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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Everybody has a favorite celebrity. It doesn’t matter what you like to do or watch in your spare time, you must know at least ONE celebrity that you like. Now, I’m mostly talking about all the female celebrities, and we know damn well why they’re so famous. They’re famous cause of their looks, and that’s the truth of it. Now, you can see them in their normal rendition pretty much every day, but have you ever checked out if there is any info on them as far as nudes are concerned? Well, you can find out on, a great free site where you can check out plenty of content like this.

Check out all these hot celebrities completely nude or caught slipping

You might think that celebrity nudes aren’t your thing, but that’s probably cause you’ve never tried them out in the extent that they’re presented on Did you know that there are pics of these tight babes where they aren’t even nude, but they just look a lot sexier than normal? Haven’t you ever thought about having all those cleavage pics of your favorite female celebrity in one place? I mean, I know that cleavage pics aren’t as good as just pictures of tits, but it’s still better than nothing. I think that you can still rub one out to that shit. Anyway, you’ll love the kind of pics that you’ll find on here so let’s go over some of the stuff that you’ll see.

An enormous amount of content to go through on here

And it’s not worth talking about the stuff that you’ll see on here without first talking about the amount of content that you can find on here in general. We’re talking about an endless stream of content for all your nude celebrity viewing needs. And we’re talking about just about every category of content that you would hope for when it Comes to celebrities online. I honestly don’t know many places that have this many leaked nudes, nip slips, camel toes and more. The more I think about it the more I’m amazed by the size of and the amount of content that they host on the domain as well. It’s pretty insane to think about.

Every celebrity has her own category and page on here

Alright, that’s enough about that, let’s get to some actual content categorization on here. If you were wondering how many categories there are on here, I’ll just let you know that every fucking celebrity with content on has her own category. That would mean that there is a pretty much endless number of categories as they keep adding them whenever we get to see some nip action from a celebrity that we haven’t seen before. If you were wondering how much this means time-wise, I don’t think I can answer that. I mean, those celebrities are just so damn unpredictable. Sometimes they’re really careful about what they post or where they get caught, but at other times they aren’t careful at all.

Aware or not, these hot babes are always here for you is here to reveal all the times where the celebrities have no idea that they’re being taken advantage of in some of these categories. Now, here’s the thing, sometimes they ARE aware, and these are some of the softer categories. For instance, when they go out in an outfit where their cleavage can be seen from a mile away, they know that they’re being massive skanks and that people will take pictures of their tits. If you believe that they won’t, then you have no idea what you’re talking about. I mean, I’d be the first one to whip out my phone to take a picture of a nice cleavage. They’re lucky I don’t whip out my cock too. Not because I’m a creep, but because they won’t be able to resist me.

Either way, you’re going to feel really good when you start checking out all of these different sections that, but before you start using them let’s cover some things that I’m not a huge fan of on First of all, the first page is a blog post type page and that means that you have a lot of content in huge blog sections that you have to scroll through just to reach some new and fresh content. This means that even when they release new content you’re doomed to have to scroll through some of the old shit in order to reach the things that you’ve missed.

No way to see all the posts in a grid system unfortunately

Anyway, I would’ve appreciated it if had smaller elements that would show you a story and how the content originated so that we can know what we want to click on. I mean, there are so many galleries on here and you expect us to choose by endlessly scrolling? I mean what the fuck is up with that? It would’ve been much better if they had a grid system in place or something similar so that we can have a nice and clear overview of the entire fucking situation. I mean I might want to click on those Emilia Clarke nip slips, but what if we have some other celebrity just begging me to see her cameltoe at the same time? Well then, I won’t know since I decided to click on that nip slip instead of seeing everything at once.

Pop-up ads can be pretty fucking unbearable on here

But anyway, that’s a problem that they can fix down the road. Another problem that I have with is the fact there are so many fucking ads on here. It’s pretty much unbearable. I mean some of you guys might be okay with this since the only thing you want is free porn celebrity content, but I don’t know how I could fucking live with this. I’d rather just pay a little bit and not have to deal with shitty ads. I mean think about it, it’s either your health and time or a bit of cash. I guess that some of you guys don’t value your nerves as much, but I want to keep my composure thank you very much. There’s nothing worse than opening a post for a hot celebrity and then have it be ruined by a pop-up ad. And they don’t even load the shit that you wanted in the first place.

The design could use a little bit of tweaking if you ask me

Health is wealth guys, and since jacking off is healthy, then you should also consider the fact that your brain needs a break from the constant nagging of ads and all that. Either way, that’s just one side of it. There’s also the fact that there are just no good graphics on here. Everything is just not good looking on I mean, just look at the way that they used the colors on this website. They really didn’t give two shits about how the place looked as long as they just made it look kind of decent. I don’t think that it looks decent at all, actually. I think that it actually looks kind of gay. Yeah, you heard me, looks kind of gay, deal with it.

But you can’ take away from the fact that they have so much amazing content. I mean they have pretty much everything from nip slips and cameltoes to cleavage shorts and some other shenanigans. Of course, leaked nudes are a must and you can expect them on every step of the way. There’s just no reason for you not to check this place out. I mean, for the most part, the only thing stopping you are the annoying ads, but if you can live through those, then you really have no excuse. It’s a free site for crying out loud, so there’s really no reason to miss out on all these nude celebrity pictures. Just check the place out and see if you enjoy it or not. And if you do, make sure to come to frequently to get a load of the hottest and freshest celebrity content.

ThePornDude likes TheNipSlip's

  • Gorgeous celebrities and their hot leaked nudes
  • Plenty of nip slip, cameltoe, and cleavage content
  • Everything is free to view and even download too

ThePornDude hates TheNipSlip's

  • Only blog list is available, no grid system in place
  • The graphics are not up to par with other free sites
  • Horrible ads that keep popping up in your face