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Updated on 05 February 2024
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HQporner Anal

HQporner Anal

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I’ve found that a lot of the flaws of professionally produced porn disappear when it comes to anal videos. Sure, these girls are sometimes a bit out of it, and you can normally tell that they’re acting. They’ve taken a thousand and one cocks, so it’s a bit unrealistic to expect that their pussies aren’t so stretched out that they don’t feel Mr. One Thousand and Two penetrate them.

Ass-fucking is a bit harder to fake, though. I know you’ve never fucked a girl in the butt, so let me explain. It’s a different sensation. No matter how many miles of cock a girl has worked through, it doesn’t lose anything. A girl’s asshole will always feel as tight as the first time you fucked it.

The point I’m getting at is that even the hardened industry professionals who’ve made several hundred videos for Brazzers, BangBros, Tushy, and the other big studios will have a pretty strong reaction to taking it in the ass. It’s not like when they pretend that they still have feeling in their overused cunts and put on an Oscar-worthy performance to make you believe that they’re enjoying it. The pain, the pleasure, and the emotions in professional anal porn are on another level. No matter how many times you take a cock the width of your waist in your ass, you’re going to feel something.

So if you’re an anal fan that normally sticks to the amateur tube sites, you should give HQPorner a try. No, you’re not going to find your favorite college student and her boyfriend setting their phone up on a tripod and letting you have a glimpse into their perverted love-life. But you’ll find something even better: thousands of the hottest women ever born moaning and screaming as they have gigantic dicks forced up their asses.

Simple but Effective Design

Ok, so, first thing’s first: HQPorner’s Anal category is simple. But simple isn’t always so bad. A simple, high-quality aged unflavored whiskey is always better than the swill that they try to cover up by adding cinnamon and smoke and whatever other chemicals they can get away with adding. A simple girl who doesn’t have a lot going on upstairs is a lot more likely to think fucking a guy like you makes sense than a Rhodes scholar is. Simple has a bad reputation, but it has a place in the world.

The virtues of simplicity are illustrated perfectly in how HQPorner presents its anal porn to you. You don’t have a lot to distract you. Essentially all you’ll see is a list of large thumbnails, with accompanying titles and video lengths. The thumbnails are some of the hottest still images I’ve ever seen and must have been chosen by somebody whose taste in women matches mine. If you’re into uglies and fatties you might not enjoy the videos, but for the normal folks among us there is plenty of eye candy to go around.

Mouse over the thumbnail and you’ll find that HQPorner takes its focus on simplicity to another level. Instead of the portions of videos, you’ll find on many websites, you get ten fantastic selections of images from the video. Again, this might seem inferior at first, but give it a chance. This isn’t some randomly generated five-second clip, you get hand-picked selections of the best moments in the video. Sure, it’s a bit low-tech, but it’s actually a better representation of the video and a more accurate indicator of whether or not this is the one that you’ll be able to blow your load to.

The mobile version of HQPorner’s Anal selections was a big surprise. These days, with so many lonely nerds choosing to jerk off in the privacy of their mom’s bathrooms on their phones, most mobile sites are good enough. They’re usually roughly the same, maybe with a feature or two lost due to the smaller form-factor. But here, it’s actually a tiny bit better: everything is the exact same, except instead of having to mouse over various points to see all of the selected images associated with any video, there’s a little button to play a slideshow of them. It’s not much, but it’s actually a bit more efficient (and easier to do with one hand, just in case you got started early).

Not A Bad Video In Sight

The reason that this simplicity works so well is that universal quality of what HQPorner Anal offers. You could honestly put a blindfold on and click something at random and I bet you’d be able to bust a nut to whatever you end up on (take the blindfold off first, moron). Let’s go through the list, alright? First and foremost, the girls are hot. That’s a dealbreaker, so it’s good that HQPorner comes through here. All of the rest of this is all well and good but it’s not going to make a site worth using if all we can watch is your grandma getting her asshole wrecked. Thankfully, nobody that’s ever come close to you is going to be found on HQPorner, unless your hot sister’s student loans get a little bit too unmanageable.

But behind that, we’ve got a good supporting cast: all of the videos are in HD, and some of them are even in 4K in case you’re rich enough and lonely enough to have purchased a monitor capable of taking advantage of super high-quality resolutions. Unlike a lot of sites, they promise a high framerate too, so the action should seem just a little bit more true to life when compared to your average porn site.

A Few Missing Features and Limitations

There are a few drawbacks, though. Yeah, the videos that they give you are great, but what if you’re looking for something specific? You’re stuck combining tags manually using the search function, because there aren’t any filtering capabilities whatsoever to speak of. Instead of finding your redhead teen anal whore with a few clicks like you would elsewhere, you’ll have to type all of that into the search bar at the top. You’re probably thinking that I’m being dramatic by even mentioning that, but see how you feel next time a video ends when you’re a few seconds from cumming and you have to take your hands off your cock and move them to your keyboard to find what you need to finish yourself off.

Or imagine you’ve been using the anal category at HQPorner for a while now, and you’ve exhausted the first few pages of recent videos. You’ll want to switch over to the most popular videos, so that your desensitized dick can find something popular and exciting to enjoy. But you can’t do that—HQPorner lets you sort by the most viewed videos of the week or of the month, but not within the Anal section.

The whole website also has a randomized feature, for when you’re feeling brave or alternatively if you’re so horny and desperate that all you’ll need to bust is a shadow that’s vaguely shaped like a human woman. But again, this won’t work in the anal section, so if you want to take your chances but need the video to involve a girl’s ass being violated, you’re out of luck.

Some Ads, But They’re Not Too Bad

HQPorner, as a free site offering up premium content, comes with a necessary evil: advertising. Thankfully, they’re not too in the way and they probably won’t bother you too much.

One of the two forms of ads that HQPorner’s Anal section has shows up on the sidebar of each video page. Here you’ll see a small ad for a paid porn site, but step back and think about whether or not this is a bad thing. You basically get to watch a few seconds of another porn video while you focus on the one you chose. It’s like picture-in-picture. If something you’re not interested in is going on (like the girl talking about her life), look a few inches to the right and you’ll probably see tits, ass, and pussy while you wait for the conversation to be over.

The other is a bit of an annoyance, but if you really don’t like it there is a way around it. Occasionally, HQPorner will distract you from the asses you’re looking for by throwing up a pop-up ad after you click on a video. They don’t have as many of these as some of the sketchier porn sites, so in my experience, I didn’t mind just closing them out and getting on with my day. But, if you really hate it, you can install an AdBlocker—unlike how some other sites will try (and succeed) to get around your efforts at blocking their intrusions, HQPorner will instead force your videos into standard definition. It’s a trade-off, but you’ve got options. Pick your poison and live with it, because you can’t have it both ways.

ThePornDude likes HQporner Anal's

  • All of the videos are HD and some are even in 4K
  • Full-length, professional porn for free
  • Large thumbnails

ThePornDude hates HQporner Anal's

  • Switches to SD video if you’re running an adblocker
  • Pop-up ads if you’re not
  • Some HQPorner features aren’t available within the Anal section
  • No video previews