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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Ever singe HentaiHaven bit the dust, there have been sites trying to bring hentai back to the forefront of the porn industry. There have been so many people that use HentaiHaven, and with the death of it now you have this huge power void that needs to be filled in. And what better contender than a site that looks a lot like that one. We’re talking about 9hentai.com and it’s one of those sites that you have to check out if you’re looking for a new place where you’re going to be able to watch Hentai… Well, almost. Here’s the thing, they don’t exactly have Hentai just yet on their website. Actually, they’re all about porn manga so they never even concentrated on Hentai until this power void came along so let’s check out what they’re all about.

Weebs pretty much everywhere you look on this website

First of all, I know that it’s mostly fucking weebs that use 9hentai.com, as is the case with all other hentai and manga porn sites. But hey, if you want to check out a site that has quality content, then you sometimes have to ignore the majority of the people which are on the website itself. And even though everyone knows that weebs are fucking annoying as hell, you still have to put up with their shit if you want to read up on these comics. Truth be told though, I’ve managed to go through an entire comic without even witnessing the comment section, so they’ve done a good job at keeping that shit at the bottom of the page where it belongs in these weeb communities.

It’s bad enough that you have to see these damn virgins in real life but now you have to put up with them online as well. Well, I say fuck no to that, and 9hentai.com does a good job at letting you scroll through the countless manga porn series in peace. It’s not just that they have countless porn comics that you can check out, but it’s also the case that they’re all free, but we’ll get to that in a second. Before we talk about all the actual content though, it would make a lot of sense to comment on the design. And I know that you know what I’m talking about straight off the bat when you notice the resemblance to a certain site that got shut down.

A really gorgeous design with clear inspiration from the greats

Truth be told, there are just so many aspects that are similar to 9hentai.com as they were with HentaiHaven as far as the design is concerned. However, you shouldn’t say that they’ve straight up copied the design cause that’s not what happened. In fact, what they did was kind of the opposite. They just took an idea and they even improved upon it. I mean they improved in some areas but they have some shortcomings in other areas so it’s on you to decide which of these are really important to you and which of these you don’t really care about on 9hentai.com.

The design is really nice with a dark gray background and red colors that accent everything else. It’s quite beautiful if I am, to be honest, and you get to use it without having to deal with any annoyances as much as on other websites. Sure you still have pop-up ads here and there and the occasional banner ad, but it’s much better than some other free sites which make you watch an ad every time that you load up a video. Even YouTube has been hell with that shit. But at least YouTube actually has videos on it, and 9hentai.com doesn’t which brings me to the biggest cons that this website actually has.

No hentai videos on here just yet, but they’re coming

That’s right, they don’t actually have any videos on the website… yet. I say yet because they have this Videos tab and you can click on it. It’s a link and it takes you to their page which only gives you a notice that they’re working on it. Now, I’m only guessing that they’re working on it because they’ve noticed that there’s a huge need for one central site to host some of the best hentai for free. Since the old trophy holder has been taken down, well it only stands to reason that someone else like 9hentai.com is going to take that throne. And why not? This site definitely has experience with bringing some rather hot material to your screen, so I think that they’ll do a good job with hentai videos as well when they come eventually.

Some of the best hentai comics that you’ll ever see in your life

But until then, why not check out some of the countless manga hentai comics that they have on here. You’re going to absolutely adore the fact that not only are most of them in a Japanese style with the reading being done from the right to the left, but they’re also all translated. That’s right, translated comics are finally here and you can enjoy them for as much as you want. All of the fonts are actually stylized with most of these comics as well which means that you’re going to have a great time reading as it won’t just be black text in a white talk bubble.

And on top of all that, even the storylines are really good. They have amazing plots and even more amazing art styles for the characters. We’ll get to characters in a bit because they have their own little section on here, but the first thing you need to know is that there are comics on here which are some of the highest quality comics that I’ve ever seen. We’re talking about comics in full color and not the doujin amateur stuff that you’re used to. Then again, it’s not all professional, and there is still a lot of amateur doujin stuff if that’s more to your liking. In fact, there’s pretty much every type of comic on 9hentai.com. There are thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of comics on 9hentai.com.

Categories for pretty much everything you need

Naturally, with so many comics you’d be a fool not to categorize them somehow. And that’s exactly what they do at 9hentai.com. You’ve got the Tags section and there’s everything from the vanilla stuff such as Big Tits, Solo Females, and Anal, to some more obscure but still popular tags such as Lolicon, Stockings, and Nakadashi. Yeah, lolicon is alive and well on here and there are over ten thousand comics in that category alone. You can only imagine the number of perverted dudes on here jerking it off to those obviously young girls. Kinda sick, but hey it’s just drawings so you can do what you want with that genre.

Your favorite characters, artists, and groups are all here

Anyway, enough about that, there’s also the Characters section where you can see all of your favorite characters from Anime as well as from Hentai and how many comics they have been in. Choose your favorite one and check out all of their hot hentai comics. Then you also have the Artist section if you have a favorite artist which draws these damn things. And there are even Groups if you know of a particular one that makes the best comics that you like to read. All of it is free and you can search through these however you damn please. There’s even the option to sort by the most popular ones if you want to see what the community likes the most.

9hentai.com is a great Hentai porn comic site that is obviously showing signs that they want to get into Hentai videos as well. If you want to stick around for them to release some video content as well, then you might be interested to check out their other sections in the meantime which are absolutely full of hot and sexy comics that you can read up on. Trust me when I say that some of these comics are even better than the damn Hentai videos. They have a lot more detail on them and are much better looking artistically speaking.

ThePornDude likes 9Hentai's

  • Hundreds of thousands of hentai manga content
  • Every category that you can possibly think off
  • All of it is available for free here without exception

ThePornDude hates 9Hentai's

  • They still don’t have any hentai video content yet
  • Some ads can be a bit annoying at times on here