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Updated on 05 February 2024
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PornTrex Anal

PornTrex Anal

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Who’s up for some more anal sex? Anyone? I like me a good solid 20 minutes video of watching some girl get pounded out hard and I’ve come across another great site to get the job done. Porntrex, not gonna try to figure out what the hell the name means though I think it might have something to do with porn, all I know is that they’ve got a look of good quality shit here. And I mean that figuratively, this isn’t gonna be about the kind of anal section where the asses are dirty on the inside and make that known halfway through the sex. We’re not into that kinky shit, at least not here, save that for somewhere more secret and out of the way.

Spend Your Anal Fun Bucks Here

I’ll tell you this, no word of a lie this is one of the better sites to make a deposit in the spank bank if you’re hankering for a nice slice of butt fucking pie. To start, their collection is fucking massive, sure that’s something that a lot of other sites don’t have a lot of trouble with, it’s not hard to cobble together thousands of videos of people screwing. It is the internet after all, but these guys have pages and pages of videos for every section of porn. We’re focusing on Anal today but you get the point, there’s a big selection and the more the merrier.

Close to the top right of this page, the anal page on porntrex, you’ll see a magical couple of buttons that highlight red when selected. One is “All” and the other is “HD” and if you’ve ever been to any porn site ever you’ll know that one of these things is better than the other. Now that’s not to say that the non-HD content is unbearable, I’ve gotten off to plenty of non-HD stuff back in the day, but the real shit, the real good quality shit is only found in the HD section and you all know that.

Pump Those Pixel Numbers Up

You’re also gonna see a helpful little number/symbol combination at the top left of every video square too. If you clicked on HD and we’re both sitting in the HD section now then you’ll find out that this number/symbol combination will clue you into just how HD each video is. You’ve got what looks like a choice between 1080p and 720p so not really all that bad but I’m barely seeing any of that 4k good shit anywhere. A little bit of a fucking downer, you know how I love to be able to see a girl sweating when she’s getting ass fucked but oh well I guess I’ll make do.

So we’ve got a huge ass collection of asses, sometimes huge ones, getting fucked nine ways to Sunday and we’re ready to give the website a try. The only thing left we have to worry about is catering to each of our specific pornographic needs. I’m not just talking about straight anal sex, we know we’re getting that obviously. This site would be in some shit if we were having a hard time getting a good anal sex video in the anal sex section. What I’m talking about and what should be important to you is how detailed and specific you can be about the kind of anal sex you want to see.

Two girls instead of one getting hammered hard in their hind parts? Maybe something like one giant two-fisted dildo going out one asshole and right into another? Or maybe there are two dicks in the video, both fighting to see who can take up the most space in the backside of some eagerly awaking skank.

It’s My Anal Porn Variety And I Want It Now

That is the kind of detailed I want to be able to get and still find something that suits my erect penis in the moment. That’s also the kind of detailed you can get here on this site, you can even find what you’re looking for most of the time too. They’re not going to have every single specific kink out there you can think of but I mean hey, nobody’s got everything. If some of you sick fucks want to see some literal shit coming out assholes you may even be able to find what you’re looking for but honestly, I can’t tell you for certain, I’d have to look up that messed up shit myself to know 100 percent. And I’m not fucking doing that.

So they have a fuck ton of ass fucking videos, a search bar to get really detailed and find out specifically what your dick wants to see today and you can also filter your results! Yeah exactly, this is a function that all the good porn websites better have or you just know that you’re dining at some 2-star restaurant that only serves dicks. Because as it goes, sometimes you may have just seen an ass ramming video a couple of days ago that really rocked your world and you’re all about getting to see that shit again. Well then you can just filter by “most recent” and if they have it in their collection at all and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to find it before you make it a couple of pages back in the history.

To Review Or Not To Review

If you feel that you can trust your fellow anal porn enthusiast to tell you the truth about the quality of some of these videos then go ahead and sort by “best” because anybody who’s got time to sit there and jerk it to girls getting any number of things up the stink, has time to at least comment on the video and tell it like it is. If you can’t trust some other random guy in the world watching some sweaty skank convulse is body shaking orgasm from getting a big dick shoved up her tight lubed asshole then who can you trust? The Porn Dude that’s who and don’t let anybody tell you differently.

I personally don’t trust other dudes to do that, you wanna know why? Because I don’t do that. I’d rather tell you here what I think of the videos as a whole instead of comment on every single one that makes my pecker tingle. Who the fuck has time for that? Even after you’ve spent your time on one and blew your top, do you even really care at that point to go back and tell anybody else they might get a kick out of it too? It’s gonna be pretty damn obvious from the get-go.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Instead, you should just sort by “most viewed” because if there’s any honesty on a porn site it’s in the number of views that a video has. If ass ramming video’s got low views then I’ve got news for you son, someone shat in the middle of sex and the majority of us have the good sense to be grossed the fuck out by it. But if it’s got a whole fucking lot of views then some glorious golden butthole from some hot ass skank is farting out church bells and pipe organ music as she adds her own voice to the song of ecstasy that plays while she gets the pounding of her young life. This is the place of dreams people don’t let the fantasy of good anal sex belong only to the porn actors getting paid to pretend they’re having all this fun.

So needless to say this is a great place to come get your rocks off, even more so if you’ve got a special taste for watching some girls use the all-natural method of birth control while still spitting in the face of god and having all of the best sex she still can on camera anyway. And yeah, of course, that’s why you’re here specifically. For butt stuff. But have a look at the section on the left and you’ll see that at any point if in the middle of your masturbation session you get a little tired of seeing girls take it up the dirty hoo ha you can watch them take it up any other orifice of your choosing by selecting something different from the long list. It’s not something big but again, if the site didn’t have other options readily available, you’d notice and it would suck.


So come on over to Porntrex’s anal section, if you can find somewhere here or on the website what the name means if anything you can let me know but in the meantime, there’s plenty of hot ass action and a lot of it is HD. Meaning if you want to have a nice detailed gander at the tiny wrinkles in her special brown star just zoom in and there they are. You don’t get fucking quality like this folks, give Porntrex a go.

ThePornDude likes PornTrex Anal's

  • Massive collection
  • Huge amount of both HD anal vids and just the regular ones
  • Great filter and search options to find the right ass ramming video for you
  • A daytime/nighttime button to make things as bright or as dark as you’d like them
  • Quality dicks fucking quality asses in the best of ways

ThePornDude hates PornTrex Anal's

  • Really nothing, no complaints on this one. It’s doing everything right I’d say.