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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Looking to catch up on some reading? Hentaifox can help!

Hentaifox is a free hentai doujin and anime site offering thousands of English translated doujins to fap to. The site features lots of webtoons too for extra credit reading material.

In addition to original works, Hentaifox makes it easy to find all your favorite Rule 34. The site features a handy characters list so you can quickly find the hundreds of porn comics based on popular characters like Asuka and Naruto. Very convenient.

Every doujin comes loaded with tags, so you can quickly find all your kinks to jerk off to. Ahegao, X-Ray, shota, and all other hentai categories are well supplied.

One major issue about Hentaifox is the ads. Hentaifox has a ton of popups and other annoying ads that can make it painful to browse. Your ad blocker will only help so much, so get ready to close new windows whenever you browse or click on a doujins to read.

While the main attraction is certainly doujin, Hentaifox boasts a solid video collection as well. These are all English subs, and come in surprisingly good quality. On the other hand, the art styles look a bit out-dated, and you don’t get much information on the videos.

I do want to note that Hentaifox doesn’t host these videos, but rather provides a set of mirror links to stream from. The site claims to have 1080p/720p quality videos, but don’t get your hopes up on that 1080p quality. There’s also some broken links.

The site can be painful to browse with all the ads, but otherwise, it’s a well-organized and broad hentai site with solid content and layout. Hentaifox is the type of porn site that doesn’t discriminate, but just dumps as much content into the world as possible and let’s you find what you want.

Easy to browse

When you first enter Hentaifox, you’ll see a nice gallery of the latest comics. These will all be English translated, so you can click on one to get straight to the action.

Along the right side you’ll see a gallery of the top rated and most favorited mangas for the week. A good way to catch up on the new doujins if you’ve been out of the loop.

Click on a comic, and you’ll be sent to its main page. You’ll get all the important information like the title, what Rule 34 it has, the characters in the comic, and tags. You’ll also see the rating, although Hentaifox doesn’t seem to have enough ratings to make a good judgment.

There’s also a download link, but unfortunately, you’ll need to register and login for that feature.

At the bottom you’ll see a mini gallery of all the pages. You can always click on a specific page to blow it up and see the pussy in detail. If you want to read it page by page, click on Read Online and you’ll get to click through each page.

One good thing about Hentaifox’s reader is that it appears to preload the pages. So when you click on the next page, it’ll load instantly instead of getting that slight download delay.

At the bottom of the page you’ll see a recommended related works gallery as well. Usually this is when franchises and characters are crossed over in other doujins.

There’s also a comment section, but again I didn’t find it very active. You’ll also need to register if you want to leave a comment.

Along the top you’ll find the main menu, which include Videos, Random, Parodies, Tags, Character, and Artists.

Hentai’s video section is organized pretty similar to the doujins, with a big gallery of episodes to choose from. When you click on a video, you’ll see that they typically have three source links to choose from.

I ran into a lot of videos where the first source was broken, so keep that in mind. I never ran into a video where all the mirrors were broken, so you can fap with confidence that eventually you’ll get that clip running. Patience is a virtue.

Through the main links, you can also browse by series or tags. Both the series and tags can be organized by alphabetical order or by popularity. I totally agree with this organization method, since it’s always fun to see what tags other people are fapping to. For series, I prefer the alphabetical order since I’m usually looking for something specific.

Every kind of hentai you can think of

Hentaifox doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the porn. You’ll see all the awesome taboo topics like lolicon, incest, shotacon, and rape in abundance, with thousands of comics for each. There’s also a ton of full-color comics, so try searching that tag for that luxury fap.

The popular Rule 34 includes Touhou Project, Naruto, Fate, One Piece, and Sailor Moon. Basically, all the classic Rule 34 porn that’s popular around the web.

The hentai animes featured on the site are slightly outdated, but they have a good variety and everything is English subbed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any way to adjust the resolution or download videos.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Videos section of the site maintains their own series, tags, and character lists. So if you want to browse the videos through these lists, always go to the video site first before clicking on the main links. Otherwise, you’ll just be browsing the doujins.

What I Like

Hentaifox is very much a content dump site, but they do a good job of keeping the links working and providing a shit ton of content. There are tens of thousands of douijns.

Hentaifox has a pretty active forum where you can post bugs and broken links for the admins to fix. They seem to stay on top of things, although I think Hentaifox has a lot of room to grow in terms of community.

Hentaifox is a breeze in terms of navigation. Being able to sort by alphabetical order as well as popularity for all the series, tags, and characters makes it easy to see what’s popular and worth exploring.

It’s such a simple thing, yet I see so many other hentai sites not have it. Browsing tags is not fun when you’re just looking at an alphabetical list and 99% of the tags are hardly used or completely bizarre shit.

What I Hate

Hentaifox is a no-bullshit site, except for when it comes to the ads.

I don’t know why, but I got a ton of pop-ups browsing the site. I couldn’t even tell where the fuck they were coming from. Just be ready to close some new windows when you’re here.

This is especially annoying when there are broken links, Every time you try a video stream, you need to go through two rounds of closing ads. If you’re going to make me jump through these ad hoops, at least keep the links working!

Hentaifox also is missing lots of little touch-ups. For example, the main galleries only have a screenshot and title, which simply doesn’t give that much information. Other sites pack in a lot more data when you’re browsing, like the Rule 34 franchise, length, or rating.

The problem with Hentaifox’s gallery layout is that you never know if you’re opening something good or shitty. All you have to work off of is a screenshot/sample and a very Japanese name that you can’t understand.

Hentaifox also doesn’t provide download links for the videos, and forces registration for the manga downloads. Not cool, when there are many free hentai sites out there that give the shit away much more easily.

A good library, but nothing special

The bottom line for Hentaifox is that it has a shit-ton of content, but not much else going for it. The layout is well-organized but kind of plain, and there isn’t much in terms of bells and whistles.

Hentaifox just doesn’t have much of a personality, and that’s where I think they can improve. It’s a great place to find a shit load of porn, so if you just want to fap you’ll have a nice time here, but there’s no real culture or style.

The lack of community is shown in the ratings and comments. Mangafox seems to have a lot of activity and visitors, but it doesn’t encourage people to participate in making the place better.

The ads are also a big pain in the ass here. A lot of popups and pop-unders got my window closing anxiety up. This is especially true for the video section, as you’ll be closing some windows for every video you watch.

I’d say Hentaifox is one of the better places for Rule 34, not just because they have so much content but also the way they organize the tags. Whether it’s character or series, you’ll easily find what you want. With Hentaifox, just come in, fap, and get out before the ads fuck your computer up.

ThePornDude likes HentaiFox's

  • Easy to find what you want, well organized
  • Everything is free

ThePornDude hates HentaiFox's

  • Lots of ads popping out of nowhere
  • Some video stream links are broken