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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The name of this site sounds like those evening shows where the prize is the vacuum cleaner, a bicycle and a 4-day vacation to Delaware. Name That Porn got me intrigued from the moment it loaded up. I saw some naked pics, a bunch of letters and I had no clue what this site was about! Hell yeah! This is what I like, to keep me guessing what the site’s about and I have to reveal the layer by layer like an onion to understand the meaning of

I was a bit sarcastic at the beginning of the intro but as it turns out, this site is, in fact, a kind of a game show. The whole point of the site is for the users to submit the videos, pictures, even GIF animations with the question about the submitted file. Most of the time, the questions revolve around who is the actress in the video or what’s the name of the movie. Basically, this is a place where if you have any question that needs a visual representation, you post it on Name That Porn and someone will name that porn. Now that I think about it, it should have been me who came up with this slamming idea…in fact, I did. This was my idea, I just passed on it.

The site is not a porn video site even though it has some porn videos on there. The whole point of this site is to find out what’s the name of the video, where it can be found and the name of the performers. As I browsed around the site, there were these categories that sorted out the queries. In fact, it was a game since there is a section called Scavenger hunt and bounty questions. You get to answer questions that the users posted and some of them are not that easy to find on the web. Because of this, there are points. Each member who manages to find out the answer gets points. The top 15 “players” are posted on the homepage as a form of “braggerism” which I find awesome. This is basically the gist of the whole site, name that porn.

I clicked on the Pornstar directory and I was a bit bummed out. There was nothing on this page besides the “Coming soon…hopefully” text. Now, the thing that got me ticked off about this was the fact that you don’t say “hopefully”! Seriously? You are not sure if you are going to edit your own site? This got me questioning other parts of the site so I started looking for another faux pas that had.

Even though I wanted to find something to bash them since I hate it when sites slack off and just don’t do their job, that one mistake was pretty much it. The whole point of the site was to find the name or the video, and they pretty much sealed the deal with that one. I couldn’t find things that made me cringe nor things that made me question their quality. In fact, the site managed to create a community that was keen on helping out each other and during the process have a bit fun. Porn aficionados flock to this site since they like showing off the size of their dicks with their knowledge of porn, porn that’s snuffed somewhere deep on the webcam where no one can find it. Straight up nerd syndrome but I have to say, it’s fun and it is hella engaging.

What I found interesting was that they even were searching the names of the models who were featured on the banners on the ads that are popping up on most sites, that are annoying our asses like crazy. Of course, the “Open” gif was answered and there was the answer for the lucky user who probably immediately entered her name in a porn search filter and wanked on off to her. The value of this is immense, of course, if these are valuable things to you. To others, this is a cool site for the idea that it brings to the table. Me personally, I have no use out of it since I already have more porn in my life that I’ll ever need or be able to go through but like I said, to those who want to find that specific scene, video, model, gif, this is the shit.

So guys, if you have a competitive heart and you are well versed with the world of porn, you like to help out other porn fans and you are a caregiver, NameThatPorn is the place where you can make a difference. Sure, the difference is slight and it probably won’t make any change in the world, heck, it won’t even make a dent but, in your hearts, you will know that you’ve done a good deed. One Bambi won’t have to die and ice glaciers will stop melting for 1 hour each time you answer these questions correctly. So head on to and make some poor shmuck’s day.

ThePornDude likes NameThatPorn's

  • The idea of the site is extremely original
  • The game type vibe is cool
  • Point reward system is also awesome

ThePornDude hates NameThatPorn's

  • Pornstar directory is empty
  • The layout is way too vanilla