photoshopped pics, and just generally discuss the content and any potential upcoming leaks, etc.

Clicking on Live Sex will bring you to a third-party cam site, the very popular Bonga Cams. The list takes you to an alphabetical list of celebrities that can be found on the site. There is no flashiness to this section either. It is nothing more than a text list of names to click on. Clicking on, say, Jennifer Lopez, will bring you to every J. Lo post on the site, allowing you to look through and try to find her nudes.

Actual Porn is Hard to Find

When I mentioned earlier that you may have to do a little digging in order to find nudes of your favorite celebs on this blog, this is what I was referring to. Ever since the actual Fappenings came to an end, the site seems to have been operating as a database that contains the original Fappening content, sure, but the majority of what you will find are “sexy” photos of celebrities.

The same kind of shit that you could get on a tabloid site – celebs in bikinis, candid photos of actresses not wearing bras, sexy photo shoots. Ever since the Fappening came to an end, this blog doesn’t seem to post anything but the typical “hopefully you can see a nipple through the shirt” kind of celebrity ‘porn’ that you can find anywhere on the web without much effort. So, in order to see, say, Olivia Munn topless, you’ll have to do a little bit of digging. It is there, it’s just that it’s buried by a bunch of other mediocre, less exciting shit as well.

Down below the site menu, the posts are listed. Each post has its title, a brief description, number of comments, and archiving information along with it. Clicking on a given post will bring you to a new page where you will be able to access all of the photos and / or videos that go along with it and read comments or leave one yourself. Some of these posts get a lot of user attention, too, so if an active and engaged community of fellow creepers is something that you value in a porn site, The Fappening Blog will not disappoint.

To the right of the posts, you’ll find a few sponsored links, a list of the most recent posts, the most recent comments, a list of “friends,” sites including Watch My GF, Chaturbate, Porn Thor, and Masturbate 2gether Live Sex. Then you will find a list of the top 200 nude celebrities for easy browsing of all the content that The Fappening Blog has to offer (which is, admittedly, quite a bit … they certainly keep up to date).

Not Much Going On Besides Regular Blog Posts

My biggest complaint with this site – other than the fact that it can be kind of difficult to find any real fappable material on it – is the fact that it is so bare bones. I want it to have a little pizzazz to it, you know? In the list of celebs, for example, it would be so much nicer if they offered us thumbnails of each of the celebrities alongside an A-Z index, much like so many free porn sites do with their porn stars section.

It would also be nice if we could search by category or tag somehow. For example, if I only want to browse nude pics, I should be able to do so. Similarly, maybe I only want to scan the site for videos … why can’t I? It seems like a pretty simple, fairly common, and extremely helpful feature to just overlook altogether. I suppose what I am trying to say is that I think that The Fappening Blog could take some lessons from its fellow porn sites and offer some functionalities that would make it better operate as a porn site, as opposed to a blog that sometimes features pornographic material.

All in all, I don’t know how much fapping will be happening of The Fappening Blog, but I do appreciate that they have gone through the trouble of archiving all the great celebrity leaks that came of the original three Fappenings. When I first visited the site, though, I will say, I had very high expectations … I guess I was expecting some new leaks or something, but this site will still be a great resource for anyone who loves sexy celebs and half-naked, nip slip, or bikini pics of them.

ThePornDude likes TheFappeningBlog's

  • Tons of sexy celebrity pics
  • No bullshit, just content
  • Forum creates an active community of users

ThePornDude hates TheFappeningBlog's

  • Lack of usability features
  • Lack of features, in general
  • Overly simplistic, clunky site design
  • Harder to find nudes than it should be