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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Tube sites are great, but sometimes even the better ones come up a bit short in one area or another. And even in the age of loose copyright rules, tons of sharing, copypasta, and piracy, not every tube has all of the best smut. And in order to find it, you’re going to have to search around a lot on a lot of different tubes which can be tedious and take forever.

I know this because that’s kind of what I do for a job.

Fortunately, for you and me, some brilliant web designing wankers came up with the idea of an aggregate site. For those unaware, aggregates are basically specialty search engines which focus on finding and featuring search queries only for porn. And like tube sites, a lot of them are hit or miss, with even the “hits” still suffering from some problem somewhere.

However, I think I have found one which is perfect in nearly every way: Porn MD.

Interested in finding out why? Then keep on reading.

Slick Site Set Up

The first thing about this site that you have to take notice of is its super duper design. With the stark white background and not overwhelming but still intense red and blue coloring and single search bar really grabs your attention. Enter a search term in and you’ll see a series of relevant search results a bunch of ways to refine you expand your search to find exactly what you desire, want, deserve, and need to see.

For one, you can filter or order results by video length, the date that they were added, what tube they are from, and whether or not they are in HD or a virtual reality experience.

In addition to all of that, you can modify the layout to make it more suitable to your surfing needs. For example, you can toggle between having your search results display in packed columns or in a vertical fashion. To bring up another example you can switch infinite scroll on or off to suit your preferred surf style.

And on a final note, there’s even a constantly updated section in the upper left-hand side keeping you updated when it comes to the freshest, trendy search results.

All The Kinds Of Videos Are You Going To See…

…will blow your fucking mind – and later a load all over your hand.

Seriously, just do a few basic searches for erotica of any sort, and you’ll find fap footage to last you weeks and months and years. And the second that you get your results, you’ll find a bunch of related search terms automatically loaded at the top of the page providing you with even more smut.

On the downside, there isn’t an official category page, but when you get so much to look at so many filter features, you won’t have any problem developing a search term(s) and refining or expanding it to suit your carnal desires.

With every search results that is uploaded, you get a mini-preview in the form of a video title, video length, updated rating, upload date, and which site the vid is from. And there is a neat teaser or mini-trailer in the thumbnail of nearly every video linked to, too.

And lastly, almost every video is completely free.

Some Of The Best Studios Are Represented Here

Again, this site is an aggregator not a video hosting site, so you’re going to see stuff other studios and a shit ton of individuals have uploaded or copied from all over the interwebs. That means that you are going to see content from Brazzer’s, Princess Cum, Latinas Tapes, and all of the best major, minor, and niche studios pumping out porn today.

Same Thing With The Sites On The Network

Being an aggregator, Porn MD’s main selling feature is to be able to collect smut from all over the many sex tube sites out there – and damn, does the Doctor do a fine job at doing that. There are videos sourced from Tube8, RedTube, YouPorn, and of course the king, PornHub. In other words, all of your favorite free fap pages are available to you and accessible through a single platform.

Fap To Videos…Or Photos

As I said, this video links you to tens of thousands of videos like any good aggregator. But Porn MD, unlike the rest of the competition, also has a ton of naught pic links to sort through as well. You can easily get it those search results by clicking on the camera icon in the search bar.

Once you put in search terms, Porn MD will give you a dick ton of results which may be even more than the number of video hits, and with all of the same information and features as the video results. By that I mean you get to see the name of the photo or gallery, where it is from and how many likes it has.

Give Random Search A Try

Don’t know what you want to see? Are you bored with the usual? Got an itch for something different but aren’t sure what help you satisfy that scratch? Then roll the dice, or rather click on the die icon next to the search bar to get a random series of results.

I tried it myself and got ‘doctor,’ ‘emo,’ ‘Japanese,’ and ‘sasha grey.’ Those are all great results, and certainly random results in my book. Try it for yourself and tell me what you think.

The Trending Tool Is Cool, Too

Who doesn’t like to see what’s cool at the moment? Certainly, every young person seems to have an obsession with it. Well, if that’s you, then give the trending link at the bottom of the page. There you’ll see the top ten trending searches in your country along with promo pictures of videos of those terms.

On top of that, you’ll see a global map where you can see what’s trending by each continent or even by country. Along with that, you get to see global trends, too, in case you were wondering. Even if you weren’t, I’d suggest checking it out anyway – a lot of the results you see are either going to be titillating or pretty damn funny.

This Site’s Features Were So Good They Made The News

And that’s no bullshit. Between its robust filter features, exemplary search engine design, and sheer popularity, Porn MD has done what no other aggregate has done and what few porn tubes ever can – get a complimentary report about it from the media.

Specifically, during the middle of ‘10s Porn MD was being documented and praised by journalists for the amount of metadata from around the world which shows off people’s porn habits from different countries, sexual orientations, and sexual proclivities.

So, if often weaselly and wimpy journos are taking note of this site, so should you, too.

And You’ll Be Surprised By What Is The Most Popular

Accessible from the main page, you can get a page full of links which show you what the users have loved ever since this site has gone live. And boy, there are a huge range of popular smut sites. Some of the links include ‘babysitter porn,’ ‘facesitting,’ ‘lap dance,’ ‘real first anal,’ both Zelda and ‘Zimbabwean porn,’ and even impressive feats like ‘50 guy creampie gangbang.’

Impressive, huh?

Curiously, even in the straight version of the Most Popular has some, shall I say, queer links like ‘male porn’ and ‘gay.’

Moving on, this list isn’t entirely static. There are new popular terms being added all the time. So, there is an active ticker at the top of the Most Popular which not only shows the latest trends but you can also slow down, change the direction of the ticker, or even pause it if you spot something you fancy fapping to.

There Are Other, ‘Strange’ Smut Types

Moving back to something I just brought up, yes there are other queer kinds of content on Porn MD. As you can see from the homepage there is a ‘gay’ and ‘transexual’ search option. Just like the straight version, those alternate versions of the site provide tons of awesome features as well.

If you are interested in that as well, check out my review of Porn MD Gay on My Gay Sites.

Adverts Are Basically Non-Existent

You’ve probably noticed either by surfing the web or by reading this site, but free porn platforms often come at the cost of putting up with redirects, flashy banners, pop-ups, and ads embedded in videos. While I can’t promise you won’t have to put with that crap on host sites, on Porn MD there aren’t any ads, or at least as I can see.

Further, there are no bullshit pop-ups, and whenever you click on a vid, you’re taken directly to what you want to see. No redirection, no putting up with spam, no requirements that you have to sit through a brief ad – just click on a link and see it immediately.

Got A Problem? File A Complaint

For sure, this website is not prone to problems, so don’t think that you’ll be filing complaints on a daily. However, it is good to know that if you do have an issue with a website once and while that you will have access to online assistance. After all, nothing is a bigger boner killer than not getting access to your favorite fap footage on a porno platform…or worse (!) getting access to the said platform at all.

So, if you do run into a problem, you’ve got two means of lodging a complaint. The first is the contact page. All you have to do is enter in your email, subject, message, and name – though I think pseudonyms are fine.

The second option you have is the Porn MD subreddit page. Not only can you leave comments if you have problems or just want to leave feedback, but you can also influence the direction that the site goes in. That’s right; you can suggest ideas and upvote the ideas of others which bring up ideas for new features and innovations for the site.

As far as I know, no matter which method you use, you’ll get rapid results.

“Is This The Kind Of Doctor That I Need?”

So, on this site, you get a series of awesome features. There are multiple, easy-to-use search options which get you hundreds if not tens of thousands of search results. To describe the porn selection another way, unlike Donald Trump’s hands, and like my meat, it’s YUGE.

In addition to all kinds of “normal” and kinky video smut, you get you erotic rendered in picture format as well.

There aren’t any ads or popups that you’ll have to worry about (how rare is that) and this sit is completely easy to use.

I say you should definitely check out Porn MD and give it five out of five happy fappers.

ThePornDude likes PornMD's

  • One of the slickest designed smut sites out on the web
  • The search results are like enormous and cater to every fetish and proclivity
  • There are tons of search options to choose from
  • You won't have to put up with any form of pop-ups, spam or adverts

ThePornDude hates PornMD's

  • The way that the site is designed could be considered a little weird
  • You’ll have to put up with the occasional awkwardness of an aggregator
  • Other than that, there isn’t too much else to bitch about