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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Are you tired of rewinding your favorite full frontal scene of Emilia Clarke just to get another quick glimpse before you nut? Are you the kind of guy who gets turned on every time a smoking hot celebrity babe bends over on screen? Well, I’ve got some good news for you. No more struggling to jerk off while trying to find the perfect moment to pause the screen. Or, worse, no more fapping to some non-nude photo that you’d find in some shitty women’s magazine of a dimepiece like Katy Perry. Those days are behind you. I mean, they should have been behind you since the day you turned 16, but we all have our kinks, I guess. makes it much easier to get off to hot celebrity photos. This site catalogs every nude or risque celebrity shot that they can get their grubby little hands on. From nip slips and upskirts to photo shoots and movie scenes, this site has got you covered. With nearly 10 million of you horny bastards coming to this site every month, you can expect a pretty steady stream of uploads and new additions every day. And the content here goes way, way back. This site launched back in 2002, and they have been building quite the impressive catalog of celebrity pics.

Bright Tabloid Style Design is Unique

The site design, while bright white, reminds me of a tabloid. I can dig it. They embrace the whole “Nude Celebrity News” deal and go all in on the theme. It works well for the site and makes it stand out from hundreds of other celeb sites out there that don’t put hardly enough effort in. But, just like a tabloid site, there is a lot going on. It’s like taking some ginger slut back to your place and fucking her brains out. Sure, she’s hot as fuck, but you can’t help but take a minute to look at all the freckles.

Up top, there’s a header with options for “Additions, A-Z, Top 100, Sex Tapes, Highlights, FAQ, and Links.” There are also very small buttons in the top right that let you login or create an account. Though an account isn’t incredibly necessary here. You get to view a few fakes if a celebrity has them, and you get to upload photos to the site.

I’m going to take a roundabout route this time and talk about the sex tapes first. First off, there aren’t any sex tapes on the site. Instead, they review sex tapes and link out to the sites that have them. The reviews are in-depth and rate the tapes based on length, quality, celeb hotness, and overall opinion. Unfortunately, most of the sites that house these videos are going to make you pay up to watch them, which is definitely a bummer. But, using those reviews, it’s easy enough to go off on your own and look for a free site.

Sex Tape Reviews, Top 100 Lists, Daily Highlights, and Many Ways to Browse

The top 100 section is another unique page on this site. This shit is set up like a stock page. Weird, right? They have a list of the top 100 babes on the site, and a little decimal ticker on the right shows if they have gone up or down in the ratings on a given week. Next to that are a series of red boxes that tell you what level of nudity the model has done.

All boxes filled means you can expect some juicy full frontal shots. Fewer boxes means things like just tit and ass shots, semi-nude shoots, or nothing nude at all. I like that system because I hate clicking over to some slut that I’d love to see naked only to get cock teased by a gallery with nothing but some normal ass photo shoots.

The A-Z page is set up the same way but just not organized by rating. Highlights are hand-picked favorites from the owners of the site. Additions show off the newest added photos, and links provide you with a list of links for other kinky sites. Simple shit. The rest of the home page lists of celebrity birthdays, spotlights, popular babes of the week, previews of recently uploaded photos, newly added celebs, general celebrity updates, and a fuck ton more that you should take a look at when you visit this site.

Barely any Actual Content. Most Nudes are Only Thumbnails With Links Off Site

Once you find your favorite celebrity hottie, just click on their name to get a full profile. You get an overall rating, rank on the site, age, an array of nude facts, and all of her nude appearances by shoot/movie. But here comes the real bummer. You’re mostly stuck with thumbnails. There are some galleries scattered about that you can view in their full unadulterated glory, but most will try and redirect you to other paid sites that have full versions of the photos.

What a huge fucking bummer. It’s almost like you’re finally about to score the threeway of your dreams when both of the chicks gets a call and have to bail, and you’re just left there flacid and frustrated. Like, what am I supposed to do with thumbnails, pull out a fucking magnifying glass while I jerk my dick? I was hopeful that this site was going to be good with the unique pages and high traffic, but it works more as a directory to other paid sites that actually have content.

Poor Formatting on Desktop and Mobile Site

Both versions of the site have formatting issues. Lots of negative space, and just generally bad design choices. But the mobile site is worse. You have to zoom in and out to even try and read anything. And it’s not like you even have the benefit of pulling up full-screened photos to make up for the poor design. Lame as fuck. I wouldn’t bother messing around with the mobile version of the site. At least on desktop, you can read all of the reviews and kind of see the thumbnails.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about the site has got to be the organization and attention to detail that the site puts in for reviews and uploads. Yeah, the actual content is severely lacking, but at least the rest of the site is decent. The full reviews are worth a read. I like the unique site features like the rating system and nudity boxes that they have. It’s all done really fucking well, which makes the lack of quality nudes so much more disappointing than if the rest of the site had sucked as well.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

Man, fuck the thumbnails. They even mention on the FAQ that they would take those down as well if they were asked to. I get it. There are copyright issues and shit. But, as a user, what’s the point of this site if I can’t jack off to celebrity nudes? The whole damn setup is frustrating. I’m not here with a magic answer on how to fix it, but I only hope they can somehow keep that steady traffic as their content selection inevitably dwindles even further. Hell, the PlayBoy thumbnails are gone altogether already.

Even ignoring all of that, the formatting of the site could use some work on desktop and mobile. Text is too small in places, thumbs are way too small throughout, and the design feels haphazardly thrown together. Even the full photos you get from the front page are often situated weirdly with a shit ton of white space around them.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, missed the mark by a long shot. It was building up to be this amazing treasure trove of nude celebrity content, but they fail at the one thing their site claims to have. Nude photos. There are a handful of galleries that might get some of you off, but the vast majority of photos tiny ass thumbnails with links to other paid sites that actually have the photos you want. The site has some cool features, but those aren’t enough to save them. Like that fugly chick at a party who loves showing off her crazy juggling skills or some shit. It’s neat, sure. Still doesn’t mean I’m going to fuck her though.

ThePornDude likes Nudography's

  • Unique Site Features like Shifting Ratings and Boxes for Level of Nudity
  • Not too Many Ads
  • Tabloid Style Site Design
  • In-Depth Star Profiles and Sex Tape Reviews

ThePornDude hates Nudography's

  • Formatting Issues on Desktop and Mobile
  • Barely any Full-Sized Photos