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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The best sexy, nude photos are of celebrities. Hands down. These babes are the absolute pinnacle of hotness. What every amatuer slut or whore strives to look like. Sure, I can still get off to some slutty pornstars or amateur babes, but getting to some dime piece like Emma Watson flash her tits is on a completely different level. Jerking off to these photos has a bit of a voyeuristic vibe that makes the thrill of it all so much better.

You all remember The Fappening. It was basically a renaissance of celebrity nudes. It’s one for the fucking history books. And we’re still riding that wave of scandal. The hacker who got into all of those cloud accounts deserves a fucking medal. But usually, too many celebrity nude sites focus on movies and shows. Fuck that. I’m not some sexless cuck who can get off on 15 seconds of some softcore dry humping.

I need those rare shots that celebs don’t want you to see. The leaked nudes, the sex tapes, and those kinky nip slips. And I’ve found a site that agrees with me. Celeb.gate.cc is a site full of every picture from The Fappening, Playboy spreads, and all of the other miscellaneous nip slips, upskirts, and pussy flashes. With such a weird domain, I couldn’t track down when this amazing site originated, but I’d be that it’s been a solid few years at least. They have a huge catalog and an equally huge audience. Over 12 million of you sex-starved fucks come to this site every month for your celebrity nude fix.

Playboy Spreads, Leaked Photos, and Creepshots Galore

The site has a bright white and blue design that makes it feel like you’re walking down an aisle at an Aldi more than checking out some hot photos. It just doesn’t fit the theme for me. I’d go with something sleeker and more modern. The site itself has a pretty simple layout. There’s a header at the top of the site for the “Hall of Fame, Recent Updates, Blog, The Fappening, and Playboy.” Love it. No bullshit links to other sites there or any unnecessary options. Below that you get an A-Z list with links for each letter. It makes it easy for finding your favorite slutty celebrity.

There’s quite a bit going on with the rest of the homepage. There are boxes and sections for recent updates, celebrity birthdays, random photos, hall of fame pictures, and recent blog posts. Plenty of options to get started. From here, it’s as simple as looking up whatever celebrity you want. Good places to start would be The Fappening or Playboy pages. You’re guaranteed to get some kinky nudes from the chicks in these sections.

Lots of Semi-Nude Content and No Sex Tape Videos Hosted on Site

I wanted to check out all of the pictures from Kate Upton. She’s a fucking goddess. Man, that ass though. I was like a kid in a candy store when all of her nudes got leaked. Each celebrity page has a lot of information. You get a decently long description of each celeb’s life, career, and how her nudes made their way to the site. You can see how many photos, leaked content, and videos each celeb has at the top of the gallery.

Though they are a bit loose with the word nude. If some blurry photo of Jennette McCurdy’s nips poking through her shirt during an interview is considered nude, them most chicks I see outside when it’s cold out are nude too. But I can’t hate on them too much. They have to catalog as many risque and sexy photos of these babes as they can to keep the content rolling. It’s not like you’re coming to this site for hardcore porn videos of whores deepthroating cock anyway.

The “Videos” and “Leaked Content” buttons are bit misleading. There aren’t any videos on the site. Both of those buttons will take you over to Bannedsextapes.com. Not a bad site at all, but I’m not here to talk about them. I wish they made it more clear that those videos weren’t hosted on site. You can’t go cock teasing me with the idea of seeing Kate Upton masturbate on video only to take it away from me at the last moment. I hate sites that blue ball me like that.

Huge Archive of Sexy Galleries Containing Every Celebrity Nude out There

I’ve gone on enough about the disappointing features, so let me give you the good shit. This site has a massive, and I mean massive, archive of celebrity nudes. To keep using her as an example, Kate Upton has over 300 steamy photos of her alone. Just pages upon pages of kinky photo shoots and leaked shots. The site stays true to its claim that they have every nude photo that they could get their hands on. And they have more frequent updates than I thought they would. It seems like they are unearthing new, never before seen photos every few days at least.

They actually do galleries right on this site. Full arrow key support lets you lean back and jerk your dick while flipping through all of these incredible pictures. You can zoom in, full screen, and share photos if you want. I would have liked to seen a download option so that you could nab the entire gallery in a few clicks. It’s kind of annoying having to download each photo one by one. You can’t make a user profile, so it’s not like you can add shit to your favorites or anything either.

Quality Mobile Site Makes it Easy to Browse Celebrity Nudes on the Go

The mobile version of the site works great. No terrible design choices or annoying redirect ads to contend with. I was actually surprised that there weren’t that many ads on either version of the site. Usually, these celeb sites like to fuck you up with those. Anyway, the formatting is great and you can swipe through photos with ease. The images take up your entire screen, so you don’t have to fuck around with zooming in and out on the pictures. There also wasn’t any issue with loading or buffering between photos. Each one popped up quickly.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about Celeb.gate.cc is definitely not how many times I fucked up typing that domain name. But, on a more serious note, I fucking love how many photos they packed into this site without cluttering it with bullshit. So many sites like this one are full of pornstar pictures or movie clips. I’m not here for that shit. I want the leaked pictures that the models and stars don’t want us to see. Hell, some of the sluts from The Fappening tried to get those photos taken off the web for good. You see what good that did them.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I would suggest this site host its own sex tapes. I hate that they advertise them so much only to have it take you off-site to get the content. I’d rather be able to browse all of that shit in one place. Especially since you have to pay for it on that other site. I’d also change up the site colors. It’s just hard to look at. It’s blue and white like watching some GILF who’s too pale, and covered in blue varicose veins get fucked. And, finally, I think separate sections for nude and non-nude pics would be nice. Or even just include tags for nude and non-nude. That would make browsing the site so much easier.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Celeb.gate.cc is a solid site if you’re into kinky celebrity nudes and leaks. There really isn’t a better free site that has this sort of content that comes to mind right away. Usually, you have to pay up for this kind of premium, forbidden content. The site design is pretty decent, and even the mobile site was surprisingly good. Yeah, there aren’t any sex tapes, but at least you can to fap to tens of thousands of pictures without bullshit ads or redirects. Most sites can’t say that. So, head on over and get your fill of nude celebrity photos over at Celeb.gate.cc!

ThePornDude likes CelebGate's

  • Massive Archive Full of Every Nude and Risque Celebrity Photo on the Internet
  • Full Catalog of all of The Fappening Nudes
  • Not too Many Ads and No Bullshit!

ThePornDude hates CelebGate's

  • No Sex Tapes on Site
  • Bright Site Design