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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Best Jav Porn! You’re going to need nerves of steel for this one, but the payoff is massive. Welcome to, a free online porn site that deals exclusively with JAV porn. Sometimes it’s free porn tube JAV porn but there are some premium titles sprinkled in here as well. With so much to choose from, it’s only a matter of time before you get hooked onto this website, but there’s one huge caveat to using it. Since you’re getting all of this porn for free, you’re going to have to endure many, many ads. I’m talking like dozens of pop-ups and video ads per session. You’re going to hate that part but what comes afterward is more than just worth it. Let’s see why that is exactly as we take a deeper dive into this website.

Tens of thousands of JAB pornos to watch

So, you want to find out why is so damn special? It all has to do with the number of videos if you ask me. Let me crunch some numbers for you here. Each page on has like 20 different results of JAV content. For the Censored section there are like 3337 pages. Holy shit, just the number of pages is insane. But wait till you multiply the two. You get an insane number of 66,740 videos that you can instantly start watching right now. Are you already on board or do you need some more convincing? Cause there’s more where that came from. Let’s check out the uncensored section and see what the numbers are over there.

Now, as with all sites which offer free JAV content, usually, it’s the Uncensored section that suffers. However, that’s not really that case with Sure, the section might have fewer videos, but there are still so many of them that you’ll never be able to go through so much content. You’ll be swimming in porn and you still won’t be able to see any dry land anywhere near you. Just hot Asian pussy after hot Asian pussy. I didn’t even know that Japan had this many people to begin with to justify such a large number being in the porn industry and all that. There are 620 pages of Uncensored content, which comes up to about 12,400 videos that you can watch right now.

The quality isn’t always the best with this contenth3>

Of course, quantity isn’t everything and every site that wants to show you porn has to have some quality to accompany said porn to your screens. If I’m just going to watch a shitty video that was filmed on a calculator (cause I know you Asian rice-eating fucks like calculators so damn much) then I’m going to be pissed, not aroused. I want to see some crisp videos with high-definition resolution and so on. I don’t want to see potato resolution where I can’t even tell whether the chick is getting fucked or the dude is jerking himself off. Of course, this is something that you might not even be able to see on most Censored videos since they get censored into oblivion with JAV content.

And I don’t mind the censorship that much since I’ve grown to like this style of JAV content. It’s just that I want to have some more premium videos where the cock and pussy aren’t censored and I can clearly see one entering the other, you feel me? I know that the censored pussy is a staple of the Japanese porn cuisine, but I need more than that. People grow up and they need better porn as they get with the times. If the Japanese government doesn’t go lax with the porn laws soon, I’m going to start popping caps in their asses until it does. Without stirring any fuss, I just want to watch some proper JAV content for once in my life.

Uncensored and censored videos to choose from

What you’ll usually find is that the Uncensored videos are much lower in quality, and they’re usually homemade and amateur videos. The censored videos are the real stars of the show, but unfortunately, it’s these videos that are actually censored to the point where you can’t even see the chick sucking any dick. Come on dude, I want to see that slut gobble up that tiny Japanese cock for breakfast every day of the week. I guess I have to go to Japan and start fucking these chicks like mad if I want to get this kind of content and experience it first hand while I’m at it. Don’t get me wrong, first hand as in actually fuck the chicks, not first hand as in jerking myself off.

You can sort of level out the fact that you don’t get high-quality videos with the fact that at least you get the choose the genre of these hot JAV. There’s a Category section on and you’ll be able to easily access it and start selecting through the various genres. also allows you to check out all the hot babes which star in these porn videos as well. If you’re the kind of person to actually enjoy JAV content, then you’re definitely going to be able to tell when you’re watching a video with the best pornstar in it. The pornstar in Japanese pornos usually just speaks to your soul and it’s like the two of you were meant for each other. At least it’s like that for me, I don’t know about you.

A great dark and modern user interface

I guess one thing that I can definitely say I like about is the interface. No, it’s not the most advanced thing in the world and you’ve probably seen millions of other sites which the same fucking interface, but the thing works, and that’s what makes it tick for me. You’ve got all the usual content in your navigation bar and you’ve got a really nice dark color palette to go along with it. You guys know that there’s nothing worse than a bright porn site. I just want to relax my eyeballs for once while I’m watching porn and allows me to do just that with their dark background.

Then there’s the fact that all of the animations are instant, and you don’t have to wait for too long for pages to load up on I just wish that more Japanese sites were effective like this. However, as with most other JAV sites, has its kryptonite as well. It’s the fucking ads. You knew it was coming and now it’s time for me to tell you just what you’re losing out on when you’re watching videos on While the videos themselves might be free and the interface is easy enough to learn, some other things about this place just suck. Namely, the ad system which is one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen.

Ads can be more than just annoying

You’ll have to go through pop-up ad after pop-up ad on here. And when you finally get to the video, you’ll have to endure watching a video ad as well. It’s like the guys who made just have no shame in cluttering their website with all kinds of ads just so that they can make some extra cash. I wish that they had a bit more integrity and just showed me the kinds of ads that don’t intrude on my experience. You know, the ones that don’t pop up in your face every ten seconds? Yeah, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

And the worst part is that there are some large corporations being sponsored here. For example, AliExpress has no problem with promoting themselves on a Japanese porn site. I know that porn is illegal in China, so I have no idea how AliExpress gets away with promoting themselves on these kinds of mediums. Then again, it’s not that important when we’re just looking at the context of But yeah, if you’re ready to sacrifice yourself when it comes to that caveat, then you’re all ready to begin our JAV porn journey. You’ll love how much content there is on here and the fact that new videos get uploaded every single day.

ThePornDude likes BestJavPorn's

  • Tens of thousands of JAV pornos to watch
  • An easy to use interface with dark colors
  • It’s completely free to use for everyone

ThePornDude hates BestJavPorn's

  • The ads are absolutely annoying on here
  • You’ll get pop-ups all the time when you click
  • The quality can be really iffy at times here