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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Do you like to read smut hentai manga, or do you prefer to watch that shit online? Well, If you are a man of culture, and you would love to get your naughty wishes fulfilled while reading the naughtiest manga out there, you’ve definitely come to the right place. is a site dedicated to all kinds of dirty manga, and the best thing about this crap is that they offer everything for free.

Solid design, and lots of hot manga.

I think you will be happy to know that is filled with loads of different manga for you to read, and the overall design is pretty good. I do wish that they offered a slightly different layout color, but it should not matter as much since most manga are black and white anyway. As I was browsing, I got a good look at everything, and I must say that I am satisfied with

The gain, those who truly appreciate the beauty of hentai manga, will surely love what has to offer. This is a site dedicated to the dirtiest and kinkiest comics out there, but I am pretty sure you already know what the fuck to expect. Then again, maybe this is your first time with the hentai rodeo, in which case there might be a couple of things that you do not know about.

Starting with hentai, which is a term for Japanese animated porn, and manga are basically hentai comics. Many people wonder what could be so hot about watching animated porn, but those people are often the ones who have never seen the right type of hentai. Keep in mind that hentai is huge, meaning that they cover all the possible categories.

This is because the animated world is a nonexistent one, which means that no matter what kind of shit makes your dick hard, you are bound to find it this world. All the crap that is forbidden, taboo or even illegal, well it is more than legal and animated in hentai. These Japanese comics are not different, they actually tend to have even more fucked up shit than the overall animations.

Starting from the fact that the anime girls are always perfectly drawn, and their bodies often define physics. If you are thirsty for that perfect shape, you are bound to find a beauty who suits your taste right here. This site is home to all those naughty girls, and you have lovely babes of all shapes and sizes, including their age… and now I mean that literally, because as I have mentioned, the ‘illegal’ does not exist in the hentai world.

There is no way for people to be insulted or to do anything that will cause them trouble when these chicks are not real. Well, on you will get to read lots of those types of manga, from the basic shit to the kinkier crap that will make you question humanity. I found a lot of manga that suited my perverted taste, and so will you.

There is not much to say about the overall design, it does what it is supposed to. The homepage is filled with loads of random suggestions of the comics you can read, and you can read any of that shit since everything here is free. There are many good hentai manga places, but I think that is a site worth the visit because their collection of comics is not something, I have seen anywhere else… and I read this shit a lot.

At the end of the day, you need to decide now, do you think you could get horny by watching some of these horny hentai sluts get fucked in multiple weird, bizarre and basic situations? If so, you have found your heaven, but if your dick only prefers the real babes, I am not fucking sure why the hell are you still here. There are many basic sites I have reviewed already, so check them out on my site. This place is only meant for those who can truly understand the beauty of hentai manga.

Enjoy reading the hottest manga.

As I already stated, is a site filled with all kinds of comics, and I am sure you will find the ones that will make you feel good. The first one I decided to check out featured a beautiful brunette cow chick, who was supposed to give her milk, but instead of that, her master decided to stick his throbbing dick inside… basic hentai plot.

There was also another comic that caught my eye because it was about a tiny loli neko girl, who was more than happy to get fucked by her friend. These two banged hardcore in multiple scenarios; I really enjoyed that crap. For those who do not know, lolicon is a term for underaged chicks (shotacon is for underaged dudes), and neko is translated to cat, so a cat girl.

I believe that there will be a lot of different terms that you’ve never heard of; for example, you have the Dōjinshi, which are comics that are drawn by fans, and it usually includes characters from known movies/other Japanese comics, or whatever; the nakadashi is basically creampie, and let’s not forget that you can find tags such as rape, which shows actual rape, violence, incest, and all that shit.

I think that those who get easily offended or whatever, should not be browsing the hentai section at all, because it is safe to say that the Japanese do not give a damn. They drew their deepest darkest desires, and they are ready to share it with the world. This site is proof of that, as you have a lot of naughty crap to explore, and most of that shit is not really standard; I guess that is the beauty of hentai, to begin with.

There are so many different Japanese comics that I could suggest that you read, but I think that this all depends on the shit that you would find hot. For example, another comic that caught my attention featured a loli babe who was attacked by the tentacle monster, and we all know how that went. Keep in mind that I am purposely mentioning only the most fucked up manga I’ve seen because the basics will always exist.

No good search options, and their features suck.

I think that anyone would be able to notice this from the very beginning, but there are really no good user options. Sure, you can create an account and it is free, but why the fuck would you do that. With an account, nothing changes, just the fact that you will get some ad shit delivered to your mail, and that is about that.

Every manga will have a flag on top, that will indicate in which language the comic is written, but that is the thing that really pissed me off here because not many of them were actually in English. I found just a handful of English manga, while there were lots that were in Japanese or Chinese. I think that translating these Japanese comics would not be that difficult since there is not that much dialog… they mostly fuck.

Oh well, the English ones I found were pretty hot, and I even masturbated to a couple of them. Of course, it took me a while to get into the motion of horniness, because who the fuck watches a still image and wanks their dick. But nevertheless, I wanted to taste the product before I recommend anything to my lovely viewers.

On top, you do have a section for the tags, but they list all the tags that literally exist, and that shit can be rather confusing. In addition, they have so many tags, but they do not offer the ability for you to choose more than just one of them, which I found quite fucking confusing. I mean, that shit should not be that difficult to make, and it will help us a lot.

Besides the fact that they do not really have any good search options, and that most comics are in a different language, I think that is still a pretty solid site. Their artists are quite fucking good at drawing these kinky manga, and that is why I know that you will love this place as much as I did… Explore all you want, is a free site filled with the dirtiest Japanese comics.

ThePornDude likes AsmHentai's

  • Lots of free hentai manga
  • Great art
  • Simple site

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  • No good search options
  • Plain design
  • No user-features