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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Wiki Feet! Have you recently started looking at pretty feet in a sexual manner? Or maybe you always had a fetish of licking, sucking or even fucking feet? Does your girlfriend not want to explore the fetish with you, even though technically that is her job? Well, is a place that will make your dreams come true. As they explain it, this is the collaborative celebrity feet website, and if you are into feet, I think that you will love this place.

But is the site worth the visit? Will this really satisfy my fapping needs? I think y’all are more interested in those aspects than whether the site offers what they claim to. Well, I know that the site is filled with feet pictures and some videos… duh! You can check it out by yourself, or read my review. I’ll cover all the dirty aspects that I think you guys will be interested in.

Is this really the best you guys could do?

For the dummies out there, here I am referencing the design. I mean, just look at that garbage. What the fuck is up with the overall layout of this site. They do not have any structure or anything that will make them stand out. They look like the 90s version of MySpace, but even shittier. For those who do not know what that is… I have no words. How old are you?

I don’t know, mate. The grey background, with the pink shit that stands out, and the basic blue for the logo… something is a bit off. I think that if they hired an actual amateur designer/programmer, they would surely create a much better-looking site. As for those who do not give a shit about the overall look, you can easily skip ahead to the content.

On the side is the usual tab, where you get to see just what they have to offer. You also have a section for the searches, but nothing too fancy. I don’t think that this place is anything special when you think about it from a designer’s point of view. However, who is here to do that? We are all here to grab our dicks and start partying, right? Although a bit of candy wouldn’t hurt.

What kind of content can I expect?

In the beginning, I was quite confused, I guess. Since they had some images of feet presented, but when you mesh those with all the other images on the site, this place just looked like a simple site with images; that are not even naughty. So, I was ready to just make quits, but I remember that in the past, I did visit this site, and they proved to have a lot of great feet-related content.

Now, keep in mind that there you have the mellow shit, usually. So do not expect too many polls, muffs, cupcakes, and so on. If you want some hardcore fucking with a sense of a foot fetish, many other sites will provide that. However, here you have a lot of great shit, but at the same time, they are very mellow. You’ll understand when you check out the site yourself.

So, will you be able actually to wank it off successfully here? Eh, it all depends. Are you into the mellow kind of content? Since you basically get to see a lot of gorgeous girls and they will display their feet, but nothing is really that sexual. If you just like to appreciate the beauty of babes’ feet, then I think that you have found your heaven.

Of course, you have both videos and galleries displayed, but they are not the same type of quality, to put it like that. For example, the galleries were always very different and interesting, sometimes even fap-worthy. While, on the other hand, the videos were just suggestions from YouTube, where the fetish of feet was emphasized.

Whatever the fuck, I know that my fellow-feet lovers are going to enjoy the gallery section of wikiFeet as much as I fucking did. You have a lot of images that are definitely worthy of checking out. Everything you want to list through is shown on the side, which I already mentioned. Together with the pols, gift shops, uploads, and so on.

Diverse content featuring the fetish of feet.

I mean, those who are not into feet, and are still reading this; are you sure you are not a closeted feet-lover? It’s okay. Here we all share the same dirty fetish, and thus nobody is being judged. You can simply browse through all the galleries, since it is free, or check out the videos. If you like what you see, stay, and fucking browse. If you do not, fuck off to somewhere else.

Isn’t it interesting how women were created that all parts of their bodies can be fetishized? I mean, feet. Who would’ve thought that something like that could become our dirty dream? Well, the sluts here are surely doing their job of making the superior gender feel good, aka men. Let’s be real, women were created to be fetishized in the first place, so they are just fulfilling what comes naturally.

One of the first galleries I checked out was of a hottie on vacation. While scrolling through her pictures, I realized that not only did she have pretty feet, she was also incredibly beautiful. I mean, that was just a plus, to be honest. I enjoyed sculling though, what seemed to be a fun vacation. Of course, not all of these galleries are like that.

There was one gallery featuring a hot blonde milf who was quite thick. She posed in a lot of different costumes, and mostly the focus was not on her feet, but you got a glimpse of them. I guess that is what makes the whole shit so unusual, or so to say. Some of the galleries really focused on the feet, while others were just giving us a tease.

But as I have already said, that is what you can expect. The mellow content is all about teasing and not getting straight down to the point. If you want actual content to make your boner rise, you can check my site for other types of feet-related sites. In case the galleries are not enough for you, check out their videos. I mean, they were not my cup of tea, but that does not mean that you will not get a woody watching.

Search options are a bit lacking. What’s up?

When you see the word ‘Wiki’ used, we all expect great quality and a lot of useful information. So, I assumed that their search options would be much better, that whatever the fuck this is. Sure, they have a search box on top, but did that shit every really help anyone? Nope. At least not in my experience, and thus far, I am sure we all know that I am a damn pro.

On the side, you can choose whether you want to list everything randomly, or you have something in mind. For example, you can choose just to list celebrities, which are not exclusive feet pics of celebrities. It is more like normal pictures where the celebrities are not wearing shoes, or the feet are showing if you catch my drift.

Then you have a section for the videos, where I have already explained, you have all kinds of videos linked from YouTube. So, do not get your hopes up about the porn content… We all know that YouTube has a stringent policy when it comes to that shit. After that, there are polls, which do not seem to work. Or maybe I was too late for the polls or whatever the shit. I am not sure myself.

You can also choose to upload your own shit to the site, but there are some rules that you need to follow. So, keep that in mind when you are browsing through all of this shit. Overall, I’d say that those who like feet and are not too sexual about it will like what WikiFeet has to offer. I mean, the site itself is not bad, just a bit mellow, I’d say.

It is also free, so not like you can complain too much. So, take your time and browse, I guess… But if you want real pornographic videos, you need to start browsing through my site more. I have reviewed all kinds of foot-related pornographic place; you are welcome. Of course, you are welcome to stay here as well. It is your choice.

ThePornDude likes wikiFeet's

  • Free site for feet-lovers
  • Lots of dirty galleries
  • Simple layout

ThePornDude hates wikiFeet's

  • Shitty design
  • Videos are too mellow