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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Have you ever watched a hot porn movie and fell in love with the sexy actress who was getting banged? But then the video ends, and you cannot find any details about the chick in the clip? Well, that is what is for. If you easily fall for the porn actresses and you like to watch more of their clips, this is where you can find more information about them.

Simple place with a straightforward goal.

Usually, sites like this one like to beat around the bush before delivering the crap that they actually offer, but is a bit different. First of all, as soon as you open the site you will get to see what this place has to offer, as they start by offering instructions on how you are supposed to use their crap.

Everything is basically explained, so there is no way you will get lost, and do not worry; their system does not recognize your location or any personal data, that is not what they were created to do. You will be able to find the beauty you always wanted to watch in no-time, so make sure to properly explore everything they have to offer.

There is not much else I could say when it comes to how presents itself, especially since their design is quite plain, but if it was fancier it would probably be messy as shit. This way, they kept it clean by making it empty, and while I would probably make some shit different, for the most part, they did a good job.

If you scroll down at the homepage, you will learn that is just a beta site, but they are working on making their shit even better, which is something we all want to hear. They are trying to improve their algorithm so that it would easily recognize any gorgeous porn babe. If you are interested in how their system works, you can check their own description, since I am not here to tell you that.

I am here to tell you whether this shit works or not… but then again, it all depends on the image you submit, the video and the beauty in question. I assume that it will not be able to find some random one-time porn babes who have never shown their ass to the industry after filming one clip, right? Well, we will see, because you bet your bottom that I have tested out.

They also state that they have a friendly team and a good community, even though they have just started, so you can become a member yourself if you want to. If there are any issues or anything that bothers you, there is an option to contact them. However, I did not really give that option a try, so am not sure how much that actually works.

Since they have basically just started, and they are a free site, you do have an option to donate. If you think that something like would be needed, you should donate, any sum would be fine. I am still not sure whether I will do that or not, but so far, they’ve got my attention, which is not something I easily give away.

So, does it work?

Well, how would I know without trying it? Lucky for you, I am a thrifty guy who loves to know everything, so of course, I tried to see if it can recognize the beautiful porn chicks. The first beauty I wanted to see if the program could recognize, is my personal favorite Asa Akira… I wanted a porn beauty who is known, just to start it off a bit easy.

Well, I searched for her by cropping out her face from one of the porn movies, and to no surprise, it did find her, along with a lot of other pornstars. For Asa Akira, it matched 100%, which makes sense, while it did list out a lot of other Asian actresses… which I am not sure how that works. Oh well, what matters is that the program did work.

To spice things up, I checked to see if they could recognize the gorgeous dark-haired beauty with huge tits, Arabelle Raphael. Now, I am sure most of you have heard about her wonderful work, but she is not as known as some other porn beauties… Well, the program was able to find her, and again a couple of other chicks. I mean the first suggestion that matched 100% was the right one, so I guess their system works.

I did a couple of other chicks as well, and for the most part, their algorithm delivered. When I tried to find Sora Aoi, a beautiful Japanese porn babe, I did get her as the first example, but it was only 75% correct, which was hilarious. Now, keep in mind that their system will only recognize female pornstars, so you will surely not be able to find any ladyboys or dudes.

I guess, one way to spice things up with is to let people choose if they want to search for men, women or trannies. I tried searching for a tranny, but I ended up with bad results of chicks who just resembled her instead. But other than that, there were no other issues I could say would ruin the experience.

The results that will be given are not really on this site, per se, because when you click on the chick to check her out, you will be sent to another site where you can see her profile, or whatever the fuck. This is where I also saw that they are developing the webcam girls feature, which just means that they might be able to create the overall amateur search options as well, which would be the bomb.

Is there something else I should know?

For the most part, I’ve told you all the crap that I think was the most important. As to how this will function, you can learn on your own, because I am too lazy to get into that technical shit. When you search for certain babes, you will be asked to upload their image or paste an URL address, but that is where it gets tricky, as some URL addresses were not really accepted.

The safest bet is to screenshot the beauty and upload the image if you want the picture from a site. If you can already download an image, then just download it and upload, because the URL is a bit buggy; or well, it was buggy when I was checking out this site. It might just work fine for you, depending on when you read this review.

On top of the site, you have a section where all the pornstars who have been recognized or I am not sure, are listed. Basically, there is not much else to be said about that certain section, you have a list of the gorgeous pornstars, you can check them out, or not? There are about 3000 pornstars currently in their database, but they keep growing each day, or that is what they say.

I mean, if they are planning to cover all the gorgeous pornstars who have ever been shown online, they have a long way to go, because there are many different hotties that need to be featured. They are starting slow and building quality, which is a good thing, and while I do not think that is something that was very necessary, at the same time I am not mad at the people who decided to create such a thing.

There is also a section labeled as ‘Requests’ where you can do just that, request for a certain babe to be found or to be put on this site. You can also just post random images of chicks that the site was not able to find and ask the community to help you out instead. Honestly, all of this somewhat resembles the Google image search, where you can post an image and search the web for similar shit.

However, still works better, as their algorithm was designed to recognize the faces of many beautiful pornstar babes. So, if you ever watched a porn movie and you cannot find the content with that certain cutie again, is where you should test your luck. Currently, they only have the mainstream babes, but with time they will grow and help you find any lovely girl you stumble upon; or so I hope.

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  • Some buggy options