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Updated on 05 February 2024
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We’re delving into two of my favorite kinds of porn for this one: BDSM and VR. It’s one of the best combinations on this fucking planet. Well, next to a submissive slut and me, of course. VR is fucking awesome. I go on about it every time I get to talk about these awesome VR sites, but you fucks really don’t know what you’re missing out on. It’s one of those things that you need to experience to see what all of the hype is about. And what better way than getting to look through the eyes of some dude as he fucks some tied up whore who keeps begging for cock? It’s not like you’re going to get that shit in real life. Might as well get a taste of what it’s like. is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a VR porn site full of kinky, nut-bustingly awesome videos. And you should already know that this shit is premium. I don’t think there are many sites out there that offer 4/5k VR videos for free. If you find any then fucking hit me up. But, as far as subscriptions go, the price isn’t too bad. It’s only 7ish dollars a month if you dish out the dosh for a full year’s subscription. They offer daily and monthly subscriptions as well if you don’t have that kind of capital.

Free Google Cardboard with a Monthly/Yearly Membership

But this site makes signing up pretty worth it. With a monthly or yearly subscription, you get a free Google Cardboard VR headset for your phone. See, you can’t use the old “I don’t have a headset” excuse anymore. This site is willing to cover that shit for you. As for traffic, they aren’t doing too bad for a premium site. They draw in somewhere between 200-250 thousand fetish loving freaks every month since their launch back in 2015.

One bummer here is that you can’t get any free previews. You can check out a 4 or 5 photos from each video, but you don’t get any clips. I’m not a fan of that shit. I want to see some of the video quality before I lay my cash on the line. It’s just common sense. I need to see the goods before you get my money.

If you do pay up, then you’ll get taken over to the homepage where the latest release are showcased in a huge image preview that’s sure to make you diamonds. And this site has a silky sleek dark theme that makes it easy to browse at any time of the day. Especially good since it’s a fucking VR site. Imagine having a white background on a site like this. It’d be like staring into the damn sun.

New Videos Every Week, Along With a Sexy Bonus Network Video

If you can manage to shift your gaze from Chloe Cherry’s perfectly tight pussy in the large preview player, then you’ll see that there are sections for recommended videos, Kinkvr’s Finest babes, and new updates across the other network sites. Speaking of network sites, Kinkvr gives you a random free video every week from one of their other hot premium sites. That’s fucking amazing. You get a sexy video for free, and they get some new subscribers. It’s a win-win.

Up top, you can check out other sites in the network and browse their content, but I’ll leave that shit up to you. If you want more details about those sites, then you can bet your ass that I’ve got a review tucked away somewhere for you to read. Above all that you can use a minimal header to jump between “Videos, Girls, Cams, and VR Theater.” The cams option takes you off-site, so I won’t be diving into that.

VR Theater Lets you Browse Without Struggle

I was fucking thrilled to see a VR Theater option. I don’t get why so many other VR sites don’t even bother with it. It’s the easiest way to browse without having to take your headset off to navigate every fucking time. Simply look around and pick whatever video you want to see and it will full screen automatically.

The girls’ section lets you view full HD shots of models that have performed on the site. Each page includes surprisingly in-depth reviews of each babe’s career, kinks, bio information, social media links, and shit like that. There you can browse through all of the kinky videos that have done for the site. Though most of these sluts have only starred in one or two.

Amazing Video Quality with 5k UHD Downloads, but There Aren’t That Many

Finally, let’s talk about the videos. I’ll start with the bad. There aren’t very many. Like 50 tops. Though they’ve only been uploading since November of 2018, so that’s not too bad for the level of quality that they are putting out. You get a new video every single week. Not the quickest upload schedule, but, again, this is some high-quality shit. You’re getting 5k videos with full VR support that are usually over 30-40 minutes long.

The previews will play a sexy clip from the video when you hover your cursor over it. But hang in there. I know some of you fucks with pitiful stamina are already about to bust a nut just from that. You also get a title, upload date, video length, user rating out of 10, and which sluts star in it.

Solid Mobile Site and Many Kinky Tag Options

Clicking through will give you a list of tags like “180, 360, Babe, Female Sub, Spanking, etc.” Click on any of those if you really want to narrow your search down to specific kinks. Over to the right, you’ll see all the download links. And, in case you were wondering, the mobile site kicks ass. It’s all scaled well and you get full access to all the desktop features, as you fucking should. It’s a VR site. You should already expect the mobile site to be on point.

And, holy fuck, I love that they actually have 360 videos on one of these damn sites. There aren’t a ton, but the ones they do have are hot as fuck. 180 videos are fine, but the complete immersion of being able to look everywhere makes the experience feel so much more real. I’d like to see some more of those videos on the site. And make them so they use all the space. Some of the 360 videos just have some shit going on in one part of the room. Throw some other horny cumsluts in there so I can have a look around.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is how hard they go with the fetish porn. Way too many VR sites, in particular, try and make it too vanilla. There’s fisting, suspension, punishment, edging, femdom, latex, and whatever other kinky BDSM degeneracy you could think of. Nothing gets me as hard as seeing popular sluts like Veruca James or Ella Nova get strung up, tortured, and fucked to tears.

I also liked that most of the newer videos are pretty damn long. Yeah, they have some quick 10 minute shoots on there, but some of these fetish fuck fests are nearly an hour long. Being able to sit back in VR and jerk it to that shit for an hour is next level.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

The site needs more content, but at least they’re working on that. It’s a growing site, so I can’t really fault them for that shit too much when the videos they are putting out are fucking incredible. My one big suggestion would be to let people get a minute or two to peek at some of the glorious 5k content on the site. The few images are fine, but more people would be willing to pay up if they knew exactly what they were getting into. Even video trailers or something like that would go a long way in driving up memberships.

ThePornDudes Final Thoughts

Overall, this site is perfect for you BDSM addicts out there who want a closer experience to the real deal. Hell, you don’t even need your own headset to get started. This site will send you one with your membership. And the membership cost is pretty damn reasonable for what you get. I mean, if you’re going to be that guy who pays for his porn, then at least get some cool shit out it. And this is a great fucking site. You’ll be fapping to freaky fetish videos in no time at all over at

ThePornDude likes KinkVR's

  • 180 and 360 5k VR Videos
  • Fetish Filled Content
  • Full-Length 30+ Minute Videos

ThePornDude hates KinkVR's

  • Not a Lot of Videos
  • You Have to Pay for it!