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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Ass 4 All! Ladies and gentlemen, and all the ass lovers, I am here to introduce a site that will display great ass fucking videos. I’m assuming you really like ass, because why else would you visit a website called ass4all? Everyone is into a different kind of shit today, and with so many niches to browse through, I can’t blame you lads. For example, all the videos here are focused on the ass, even if they might not display anal.

But do not worry, the majority of the videos will display ass fucking. Whether you actually enjoy their videos or not is a whole different aspect. Personally, I love all kinds of porn. Thus, ass4all made my dick hard as well. But if your sensitive little ass is too picky about the content, you might want to fuck off to a different site, maybe a premium one.

A straightforward porn website… maybe too simple

I have nothing against free porn sites being simple as fuck, but this place just has that “I do not give a fuck” vibe. You will understand what I mean if you visit the site. While I know that the design is not as important, most of us are able to appreciate a good-looking website, right? If you are here just for that free content, then you have no right to speak, mate.

I understand that free porn sites tend to skimp out on the design and all that shit, but common. What the fuck is up with this crap? They have a wall of videos, listed for eternity when you scroll, and the sides are just white. You have a couple of pages and two other listing options, but for the most part, ass4all has literally no fucking structure.

There are many videos listed, but since I did not count, I do not really have an approximate. Let’s just leave it at “a lot.” Believe me, there are many clips, and I am sure that you will not get tired of this site or run out of new content. The fact that they have the ‘best anal videos this month/week” options on top just proves that they also have regular updates.

I guess I could ease off the design then since they do have great content. On the other hand, whether you think the content here is worth it or not all depends on your personal porn choices. I like to watch anal, and I like to see horny sluts show off their irresistible behinds, as dudes shove their love sticks in the poopers. But, if you are not the biggest fan, I am not sure why the fuck are you still here…

Great ass content, what more can I say?

We are all here to see some tight asses get pounded in a variety of scenarios, don’t even @ me. Some prefer small, some prefer big, and here you have all kinds of combos. The main focus is not the site of the ass; the main focus is the anal banging and the overall ass view. I think that is quite an interesting aspect of the site, don’t you?

I like butts, big or small, no discrimination. I also like to see babes of all shapes and sizes, ethnicity, and type. As long as they have a bangable ass, I am fine with however big their behind is. I am also sure that the ass men are the same… since what is there to complain about? Can I stick my wiener inside? Can I fist it hardcore? Is the ass good? That is the only crap that matters.

One of the first videos I checked out featured a very nice ass angle where the beauty was getting double fucked in her butthole. It was rather magical to see just how much that hole could spread, and she definitely enjoyed every second of it. I mean, women were made to enjoy our hard pricks, and that is exactly what these sluts are doing.

Of course, there were some videos where the beauties were not the happiest to get ass fucked, but they ended up enjoying it anyway. Let’s not forget that here you have both premium and amateur content, so you can find all kinds of shits, from slutty amateur girls who love to be the stars of their own movies to professionals whose ass has been stretched many fucking times.

Don’t get me wrong, the content is all connected to ass and most of them display anal… however, the sheer variety of what they actually have to offer is what got me stuck. I browsed through many amazing videos, and we both know that I wanked off many times… is that why my screen is starting to look a bit foggy? Who knows, I might just need glasses from all the screen staring instead.

Expect the unexpectable! I think that should sum up their videos pretty much. They have a little bit of everything; it all depends on what the fuck makes your dick hard to begin with. As long as you love asses and you appreciate the beauty of women who have a nice fuckable behind, this place will surely serve the purpose of making you nut.

Most of the videos are from xVideos… and other similar sites.

I think that it is already obvious, but is a host website, and the majority of their content will be from Xvideos. As you browse, you are free to check out any single video you want. However, you will then be redirected to the site where you can watch that video for free.

I am sure that some of you are wondering why the fuck does this shit work like that, but it is rather simple, so calm your tits, will you? The host websites are here to collect the best videos from a certain niche, in this case, the ass and anal niche, and then host it all in one place. Thus, you do not have to spend your time browsing for such content when you have it all in one place. You should be thanking them.

It is not such a bad concept if you really think about it, and while I do appreciate original sites with their own videos, I can also appreciate all their shit as well. At the end of the day, when you run out of ass fap content, you might as well give ass4all a shot… what is there to lose, everything is free you fucking dimwit.

Inexistent search options

While I understand that this is a free site or whatever the fuck, having some sort of search options is not that fucking hard. Of course, the niche is ass and anal, but the categories could still help us narrow the search down by ethnicity, type of banging, and so on… I never understand when porn sites skimp on this, it’s common sense.

When you scroll down, you have some links that will lead you to the same types of sites, offering different niches, and the shit on top that I already mentioned. But other than that you do not have any proper search options, which really fucking sucks. I mean, what if I would like to watch specifically black beauty ass fucking? I have to browse until I find that, and that is annoying as shit.

Of course, this means that filters are out of the question as well. I have seen many free websites with solid search options, so I am not sure why so many other porn places are so handicapped when it comes to giving the viewers what they want.

The videos are so randomly listed, that if you are into something specific when it comes to ass fucking, you will have to spend your quality time browsing and that defeats the purpose of having a host site to begin with. ass4all is supposed to make your ass search much easier, but that is only the case for lads who do not mind watching some mainstream content… Oh well.

Ass clips, ass clips everywhere!

Simply put, are you an ass man? Does your schlong erupt with the sight of gorgeous chicks getting shagged in the backdoor? Do you just love the sight of asses in general? Well, ass4all is definitely a site that will suit your taste then, there ain’t much else for me to tell you. There are loads and loads of great ass videos, so indulge yourself and enjoy the content.

ThePornDude likes Ass4All's

  • Lots of ass and anal content
  • Variety of sluts get ass fucked
  • Free videos
  • A host website

ThePornDude hates Ass4All's

  • No search options, whatsoever
  • Just a host site