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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Manure Fetish! Lads and ladettes, are you ready to see a site filled with the dirty manure fetish? Well, I know I am, and those who are into that sort of content are more than welcome to explore I mean, with the name like that one, did you really expect anything else? Of course, you fucking didn’t, and I am here to tell you everything this site has to offer.

Now, you should already know that the scat fetish and manure fetish might be similar, but at the same time, not really. Here you will have the wholesome, 100% real fecal matter, from cows… So, is that something you’d like to have a taste of? You are more than welcome to explore everything has to offer on your own, or simply allow me to do that for you.

More or less, is a pretty new site, so I think that if you were looking for a place that will satisfy your dirty tastes, and you have basically seen it all, how about checking out This is an amazing place for those who are into cow dung… now, I am personally not really into any of this shit, but at the same time, I know how to stay objective for the people who are.

Naughty models like to get covered in manure.

How much do you actually know about the manure fetish? Well, the goal of this site, or so they like to claim, is to bring some exclusive manure content. So, if you are into the liquid cow manure, I think that you will find their videos to be incredibly desirable. Of course, this all depends on what the heck you are searching for, right? But, since you are already here, I think it is safe to assume that you are searching for manure babes.

You have different types of videos here, so I am pretty sure that you will find your poison. I saw videos where the babes will start off getting completely naked, and then jumping into the pool of cow manure. Some hotties just enjoyed getting dirty right off the bat, while others took their time. It all depends on the beauty you choose to check out.

There were also videos where you can see a dude getting covered with manure, since after watching the beauty do it, how could you resist? Well, all the videos here are exclusive, which is a good thing, but they will also cost you. As you keep browsing, you will see the different prices listed, and you can choose to purchase a video if you want.

At the very beginning, you will get to choose whether you want to check out their shop, the about page, their men or women. For the most part, this is a pretty simple site, so you will understand what is where with ease. It all just depends on what the heck you are searching for, as I have already mentioned.

The shop part of the site is pretty simple. You will have content suggested, with a thumbnail and some other information, and of course the price. Then you can choose whether you want to pay for a certain movie or not. Keep in mind that all of the clips on are exclusive, so you would be paying for quality.

In addition, their videos are actually quite HD, so you do not have to worry about that. However, whether they will satisfy your needs or not is a whole new thing, again, depending on what your dick prefers. You can start by registering, which is free since you will have to purchase the videos that interest you.

Looking for new models.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a newer site, which means that they do not have as much content as you probably hoped for. Surprisingly, there are a lot more videos for men in manure, that there are for women, which is probably because they currently only have one model presented. If you are a woman who is into this kind of crap, you might as well earn a buck by working for them, although I am not sure how that will work.

So, if that is something you are interested in, you have a page where you can read how to become a part of their crew or whatever. They offer a lot of good things for their models, or so they make it seem, I am not sure since I am not their model. However, if you are into cow shit and you would like to earn money, why the fuck not? You can also check out their only female model Emily, she has two videos uploaded, and those were hot.

Since they have just started, more or less, you cannot really expect too much when it comes to their content, but it is nice to know that they are recruiting and that soon, we will have a site filled with manure fetish. I mean, there are a lot of videos dedicated to this fetish out there, but here you get exclusive HD content, and there is a difference. It is also worth the mention that they offer both videos and images.

Manure and scat… what’s the difference?

I did mention this above, but there is a simple difference between the two, although people who are not really into the fetish will probably not understand. The first time you open this site, you will see a hot redhead girl called Emily covered in manure, and you might be wondering, is this just scat porn? Well, there is a clear difference.

The manure fetish will explore the love people have for cow dung, and here, people tend to shower in manure thoroughly. You can see the babe getting completely covered, excluding her face, while she is naked. You can also see dudes who will go under all of that manure and show their love in that way, some might even eat it.

The love for this fetish will vary from one model to the other, but that still applies to scat, right? However, with scat, it is a bit more private, or so to speak. You are usually using your or your partner’s shit. I’d say that the clear difference is that the scat fetish includes human shit, mostly, while the manure fetish is cow shit, and it tends to be a lot messier.

Cow shit is hella nasty if you ask me, but at the same time, it ain’t as half as disguising as human shit. Now, as I have said, I am not really into the fetish myself, but I can be as open-minded to talk about it. I think that we have all seen clear signs telling us to stay the fuck away from human shit, yet we go back on our evolution and still dive right in. Humanity is funny like that sometimes.

Perfect for jacking off.

The most important thing about the content on is that all of their shit is basically worth the purchase… Of course, here I am assuming that you are into the manure fetish, otherwise why the fuck are you here? You have some movies to purchase, and there will be a lot more uploaded in the future, as they are searching for new models.

When it comes to showering yourself with so much manure, that is something you do not get to see in scat. I am assuming that that is one of the aspects that make people interested in this type of fetish… Maybe one day, while cleaning manure yourself, you slipped and fell face first. Not being able to forget the smell and the feeling led you wanting more, and thus you decided to go all in.

I mean, there are so many possibilities, and in case you are into manure, welcome to This place is still new, but soon it will be filled with thousands of great exclusive manure videos, or so I hope. Currently, you have a couple of videos to check out, so give it a go if you are interested.

For the overall review of the site, I’d say that is not bad at all. They have a good design, they like to get straight to the point, and with a lot more models I think they would be quite popular. So, I’d say that all they need is time to build up their community of manure lovers.

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  • Quite pricey, if I may say so myself.
  • Do you really need this in your life?