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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Some people don’t like coming in through the front door and prefer a more discreet backdoor entry that will get them inside without everybody noticing – not in real life, this would be seen as something discreet and secretive for sure due to the fact that well, no one would notice you slip in through the back. In sex however, ‘slipping in through the back’ is DEFINITELY noticeable and perhaps even more noticeable than slipping in from the front because, well, the back entry doesn’t really get as wet as the front entry, so getting in is a real tight squeeze of an affair that requires a lot of pushing and thrusting, not to mention patience. In pornography, there’s a whole heap of anal porn out there just waiting to be sized by each and every one of you anal lovers who love seeing girls take giant cock in the same hole they poop from as opposed to watching it go down the traditional way.

XVideos is such a site that has many, many anal-centric videos ready and waiting for any anal-centric fanboys and fangirls out there – this website is one of the big ‘three’ porn tubes that have all the traffic dominance within the internet porn world alongside XHamster and PornTube, and it’s much more of a random content dump than the other two because it’s owned by shady people who don’t give a flying fuck whether there’s a video of a girl posted as revenge porn, or whether that same girl is of age or not (as long as she looks 18 it’s good to go, that’s how XVideos works). In any case, we’re not here to talk about the morally flawed owners of XVideos, we’re here to talk about this site’s ‘anal’ content, and see if it can really satisfy any anal-lovers out there who jerk off to porn on the regular or not.

Well, This Isn’t The Prettiest of Porntubes

Before I get too deep in this review, I’d like to point out that XVideos is just not as visually pretty as the other big two porn tubes (Pornhub and XHamster) – in fact, it’s really not as pretty as most porn tubes out there. This website’s visual design has been and always will be the epitome of bland, white, mid-2000s layout that honestly would look sketchy to most people who aren’t experienced with the internet. The fact that this site has a full-white background that isn’t dark enough to properly contrast the video you’re playing will always be something that pisses me off (and I’m sure it’s also something that pisses off a lot of people who frequently go on it).

But It Certainly Gets the Job Done

But despite all my rage that I have for this site’s visual layout, it really does get the job done when it comes to porn. Now granted, this site is also a huge content dump that doesn’t care to organize the kind of content it shows you and rather focuses on a holistic, chaotic algorithm that shows you everything at once when it comes to recommended videos, but regardless of the unorganized way it shows you its videos there’s still something positive to gain from the whole ordeal. For example, you can always find some rare, underground semi-amateur XXX videos thanks to this random as fuck algorithm, but don’t expect to find a lot of stuff that you like which is actually similar to the video you’re already watching because it really is mostly random.

All You Can Eat Premium Anal Videos

XVideos and all of its categories including the ‘Anal’ one contains a fuckton of professionally-made XXX fuck flicks which all probably cost a few thousand bucks to shoot – I mean there are thousands of these on this otherwise underground-looking site, and whether or not they break any copyright rules remains a mystery. The important thing is that if you have an affinity for anal porn and don’t like watching amateurs do it then there’s a whole heap of professional videos with pornstars that have giant asses and big dicks right here on XVideos’ anal section, and it’s not even that hard to find them because they’re everywhere, all cut-out scenes from full premium XXX movies made by professional big-budget studios the likes of Brazzers, Reality Kings and so on.

And Let’s Not Forget the Amateur Stuff Too

Ah yes, where would we be without actual sex – I mean sure, the sex depicted on those aforementioned Brazzers and Reality Kings-style videos may be actual intercourse, but when you’re watching an actual homemade amateur video you know that they’re actually doing it. And yeah, they may be recording it, but they’re recording it for each other – usually these homemade videos end up on the internet when one of the two partners gets made after a break up and decides to post their once intimate love affair on the World Wide Web, where every horny bastard whose home alone on a Friday night can see and take advantage of it for that little boost of dopamine that he oh so desperately needs. There are more than enough amateur homemade sex tapes that feature anal sex on this site for you to fap to, regardless if you’re that same loner whose whacking off on a Friday night or someone who happened to stumble upon this site’s ‘Anal’ section because they have no idea who to browse for porn.

Can’t Combine It With Other Categories

One thing which this site can definitely start implementing is letting people who select one category mix it with a whole other category to refine their search and ultimately the content they’re willing to fap to. For example, let’s say you want to fap to anal porn – great, but let’s say you want to fap to anal porn with lesbians who insert frighteningly large dildos in their assholes. You could search for “anal + lesbian” in the search bar, but that’s bound to show some FFM threesome videos which depict a guy ramming a chick in her ass after she’s played with a lesbian, which could’ve been a whole other scene before that.

It’s just not accurate enough. But, when you’ve got two categories mixing, it could show you content that actually does contain lesbian sex that involves anal play – now this would have to mean a lot of tweaking in the site’s algorithm, but ultimately it would equate to something more accurate which can’t be replicated by search queries or tags. And since we’re speaking about tags…

But The Tags Are All Here

The tags on this site go far and wide, and capture every possible thing that tags could ever capture, which includes ultra-specific miscellaneous stuff that would never find itself in any porn website’s ‘categories’ section. Each video here has the correct amount of tags added to it, and clicking on any one of those tags will present you with videos which contain that particular tag in them, regardless if it’s sex play, physical attributes, environment, and other details that are just too small to count. The tags on XVideos will definitely do you right if you choose to rely on them.

Need to Fap From Your Phone?

This site is fully optimized for mobile users, which is great because it means that instead of sitting down on your PC or laptop, you can lay on your bed, open up some nice anal action (or any other kind of action, there’s plenty of crap on this website) from your nifty little smartphone device and get to fapping in a moment’s notice. And you can also do this anywhere; your workplace’s bathroom, the bathroom at your grandma’s house, some empty room at a house party and maybe even outside in a random park. The possibilities are really endless thanks to all the technology 2019 has given us, and one of those possibilities is fapping to anal videos on XVideos anywhere you can thanks to the portability of your smartphone.

ThePornDude likes XVideos Anal's

  • Contains professional anal videos
  • Also contains authentic amateur-made anal videos
  • Website works well with mobile devices
  • Not cluttered by annoying ads
  • Video players contain quality options

ThePornDude hates XVideos Anal's

  • Visual design of website looks outdated
  • Can’t combine two or more categories
  • A lot of professionally-made videos are just scene cut-outs
  • These ‘scene cut-outs’ of professionally-made videos are more numerous on other websites
  • The recommended video algorithm typically shows the same videos every time