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Updated on 15 January 2022
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To me, websites such as are truly a blessing, seeing as they provide us with one of the best kinds of pornography, at least in my humble opinion. Masturbating to chicks you barely even know who show their bodies off on a daily basis is something that gets boring after a while, so you might want to switch onto masturbating to something else, right? Naked pictures of certain celebs have been leaking all over the internet, which is great. Not only that, but these naughty girls have probably been leaking these sexy tapes on purpose. Probably in an attempt to increase their clout or something like that…seeing as these things can pay off quite a bit. Remember Kim K? Kanye wouldn’t care much about her if she wasn’t that famous, that’s for sure. I mean, the man is talented and rich as fuck…she doesn’t have much going on for her except for the fact that she is pretty, and she’s not even natural, but hey, at least she’s famous, so she’s got that going for her.

However, let’s not talk about Kim and Yeezy too much, since everyone’s seen his wife’s ass on the internet, let’s talk about other girls who just so happened to have their nudes leaked on the internet unintentionally. At least we think these happened unintentionally, and as far as it goes for the videos, I am almost certain that these were not supposed to leak. I mean, who the fuck wants hundreds of thousands of people to see them sucking on some dick? Probably no one, to be quite honest, but hey, some girls don’t care. I mean, porn stars surely don’t mind that type of thing. At least if you record yourself sucking dick and stuff like that, at least make sure that you’re sucking dick like a champ. This obviously isn’t the case in these videos, seeing as these girls really can’t suck dick if their life depended on it, which is something you wouldn’t expect from a literal succubus like Nicki Minaj, for example, yet we get to see her sucking on white dick on the website like a teen girl on crack. You’re underperforming, Nicki. You keep calling yourself a bad bitch yet you can’t suck dick for shit. You better take care of that!

Sure thing, I’ve focused way too much on Nicki in this review by now, but bear with me, we’re barely 400 words in…there are so many hot stars on this website, but you won’t see them sucking dick and stuff like that most of the time, since the majority of content on the page is simply footage from TV shows where certain girls such as Helena Mattsson take all of their clothes off, or at least they get rid of their brassiere and nothing but that, but sometimes you’re going to get lucky with a bath scene and shit like that, so you’ll be in for a good time every now and then.

However, you perverts most likely can masturbate to basic non-provocative shit such as pictures of feet and stuff like that, so I bet that you’re all gonna have a shit ton of fun with all of the content on this website. There are quite a few sections on as well, which is nice. The page makes is quite easy to find the things that you’re looking for, too. The design of the page is not way too complex, and I dig the color scheme as well. It’s all very pleasant to the eye.

The looks of the Planet

So, you all know that I am a fan of websites that sport a simplistic design that has all of their sections neatly sorted out, however, sprinkling a bit of complexity here and there can bring a wonderful design into existence. However, creating such a thing is much easier said than done, but hey, this little planet did it, and I’m pretty happy about it since you don’t see things like this too often, not even in a job like this. First off, you’ll notice that this page has a few header tabs, and most of these are worth checking out over and over. First off, we get the home tab on the website, and this tab is basically where all the action happens.

The home tab has been divided into a few sections, too. The very first section doesn’t have an “official” name, but I’ll call it the “general” section where random porn tapes and provocative footage and be found, and right next to this section you’ll find a “popular” section, filled with the hottest taps on the internet right now, However, a lot of these are just straight up fakes, as you would expect them to be. I mean, don’t you think that a tape made by Selena Gomez would be taken off the internet right away as soon as it popped up? It makes sense, I suppose…but I mean, what I found on seems to be pretty fucking legit you ask me. I’ve had my fair share of staring of Selena, and I can tell that that’s definitely her in the video I saw. Then, there are other girls caught on tape here, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kayley Cuoco, so you might want to check them out.

Now we can start to move away from the home tab from the website and see what else has in store for us, starting with the Nude Celebs section. This section has, well, you guessed it: Pictures of naked famous bitches. Basically, if you didn’t come to play around and you want to see some ass and titties, then this is the section you’ll want to check out first. A section filled with a lot of interesting things, such as Rihanna’s nudes. In fact, I think her nudes might be the most popular nudes on the website right now. She’s in the top 10, at least. Don’t take this for official data or something like that. These are just assumptions. I’ve seen her all over the god damn place, so I guess assuming something like that isn’t a stupid thing to do. What you’ll find in this section, for the most part, are just pictures, videos are a rare thing. Did I mention that clicking on these pictures rarely brings up ads? Well, no you know.

If you wanna get serious

I’ve mentioned the two most tame tabs on the website so far, but the rest is just straight up hardcore stuff, no exceptions. The Celeb Porn section is filled with sex tapes and nothing but sex tapes. None of these are censored, and they’re pretty fucking great if you ask me. Then, you could also head over to the Celebrity Sex Tapes tab if you want to see some more tapes. I’ve no idea why these two tabs are separate tabs, seeing as they pretty much do the same exact thing, but oh well.

Naturally, there’s some trash on the page as well

While most tabs on this page have a purpose, some of them are pretty much there for no apparent reason, starting with the “HD Porn” tab. This one, like two others, will simply redirect you to other websites, which wouldn’t be that much of an issue if the link simply opened up another tab with the other website, but no, clicking on this link opens the website in the tab you’re currently in.

I should also mention the fact that this website has a little search bar in the far right corner of the page that you could use every now and then if you have some celeb on your mind. Otherwise, the bar won’t be of much use to you. You should head over to the homepage if you want to find some decent content if you don’t know what you wanna see right now, in every other scenario, the “celeb porn” and “celeb sex tapes” tabs will be the most useful tabs.

The icing on the cake

Also, all of the content on the website is technically free, though you will get a little grey bar on top of most videos, and this won’t let you enjoy videos to their fullest potential, but this isn’t that much of an issue, so you might as well ignore this most of the time. You still get to see tons of leaked celeb videos for free, so what else do you want? A man can’t really ask for much more than that. Bookmark this page, and make sure to check it on the daily, as there’s new content pouring in every now and then.

ThePornDude likes Scandal Planet's

  • Free content
  • No ads
  • Neat page design

ThePornDude hates Scandal Planet's

  • There could be a section dedicated to male celebs, let's not discriminate!