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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I. Love. Doujinshi. Jacking off to hot drawings of sexy hentai babes with huge tits getting fucked is definitely one of my top 5 favorite pastimes. Shit gets wild in Doujinshi. You don’t have to settle for your regular genres of porn that are limited by annoying things like what the human body can do. Here you can enjoy quality drawings of lovely giantesses babes, snake chicks, sluts getting subjected to weird experiments, and much, much more. If you’ve ever imagined some weird shit, then odds are that some sick fuck out there has made it a reality. But, don’t worry, doujinshi also has all the regular vanilla stuff for you boring folks out there. And the site I’ll be telling you about has a massive catalog with a little bit of everything.

nhentai.net is a free to use hentai manga/doujinshi site. These guys have been uploading slews of doujinshi content since 2014, but don’t let their relative newness to the scene fool you. They bring in an incredibly impressive number of views every month. I’m talking over 110 million views on a monthly basis, and those views are climbing every month. They have to be bringing in all of you horny weebs out there for a reason, so let’s find out what that reason is.

Dark Site Theme Makes for Easy Reading

First off, thank you nhentai.com for making a site focused around reading that actually utilizes a dark theme. The black background is really fucking nice, and it makes the site feel sleeker and nicer to look at. Up top, there’s a header and search bar next to their little lowercase “n” logo that I quite enjoy. You have options for “Random, Tags, Artists, Characters, Parodies, Groups, and Info.”

Over on the info tab you can read about upcoming developments to the site, as well as learn how to use the search bar to its full extent. I like that they included a note for people asking about forums. “Fuck forums” indeed. You usually see forums on sites like this, but they are always ghost towns anyway. I don’t get why people are always trying to get those things added to an already good site. Just go to a site dedicated to being a hentai forum. There are fucking hundreds of them anyway.

Easy to Use and Consistently Designed Navigational Options

The other header options more or less serve the same purpose. The tags tab will bring you over to a page full of, you guess it, tags. Suffice it to say that there are a fuck ton of them. You can sort by A-Z or by popularity, and each tag will have a number next to them saying how much doujinshi you can expect to find. They have a wide variety of awesome stuff here. Hell, there are over 54 thousand doujinshi with the “anal” tag alone. Other tags include content like “dicknipples, layer cake, and parasite.” All of which have more content in them than you would probably expect.

Every other tab, aside from random, is set up the exact same way with the same filter options. And that’s certainly not a bad thing. It’s nice to see a site stay consistent with its pages. It makes the whole site that much easier to browse since you know exactly what to expect on each page. Now, let’s take a step back and talk about the rest of that stellar home page.

Large, Detailed Preview Images

Running down the center of the page are large previews for what I assume to be their newest doujinshi. It doesn’t really say there. I wouldn’t mind being able to sort by popularity here, but it’s not a huge loss. The resourcefulness of the header pages picks up the slack well enough. On the previews themselves, you get a pretty big image that’s either the cover of the doujinshi or one of the first images from it. You also get a title, source/author, and a country of origin. The number of pages would be a good piece of information to include here, but it’s not a deal breaker since most, if not all, of these doujinshi are full-length. You won’t get frustrated with shitty one or two page comic like you’ll see on lesser sites.

High-Quality Scans, Free Downloads, and Arrow Key Support

When you find one that fits your specific tastes, just click over to experience the doujinshi in its full glory. Here you’ll also get a full title in English and Japanese, as well as a full list of tags, artists, languages, categories, page count, and upload date. New content is being uploaded all the time here, so definitely check in often for new, kinky content. Plus, you can download the entire doujinshi if you want, but make sure you have a .torrent file reader. Or add it to your favorites to come back to later.

You might get a couple of redirect ads when you first start clicking around, but that’s it. One or two and done. Not like other sites where you get spammed with a dozen of the damn things while you try and jerk off to the doujinshi you’re reading. Definitely not as ad-cluttered as I expected a free site to be.

Viewing them on site is pretty fucking great, too. The quality of the scans may be the best I have ever seen. Crisp scans with nice darks and quality color balancing. Again, surprisingly good for a free site. To browse through the doujinshi, simply click on the first image and use your arrow keys, or the on-screen buttons, to navigate the comic. Another bonus point for this site for having arrow key functionality. So many sites don’t do that shit, and I don’t get why not. After all, having a free hand while you’re browsing is certainly useful. And, if you liked that first doujinshi, just scroll down to see a whole list of related ones to jerk off to.

Read Sexy Doujinshi on the Go With Their Quality Mobile Site

I thoroughly enjoyed the mobile experience for nhentai.net as well. It’s all formatted to work perfectly on your mobile device. Previews take up the entire screen, so it’s super easy to scroll through and find some good content to look at. You can even download the doujinshi on mobile if you have the proper app to handle the file type. The pages load a tad slower than they do on desktop, and, sadly, you can’t swipe through pages. Yeah, they have buttons for it, but that’s not the same. But those are small complaints in the great scheme of things here. The mobile site gives you full access to everything the desktop site has to offer.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about nhentai.net is definitely the quality and quantity of the doujinshi here. There are hundreds of thousands to browse through, and each one is scanned or uploaded in pristine quality. It’s even better than having the actual book in front of you. All of the text is easily readable. Well, if you speak the language it’s written in. But that brings me to another cool feature. You can search by language on the site, and they have a surprisingly large selection of fully translated English doujinshi titles. So, if you really need to read the plot, then there you go! Spoiler alert, it’ll probably be incest.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

My suggestions for nhentai.net are minor. I’d like to see a few of the mobile site features I mentioned included at some point. Especially swiping from page to page. I always found that easier than searching for a small button on mobile. Page counts before clicking on the preview would be cool as well. Other than those suggestions, they really are killing it here.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, nhentai.net is the site to visit for quality doujinshi. The scans are fucking incredible, they have a massive catalog of all sorts of fetish content, download full doujinshi, and it’s completely and utterly free to use. Even the ads aren’t very intrusive. If you like or are curious about doujinshi, then I can’t think of any other site that I would recommend more. Everything here is top fucking quality. So, what the hell are you waiting for? Head over to nhentai.net and jerk off to some busty hentai babes.

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