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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Where would the world be without the beautiful splendor of one of the most adored and prolific genres of porn known as Hentai? Probably in a lot better place, but it’s safe to say that Hentai has become a mainstay of internet porn culture and it’s not going away anytime soon. Now personally I’m not too big on the whole drawn porn gimmick regardless if it’s Western or anime-based, but I know that plenty of you are, and the better part of you who are into drawn porn are balls-deep into the ‘nerd culture’ spectrum of society. People who are in this nerd culture are instantly recognizable; they’re usually chronic gamers, are overweight, have an affinity for programming careers, are possibly leeching off their parents, spend money on in-game items and collectible card games and/or figurine, and more often than not don’t care too much about their image or personal hygiene. If you can identify yourself in at least three of the aforementioned definitions then you might just be a nerd yourself too, and plenty of nerds love fapping to Hentai.

Now, why do plenty of nerds love fapping to Hentai? Well, that’s because they don’t get a lot of sex in their lives, and have possibly spent years of their adolescence fapping to internet porn to the point of burning out their visually-cued dopamine receptors and finding that normal vanilla porn just doesn’t cut it anymore. This coupled with their preference for fictional fantasy worlds, video games and cartoons/anime shows alike makes them top contenders to be huge fans of Hentai, especially if they can already understand basic Japanese somewhat due to their possible status as anime-loving weaboos.

And of course, since nerds are typically people who tend to exercise more patience than the average person and are naturally the more intelligent and observant demographic, it’s safe to say that out of all the people who masturbate, they’d be the ones to appreciate written-form pornography the most – especially if it’s a hentai comic book, which is what HentaiHere is absolutely full of.

Of Course There’s Parodies Here

First things first – this site is absolutely full of X-rated parody doujinshi which you and your dick can definitely get the best of if you’re a fan of various anime shows – there’s something about fapping to XXX parodies to shows you used to watch as a kid that just brings in much more dopamine, there’s just a far stronger bond between you and the thing you’re fapping to, and that bond definitely makes for a better fapping experience overall. There are more than enough XXX anime parodies on this site to fap to, including parodies of classic anime shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Dragon Ball, Hunter X Hunter and newer ones like Attack on Titan, Bleach, Naruto and so on – regardless of your weeb level, there’s definitely an XXX parody doujin here that’s bound to meet your needs. But if you prefer to fap to original titles, or if you’d like to explore the doujinshi on HentaiHere, you’re more than welcome to play around with the many tags and categories it offers…

Plenty of Tags and Categories to Choose From

There are a lot of tags and categories on this website, and they cover practically everything that could ever be depicted in Hentai; for example, the tag dropdown menu literally covers any kind of theme that could appear in this site’s XXX doujishins, including ‘Sci-Fi’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Anal’, ‘Futanari’, ‘Incest’, ‘Lolicon’, ‘Mecha’, ‘Harem’, ‘Rape’, ‘Comedy’, ‘Shotacon’, ‘Compilation’ and so on. The category on this site tends to lean more towards the technical side of things instead of focusing on kinks, themes, genres and fetishes, covering factors such as ‘Collection’, ‘Convention’, ‘Language’, ‘Translator’, ‘Circle’, ‘Parody’, ‘Artist’, ‘Content’, and ‘Character’. Yes, there are a hell of a lot of things to search for on this website and it’s neat that you can combine them all or filter in/out ones that you don’t need, but at the end of the day the way the searching system filters things can be kind of a pain in the ass…

But The Searching System is a Definite Pain in the Ass

Yes, the way you can filter things in/out on this website and generally search for them can be annoying especially if you’re in heat and looking to fap to something good as soon as possible. Instead of giving you a standalone category/tag section, or side-bar containing the said categories/tags which allows you to combine more than one for a more detailed search query, this site has instead decided to give you dropdown menus alongside a quick instruction manual; the manual tells you to first pick a ‘[type]’, then afterwards pick an ‘[include]’ or ‘[exclude]’ option which governs whether or not you’d like to filter in/out the content you’re searching for, then lastly pick a tag from the ‘add tag’ dropdown menu which contains all the previously mentioned kinks, themes, genres and fetishes that appear within this site’s content. It works, but it could’ve been made to work much simpler and faster.

And Yes, They Have Uncensored Works Too

Of course this site has uncensored XXX doujinshis, I mean after all, any porn website which primarily features Hentai should always contain uncensored content or end up being lackluster in quality. You see, Japanese law dictates that any and all media made in the country have any depictions of genitals blurred out, regardless if it’s hardcore porn, a medical video showing human anatomy or some amateur-made XXX hentai doujin that features fictional characters.

But there is still a lot of uncensored content here on this website – in the end all censored XXX doujinshis are merely censored with a small black rectangle which blocks out the main part of a depicted genital, so what some of the people behind this site’s doujinshis have decided to do is simply not add that part to their work and deem it as uncensored. If a small black line or miniature rectangle which obscures a drawn genital interrupts your fapping process then you can rest easy knowing that this site harbors plenty of uncensored stuff for you to fap to in peace.

As Well as Colored Doujishins

Just like there are uncensored works and titles here, there are also fully colored ones – now drawing these is hard enough, but coloring them is basically putting the cherry on top of the mountain of effort, and since doujinshis aren’t traditionally mean to be colored that means that most of them will end up being in black and white. There are however some which are in full color for your viewing pleasure – there’s a separate category here for colored works (just as there is for uncensored ones) which filters out all non-colored works so that you can fap away to a full rainbow instead of just bland black and white.

Each Work/Title Has Its Stats Shown

Last but not least, one of the things which I personally like about this site’s doujinshis and also something that could come in handy for anyone who’s going to become latched onto this site like a titty-lover on a titty is the fact that each and every one of them are displayed alongside a full presentation of their statistics, which are as follows: Parody, ranking, status, release year, rating, views, circle, artist, category, content, character, language, translator and summary. This way you’ll know literally everything there is to know about your doujinshi of choice, including how old it is, who drew it, which categories it contains and so on.

ThePornDude likes HentaiHere's

  • Plenty of tags and categories to use
  • Contains uncensored works
  • Contains fully colored works
  • Each doujishin’s full information is available upon opening

ThePornDude hates HentaiHere's

  • Searching system can be annoying
  • Way too many options on site’s landing page
  • Interface and navigation options could be refined
  • Visual aspect of site is bland
  • Pop up ads are present