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Updated on 05 February 2024
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When it comes to porn, there is no such thing as having too many sites to choose from. And, luckily enough, the number of porn sites for you to get your wank on to that exist online is virtually infinite. With new sites going up all the time, it is safe to say that you will never run out of ass, tits, and pussies to get your lonesome freak on through. Or maybe you have one of those mythological girlfriends that likes to watch porn with you. If so, then you’ll still never run out of ass, tits, pussies, and dicks for both of you to get your freak on to together.

But it’s important to be able to navigate this digital mountain of porn, otherwise what good is any of it? Although more porn sites certainly means more good resources for free porn (and, of course, the premium pay stuff), it also means dodgier and time-wasting sites that you’ll have to sift through to find the good stuff. Actually, in my humble and professional opinion, there are so many more shitty porn sites out there than there are halfway decent ones worth your time and nut busts. So, you’re lucky to have me to help you filter out all the sites that are going to infringe on your very valuable fapping time. You’re welcome.

When it comes to free porn sites, there are essentially three main types: free porn tubes, porn aggregator sites, and pic/gif Pinterest-influenced sites that provide you with an endless scroll of still and slightly moving images. I’m sure you’ve already come upon (and cum upon) your fair share of free porn tubes online. These are sites like Porn Hub, Red Tube, Keez Movies, etc. They are probably the most popular way to get free porn at the moment. As far as the image and gif dump sites, there is and Smutty – perfect for the masturbator who prefers massive collections of photos and gifs to scenes, clips, and full-length movies.

But for all the rest of us, who demand the convenience of tons of free scenes that porn tubes offer and the variety that a pic/gif dump can provide, there are porn aggregator sites, which are basically exactly what they sound like: sites that aggregate tons of free porn from a vast array of free porn tubes. Porn aggregator sites are, more or less, like dropping a giant fishing net into the ocean that is online porn and pulling up everything you can catch. They can be a great way to find a huge selection of diverse free porn all in one convenient location, but they vary greatly when it comes to quality.

With that being said, let’s take a look at a porn aggregator site called Nude Vista. Nude Vista is, with their name, paying homage to the search engine giant that existed prior to the rise of Google, Alta Vista. In fact, it didn’t just lose out to Google’s popularity. It was also purchased by Yahoo in 2003 (a lot of good that did them…). Nude Vista, however, has managed to far outlive the site it chose to parody, and even without the Alta Vista allusion, I still think it’s a pretty cool name for a porn site – especially one that specializes in providing huge landscapes of the digital mountain of porn to be glimpsed on the internet.

From the moment you land on Nude Vista, the site should look pretty familiar, particularly to older pornoholics who may have actually used Alta Vista back in the day. They’ve borrowed the Alta Vista color scheme, as well as made a twisted version of the logo. It’s a nice throwback, actually, and provides a little bit of a nostalgia factor, which is something that you don’t get a lot of in the adult entertainment industry.

Basic, Dated Site Design

Aside from the obvious plays on Alta Vista’s layout and design, Nude Vista, more or less, looks like, at first glance, a typical porn tube site. You have a handy site menu bar at the top of the page (underneath the very prominent search bar for any specific keywords your perverted little brain can think up) and a bunch of porn thumbnails below.

The site’s design is very simple. Actually, I am tempted to call it basic, to the point of looking out of date. They probably should have considered a rebranding at some point in the 16 years that have transpired since Alta Vista shut down, don’t you think? Anyway, it’s just a white background behind blue and white text. Nothing to write home about.

Right underneath the site menu bar, though, Nude Vista offers up some of the site’s stats, showing us exactly where, if not in design, the site truly flourishes. Nude Vista boasts numbers that are incredibly large and always expanding. At the time of this review, I have at my fingertips 35,617,662 videos; 1,667,273 photo galleries; and 40,749 adult models. These are some pretty fucking impressive numbers, don’t you think? Try finding that level of variety on your go-to tube site. You won’t be able to, because it is merely a single porn tube; whereas Nude Vista is a conglomerate of content from all the major tubes (and tons of the relatively unknown ones too).

In the site menu bar, you have four pretty standard and self-explanatory options: Tubes, Pictures, Models, Directory, and Advanced Search. I am pleased to see, also, that Nude Vista is not lazy with their supplementary pages like a lot of porn aggregator sites can be (they are notorious for lazy, shitty, or frustrating site design). Nude Vista, however, provides a great Models section, complete with thumbnails of the girls, a rating system, popularity tracking, and plenty of info to go along with the collection of their scenes.

Extremely User-Friendly and Advanced Search Options

At the top of the Models page, you will find a featured section of the models trending today and what ranking they have gone up to. At the bottom of the page are all of the new models for you to peruse. Sandwiched between these two features is an extremely detailed search engine, allowing you to easily find exactly the type of girl you want to see (search by year of birth, birthday, hair color, eye color, cup size, race, piercings, tattoos, even career). Besides that, you will find a list of models with birthdays today, as well as the top 10 most popular models at the moment. I would say this is an impressive models directory for a free porn aggregator site, but this is actually an impressive models directory for any site, free or paid.

The advanced search component of Nude Vista continues to impress, as it gives you ultimate control over what kinds of videos you find on the site. With over 35 million to choose between, I’m sure you can feel free to get pretty fucking specific, too, if you want. Here, you can search a combination of words, an exact word or phrase, any of a combination of words (“this” OR “that”), and a list of words to leave out of your search.

At the bottom of the advanced search engine, Nude Vista has also given you a breakdown of how to master the Boolean of their site, demonstrating how to filter to only see results from certain tubes (“,” for example), excluding certain sites, in a specific category only, or within certain duration parameters (<10:00, >20:00, etc.). As a connoisseur of porn, there is nothing quite like a well designed and comprehensive advanced search function to help you get through such a massive library of free porn.

If all of these features weren’t enough to make you “x” out of this review and go check out Nude Vista for yourself, you can also count on a very well-organized directory, in which nearly every tag you can think of is sorted out by type (place, activity, pissing, BDSM, etc.), helping you to get even closer to finding exactly whatever weirdly specific shit you’re into.

The only thing I would like to see that could improve Nude Vista – other than updating the site design, of course – is a stronger sense of community. Now, to be fair, I should mention that community is not necessarily a common feature to be found on porn aggregator sites (then again, neither are advanced search functions and elaborate models directories), but I see Nude Vista as a trailblazer in the world of porn aggregator sites, and this would just be one more way in which they have innovated.

All in all, Nude Vista is definitely one of the better porn aggregator sites I’ve seen. They certainly go above and beyond in every way, and I would like to see them continue to this and push themselves even further in the years to come. Cheers, and happy fapping!

ThePornDude likes NudeVista's

  • Awesome advanced search engine
  • Great models directory
  • Fuck tons of porn (both video and photo)
  • Well-organized and easy to use

ThePornDude hates NudeVista's

  • Dated and underwhelming site design
  • Lack of community features