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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Face it: you have a pretty predictable masturbatory routine. Don’t feel bad, so does everybody else. That’s why most porn sites look the same. There are just a handful of different formats, and almost everyone follows them to the letter. That’s why is so shocking. Well, it’s the first shocking thing you’ll notice, anyway.

Studio FOW describes themselves as a couple of disgusting neckbeards specializing in hardcore 3D adult entertainment, putting out dozens of movies and shorts since 2014. They get a few million visits a month, and fans are willing to throw them millions of bucks on Kickstarter. Sounds like something’s going on that a Porn Dude show know about.

Holy Shit! WTF Is This?

Some websites give away everything in the name. You know what you’re going to get from a porn site called SisLovesMe, but I really didn’t have any idea what to expect when I saw the name of this one. StudioFOW could be a movie company putting out sex films about people so fat they have to ride motorized scooters. You know, FOWs, Fatties on Wheels.

As soon as I hit the Warning screen, I knew this wasn’t some kind of Wal-Mart themed BBW show. A CG slut appeared on the screen asking if I was at least 18. She wasn’t really showing anything, but she didn’t look the least obese.

Past the gates, I still wasn’t clear what I was looking at. It loads a full-page CG animation of some pretty faces. There’s a blonde taking off her glasses, a winking devil slut, and a cute punky chick with freckles. This is an ad for an upcoming game called SubVerse, which we can support on Kickstarter.

Call me old fashioned, but I like to hear some kind of idea before somebody begs for money. At least the heroin addicts outside the dollar store give me a line of bullshit about their broken car and dying mom. I’m going to have to look around the site before I think about tossing them a dime.

Video Game Porn and CG Wolf Sex

I thought for a moment StudioFOW was just a hentai video game company, then I noticed the Movies, Shorts, and Interactive links in the header. I’m all about movies, especially if they’re dirty, so off I went.

Ah. I see what StudioFOW is all about now. They should have put this stuff out front, but then again, I understand why they didn’t. The seasoned perverts will be excited immediately, but perhaps it’s better to ease the newbies in with some nice faces before showing them the really dirty stuff. This ain’t your mom’s lesbian porn stash.

The Movies page has bunch of CG porn movies. This ain’t the shitty renders you see on fandom sites, where some retard with a boner just posed some computer models together and called it a day. This is polished, realistic. It’s easily professional quality stuff.

I see video game heroines spreading their legs and angry topless bitches aiming guns. One broad is fighting a demon in a preview with no perversion in it, but right beside her Little Red Riding Hood is getting fucked hard by the wolf, pumping her full of canine cum with his veiny cock.

I have to assume some of the people working at StudioFOW are the same ones making your Xbox One and PS4 games. Hell, some of these are not-so-subtle video game stories, plus extremely graphic sex. Hm. Could this 3D porno called BioShag: Trinity be based on anything you’ve played?

Tomb Raider? More Like Tomb Raper!

One of StudioFOW’s first projects was a 2014 release called Lara In Trouble. As you may have guessed, it’s a Tomb Raider porno where Lara is in distress. One preview image shows her naked and covered in some kind of slime, and another shows her giving a blowjob while stroking another guy off.

One big bummer about StudioFow’s website is that it doesn’t host any downloads. To actually watch Lara In Trouble, I have to get it somewhere else. They provide a download link at Mega and a torrent link at Nippon.

Unfortunately, the torrent link didn’t work. Sometimes you can watch the whole movie on Mega, but you can’t see Lara In Trouble like this. The full thumbnails show her tied up and taken advantage of, but I really want to watch something right now.

Maybe it’s just because the Tomb Raper movie was uploaded in 2014. All of the newer stuff will stream from Mega without issue. With that in mind, I pulled up a short called Slave of the Balrog.

Hardcore Sex with Lord of the Rings Monsters

Since this one’s a short, Slave of the Balrog is only about a minute and a half long. It looks like something out of a cut-scene from a video game, except the big-breasted slut is getting raped by the monster instead of fighting it.

Every element of the production is done so well. The church the action takes place in is put together with the same level of detail as the bouncing titties, moist skin and throbbing demon cock.

StudioFOW weren’t lying about being hardcore. The camera shys away from nothing, giving us the kind of up-close crotch shots you expect from great pornography. It makes me want to watch one of their longer films so I don’t have to restart the clip until I finish fapping.

Lining Up to Give StudioFOW Money

Apparently StudioFOW knows their shit, so let’s get back to that Kickstarter. As I write this, they’ve got over 40k backers for the project. Their goal was only $130k, but they’re up past 1.5 million now. The number keeps rising as I watch.

The preview video mentions that the studio was banned by Patreon for having a werewolf eat out a girl’s butthole, which is impressive as hell. That’s the kind of thing you can write home to mom about. The actual game looks pretty fucking sweet, too.

Most hentai games are some weak bullshit thrown together in Flash or RPG Maker. This one looks like a high-budget console game. The Unreal Engine powers full cleavage physics and full-3D set pieces like dusty spaceships full of space-whores.

The sex is only really hinted at, which I hope is just keeping in line with Kickstarter’s Terms of Service. One chick shakes her giant, wet CG boobs at the camera. They’re sort of covered, but her nipples poke out. Another chick is clearly spreading her legs for entry, but we can’t see what’s sticking it to her.

I was totally going to pledge like a thousand bucks, but the Kickstarter goal is already met. I guess I’ll just have to wait until it comes out. It’s supposed to be available on Steam, but there’s no release date yet.

I’d been prepared to piss all over this site. I couldn’t tell what the hell it was, and they asked me for money right from jump. That’s just a bad first impression, like whipping your dick out at a dinner party.

It’s hard to believe StudioFOW is just a couple of greasy dudes. The CG fuck flicks they’re putting out look like current-gen console games, only with close-ups of devil dicks piercing human vagina. The level of detail and realism is higher than in any other porno I ever watched where a dog fucks a woman, not counting the ones where a dog actually fucks a woman.

The 3D porno movies, shorts, and upcoming game at are almost like the next generation of hentai. The content is far more extreme than you’ll find in anything you can find in real-life video, but the realism is way above and beyond what you’ll find on a porn manga site.

With the exception of the elderly, who are confused and frightened by technology, most perverts will get something out of a visit to StudioFOW’s website. Even if you’re not going to shake your dick at these video game sluts, it’s just a goddamn marvel to look at.

ThePornDude likes StudioFOW's

  • Free 3D hardcore porn
  • Video game heroines getting banged
  • Dozens of original, high quality movies and shorts
  • Upcoming game

ThePornDude hates StudioFOW's

  • Third-party filehosts and busted torrent links
  • Shorts are so short