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Updated on 05 February 2024
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If you ever wanted to go for a quick wank, you better know that there is no better place to find exactly what you are looking for other than doing it at Take into consideration that most tube pages will not be bundled will all sorts of content where you can run into exactly what you are looking for within minutes. So, let’s take a quick look at to make sure that you know what you are dealing with.

The idea behind Find Tubes is that you can look up whatever it is that you need in the search bar at the top of the page, pretty much like with any other porn website. However, there is a twist. When you hit search, the browsing doesn’t limit itself to a single website, but rather all kinds of websites. Now, this doesn’t seem all too special at first, right? I mean, you’re probably thinking: “Oh yeah Google can do that as well, why am I even here?”, but it’s not that simple.

The deal is that can go into detail, and this is why there are so many categories available. Depending on your country and to a degree, your search history, you will be shown the most popular categories at the moment, and when you do decide to browse through them FindTubes will browse through around 50 million videos so you will definitively have no issues when it comes to finding the kind of video that you like.

For me, the page shows a few categories that I always enjoy and I really do look them up all the time so I’m pretty confident in the fact that your search history has something to do with what you’re going to run into on this page. Furthermore, it also bases the search results on your geographical location. So, if you are from Italy, or Albania or whatever, you are most likely going to get “Italian” and “Albanian” as the most popular categories, however, this only applies to your country, because obviously, the entire world doesn’t beat their meat to Italians and Albanians, right? I mean, it’s ridiculous.

Now, there are a few ways to sort out the videos you will be running into on, and you’re able to sort out the categories quite easily by using the button in the upper right corner of the page. Next up, there is a way of sorting these videos out that is much more important to the average person, because nobody wants to see things that have nothing to do with their sexuality, right? In the middle of the page you can pick between straight, gay and shemale videos, which is quite nifty, and to an extent, something that all websites these days need to have, and let’s be honest, they really don’t, but it is how it is.

Let’s try clicking on one of the categories to get things going, just to see how things work in here, alright? So, let’s click on the Public category. As soon as you do, another tab opens up and you get to see a bunch of results pop up. For me, it brings up about 1.5 million results within seconds, and it should function like that for you as well. You can sort these videos out by popularity, date, duration, and there are a few more other filters available if you want to be a little bit more specific, which isn’t a bad thing, at all. Like, if you want something, go get it, especially if it’s this easy to put your paws on the type of porn that you like.

The additional filter can sort the videos out according to the date when they were added, the duration, the quality of the videos and obviously the source of the videos. The source is actually quite important and soon enough I’ll explain why. See, once you check a category out, you might as well click on one of these videos because you’re not just going to let the thumbnails float around pointlessly, right? I don’t think anyone gets off to that kind of thing. So, once you do click on one of these videos you will be redirected to a whole another page and you’re lucky that you won’t be bombarded with a bunch of ads, so that’s a good thing.

In conclusion, whenever you get a search engine that’s dealing straight with porn a minimalistic approach is the way you want to go. Just like Google, you enter your query and you get the results, no-nonsense needed. This is not Yahoo. I don’t care if Trump wants to bomb Syria or if Biebs threw piss bags on his neighbor’s house. All in all, managed to deliver on the promise and that’s all I care about.

ThePornDude likes FindTubes's

  • There's a wide variety of videos for everyone to chose from
  • The videos are usually legitimate so you won't be wasting your time
  • Search function

ThePornDude hates FindTubes's

  • The design of the page is slightly bland
  • Opens other sites